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Jacqueline Bisset has some thoughts: ‘I have never fully embraced feminism’

I’ve always sort of liked Jacqueline Bisset, but after reading this interview with her… I think it’s comparable to how I feel about Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren is fabulous, strong, beautiful… and she says wacky and sometimes offensive things in interviews. Maybe it’s that women of a certain age have difficulty explaining their complicated views on sexuality and equality and such

Lindsay Lohan & E.L. James Party Pals In London!

Image lindsay-lohan-el-james-party-520x519.jpg

Talk about an unusual pairing! Lindsay Lohan is currently in London starring in a play, and she went to a party where she encountered none other than ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ writer E.L. James as well as Bravo’s ‘Ladies of London’ cast member Juliet Angus. Lindsay looks like she’s rocking a lacy LBD there, doesn’t it? RELATED:…

Who Made ELLE’s 2014 Personal Style Awards List?

Image ELLE-Oct-14-Cover-Lorde1-520x707.jpg

The October 2014 issue of ELLE is all about Personal Style. Lorde graces the cover, and she definitely has a strong sense of personal style. From the runway to the red carpet and beyond, ELLE rounded up the year’s biggest trendsetters in the 2014 Personal Style Awards. The best-dressed awards are part of the annual…