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Lindsay Lohan Co-Hosts The View, Loves Being Sober

Despite the fact that she has no projects to promote and her reality show has been canceled by Oprah, Lindsay Lohan has been on a full-blown media bender for the past 24 hours. 

Guess that’s better than her usual benders.

Lindsay admitted her sex list was real on last night’s Watch What Happens Live and this morning she co-hosted The View, where she shared more lies and not-so-stunning revelations.

Linds kicked the episode off by proclaiming that her sobriety is going “great,” and Whoopi Goldberg proved why she’s an Oscar winner by somehow managing to keep a straight

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Miranda Kerr Easter Bunny Costume Is Amazing!

In her ongoing effort to make everything sexy, Miranda Kerr donned an Easter Bunny costume for a recent photo shoot, proving once and for all that even oversized mammals and religious holidays can inspire impure thoughts.

The Victoria’s Secret model rocked the ears and whiskers for a spread in Love magazine, which she previewed on her Twitter page today.

Miranda gave an interview that no one will read to accompany the shoot and stated that she’ll be spending the upcoming holiday weekend with her ex-husband Orlando Bloom and the couple’s 3-year-old

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Seth Rogen to Nancy Grace on her anti-marijuana rants: ‘You’re a f–ing idiot’

I dig Seth Rogen. He’s a major pothead, but he does work hard and is grateful for his success in the movie industry. He is both passionate and succinct in his opinions but always comes off as loveable.

Then there’s Nancy Grace, who is passionate but neither succinct nor loveable. She has done many terrible things in the course of her cable tv hosting career — including shaming the mother of a missing toddler into suicide. She also did the same for a manslaughter defendant who never made it to trial, thanks to Nancy’s tactics. The woman goes off the rails all the time on tv, but she does

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PRINCE WILLIAM & KATE MIDDLETON The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Arrive In Sydney

After spending some time in New Zealand, Prince William and Kate Middleton departed for Sydney to kick off the Australia leg of their tour. RELATED: Prince William and Kate Middleton take Prince George on his first playdate in New Zealand! Here are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving in Sydney with baby Prince George.

LOVE Kate’s cheerful yellow frock. It’s a great compliment to Prince William’s dark blue suit. The baby looks adorable with his chubby cheeks! I wonder how he’s handling the flying? The takeoffs and landings can be hard on little one’s ears, but he seems to be managing

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Johnny Depp wants babies: ‘Practicing for it is fun. Man, I’d make a hundred.’

These are photos of Johnny Depp at the LA premiere of Transcendence. He is dateless — except for Marilyn Manson, who made farty faces on the red carpet. Outlets are noting how Amber Heard doesn’t show up to support Johnny when he makes a huge point of attending her premieres. Relax, it’s fine. Amber couldn’t get out of work. She’s currently filming a movie where she wears a pink ombre wig and looks like a grunge princess.

As I was writing this story, TMZ broke a weird piece of news about how Johnny was served on the red carpet. He’s been subpoenaed in a criminal case where a limo driver,

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SELENA GOMEZ Is There Drama After She Split With Her Parents/Managers?

I’d heard Selena Gomez was looking for new management. I thought it was because she was finally free of Disney. It turns out Selena’s managers were actually her mother, Mandy Teefey, and her stepfather, Brian Teefey. OUCH.

RELATED: Selena Gomez on the hunt for a new manager and new label. According to what an insider told E! News, however, this split was a long time coming.

While her parents weren’t happy when it first was going down, “everything is fine now,” the source said. “They’re all good. “They decided it’s better to focus on being a family than talking about business all the

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Teresa Giudice: Bankruptcy Papers Reveal Lavish Lifestyle

Joe and Teresa Giudice are headed to jail but first they have to get their financial affairs in order…by screwing over their creditors to the tune of $13 million!

So how did the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple rack up such massive debt? By living like royalty despite the fact that they haven’t had a dime to their names for years.

Court documents reveal that the Giudices live in a $1.7 million house with a Maserati, an Escalade and a Ford 350 in the garage.

Oh, that garage also houses toys such as a Sea Doo boat, Kawasaki quad and 2 go-carts.

As you may have guessed, Teresa

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Jessie J says her bisexuality ‘was a phase…I want to find myself a husband’

I have no memory of Jessie J ever talking about her bisexuality, but that’s possibly because I’ve never paid much attention to Jessie. I like her – she’s British, she’s got a great, powerhouse pop/dance voice and she has, like, compulsively bad hairstyles and questionable style. That’s really all I ever knew about her. But in 2011, she said in an interview that she identified as bisexual. Only now she’s saying that it was just a “phase” and that she’s all about the dong. She’s 26 years old now – so she would have been 23-ish when she said the bisexuality stuff.

Jessie J first

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Is Elisabeth Moss being targeted as Tom Cruise’s new Scientology girlfriend?

Katie Holmes famously divorced Tom Cruise in July 2012. If you would have told me then that Tom Cruise would still be single, I’d have never believed it. For sure I thought he’d have ripped through another marriage (and divorce) by now. Tom’s already been through three divorces, so what’s another?

To Tom’s credit, he’s kept things fast and loose for the past few years. Not for lack of trying. Remember how Tom was being gross in nightclubs — flirting with son Connor’s Playboy model friends in London and dirty dancing with a 26-year-old in NYC? I was sure Tom would call Julianne Hough, but

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Emma Watson won’t ‘date people who are famous,’ complains about dating civilians

Emma Watson covers the April (??) issue of Elle Australia. So far, we’ve only got the cover. Which is pretty. I’d like to see the full shoot, but I guess I’ll have to wait. This Elle interview is the same one where Emma was talking about looking forward to aging. More quotes have been released and Emma sounds… well, the yoga thing is somewhat interesting. Some highlights:

Emma on her dating rules: “I don’t date people who are famous,” she said, before adding that she also hates the downsides to dating non-famous people. “I don’t think it’s fair that, all of a sudden, intimate details

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