The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: Everybody Hates Lisa!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 marked the first part of the show’s reunion, and the drama was predictably off the hook.

You’re not going to believe it, given the events of the past 19 weeks, but Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards attacked Lisa Vanderpump, and vice versa.

Brandi also came at Joyce and told her she looked like a figure skater in her sparkly dress, while reiterating that she’s like the least racist person ever.

Yeah … all in all, it made for an awkward, tension-filled night on Bravo.

Any notion that Brandi and Joyce were back on amicable terms went out the window quickly on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20.

Seriously, what happened between the two of them? Talk about off.

Rehashing all of the issues they had this season is pretty standard, but they truly acted like they haaaate one another, and it just got ugly out there.

In a sense, it was mostly predictable for a RHOBH reunion show.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, this is what you come for, as it’s the ladies at their most unscripted. Yet it was pretty boilerplate.

Perhaps the most interesting part was when Andy asked Lisa point blank if she was able to dish it out, but not take it. Oooh, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

The long pause, along with Lisa’s uncomfortable body language more or less confirmed that this is the case, even if she didn’t come out and say it verbatim.

Also, Brandi insinuated that Lisa is an alcoholic. Good times.

Finally, a special thank you to unheralded cast member Yolanda Foster for giving us Gigi Hadid. This great contribution to the planet can’t be understated.

Gigi Hadid poses here for VMAN. She’s not wearing a lot of clothing.

View As List

Gigi Hadid in Lingerie

Gigi Hadid in Lingerie

Gigi Hadid poses here for VMAN. She’s not wearing a lot of clothing.

Gigi Hadid Nude

Gigi Hadid Nude

Gigi Hadid goes totally nude for this spread in VMAN. She is only 19 years old.

Gigi Hadid Nude Photo

Gigi Hadid Nude Photo

Gigi Hadid is VERY naked in this VMAN photo. She’s only 19 years old, folks.

Gigi Hadid VMAN Pic

Gigi Hadid VMAN Pic

Gigi Hadid stares off into the world in this photo from VMAN. Many men are staring at her body.

Gigi Hadid Naked

Gigi Hadid Naked

Gigi Hadid wears her birthday suit in this photo. It’s from a spread in VMAN.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: Everybody Hates Lisa!


Brandi Glanville: ‘LeAnn needs to get help, she may be unstable & I’m concerned’

I kind of overdosed on Brandi Glanville coverage when she was promoting her book before its release last week. I’ve been happy that the Brandi news has slowed down a bit, but maybe it hasn’t really slowed down. Maybe I’ve just been ignoring her. Brandi has a new interview with Life & Style and it doesn’t really sound like anything new – she’s said some of this stuff before, but L&S claims it’s “exclusive” so here you go:

Fearing for her children, Brandi Glanville is speaking out in the new issue of Life & Style, insisting that her ex’s new wife LeAnn Rimes get help…or else!

“LeAnn needs to get help,” the 40-year-old reality star tells Life & Style about her nemesis. “She may be unstable and I am concerned; I want to protect [my children]. I want to make sure she’s as healthy as she can be!”

In August, LeAnn entered a 30-day program to develop better “coping” skills to deal with exhaustion and stress. But the Grammy winner, 30, has since exhibited erratic behavior, including a bizarre performance with Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X Factor, skipping events and breaking down almost to the point of hysterics during an interview with E!’s Giuliana Rancic in December. The release of Brandi’s dishy book, Drinking & Tweeting, may have only aggravated the issues.

“There are clearly some issues going on,” Brandi says, “and I need to know my kids are okay when they’re with [LeAnn]!”

But the country singer’s rep, Marcel Pariseau, says that’s far from the truth.

“This is a ploy to sell more books,” Pariseau says of Brandi’s latest claims. “If anyone needs help, it’s Brandi. That should be obvious to anyone who reads just a few of her tweets.”

[From Life & Style]

Ha. Is this LeAnn’s new tactic, to attack Brandi using her (LeAnn’s) spokesperson? Marcel Pariseau’s comment begs the question – why is LeAnn’s rep reading Brandi’s Twitter? Maybe he’s not. Maybe LeAnn is reading Brandi’s Twitter obsessively and maybe LeAnn wrote that statement and made her publicist recite it. I’ll say it again: LeAnn desperately needs new and better PR people. The people she has working for her now are terrible, and they are not helping the situation whatsoever.

