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Dog Runs in Sleep, Crashes Into Wall

Image dog-sleeps-walks-crashes-into-wall.jpg

Some dogs are really, really smart. Case in point, the canine who can help change a baby’s diaper. Other pets are not exactly as intelligent, however, such as ones who sleep walk (run?) and get themselves so worked up that they leap up… and sprint directly into a wall. The dog featured in the following…

Christina Aguilera: Nude, Pregnant, HOT!

Image christina-aguilera-nude-pregnant-pic.png

In the latest issue of V Magazine, Christina Aguilera is very pregnant – and very naked! Just as she posed in the buff while expecting her first child, the singer is featured in the August issue of this publication, dressed entirely in her birthday suit. Watch out for drool on your keyboard and see for yourself…

25 Smoking Hot Kate Upton GIFs: You Call THIS Fat?!

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Earlier this week, we heard from a chorus of Internet critics who, for some inexplicable reason, like to call Kate Upton fat. To this, we have a couple of reactions: Just because you’re not anorexic-looking does not make you “fat.” Even if she is, Kate Upton is still the most perfect specimen alive. Yes. There…

Ryan Gosling Cries After Sex, Says One-Night Stand Partner

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Well, he may be the perfect baby daddy to Eva Mendes, but it looks as though there’s a downside to Ryan Gosling’s senstivity. The latest issue of Star magazine features accounts from non-famous peasants who have hooked up with A-list celebrities. Yesterday, we learned that Taylor Swift talks about her cats incessantly when she’s on…

7 Dogs That Totally Have Mustaches!!!

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As previously documented, some animals really want to be human. Heck, some animals think they are human. They get up on two legs, they sit at the table for dinner, they drive cars and motorcycles. And, yes, some are even in need of a shave. Or not because, let’s face it, mustaches are totally adorable…