But getting back to Brandi… yeah, maybe she’s genuinely worried about her kids and maybe she’s just trying to get under LeAnn’s skin. I think it can be “both”. Brandi also appeared on Howard Stern’s show a few days ago and Brandi was sh—talking everybody, including her fellow Real Housewives. I didn’t really care much about it, but here are some highlights:

Brandi Glanville felt right at home on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Radio Tuesday, Feb. 19. The outspoken Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star didn’t hold back when rehashing ex-husband Eddie Cibrian’s affair with now-wife LeAnn Rimes or what she really thinks of her Bravo reality show costars.

Glanville, 40, told Howard Stern that when Cibrian left her for Rimes, who she considered to be less attractive than her, it was not a good feeling. “I don’t think she’s unattractive,” she clarified, “[But] she’s way thinner than I am. It’s not a hot look.”

“Why do you think he went with her? Do you think it was money?” Stern asked. “No. Now I think he stays with her because of the money, but he told me he was cheating the entire marriage, she said. “I think it’s just like extra p—-. He just likes it.” (Cibrian, 39, was caught having an affair with his Northern Lights costar Rimes, 30, in early 2009. Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie, 27, came forward shortly after confessing she too had a relationship with Cibrian while he was still married to Glanville.)

Glanville assumed that Cibrian, who married Rimes in April 2011, “must be” living off her money, because “he’s not working right now” and “they just bought a really fancy mansion. But Glanville, who shares custody of their sons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, added that she hopes the actor gets a job again. She explained, “If he makes more money, I get more child support.”

Glanville also sounded off on her fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars Lisa Vanderpump, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof, Yolanda Hadid, Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer.

The former model argues that she has to be outspoken on the show in order to defend herself against the veteran housewives. “Those women were horrible. They are just horrible,” she said, using the “C word” to describe her costars, without sharing specific names.

And, she claims, her frenemies also get paid more than she does. Glanville said she was paid $18,000 for her first season on Housewives, but “they upgraded me to a full-time Housewife so then I got $136,000 this year.”

Still, she said the other girls are making $250,000 a year. “I want what they’re getting,” Glanville complained. “I feel like I work hard.”

Nevertheless, the Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders author is grateful for being a part of the show. “It gives you a platform to do a book, and you’re getting wine deals and you’re getting appearance fees,” Glanville explained. “People are just throwing money at you. They’re going, ‘Do you wanna go here for ten grand?’”

[From Us Weekly]

One of my biggest pet peeves is when reality stars complain about how hard they work. Kim Kardashian does that too and I just feel like… O RLY? Try having a REAL job. Not that I’m over here curing cancer, but I work harder than Brandi and I don’t get paid a fraction as much as she gets for just sitting around, whining and drinking and being a drama queen. I mean, I don’t mind or care that Brandi’s on a reality show – more power to her, and I’m glad she’s bringing in some money. But just don’t complain about it.

Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Brandi Glanville: ‘LeAnn needs to get help, she may be unstable & I’m concerned’


Brandi Glanville: ‘I had to write this book, to pay the bills, Eddie’s not doing that’

Do you mind if I kind of disengage on this one? I’m just kind of over it, but I’m covering it because I think it is noteworthy and newsworthy. Brandi Glanville appeared on the Today Show yesterday where she was just on book promotional duties. Brandi refused to answer any questions about Adrienne Maloof, and she kept on script about her book and about Eddie and LeAnn. Willie Geist was the interviewer and I think he did a decent job – not too sympathetic, but he wasn’t out to get her either. He managed a nice balance. Here’s the video and Radar’s coverage below:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Brandi Glanville is unleashing another round of venom at LeAnn Rimes while promoting her new book and in her latest interview she rips into her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian for not having a job and says she’s been worried about her kids ever since their step mom entered rehab.

The 40-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went on TODAY Tuesday morning and said she was “very angry” when she wrote the book, and slammed LeAnn and Eddie.

The author of Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders told Willie Geist that their relationship deteriorated after Eddie’s wife sought treatment for “anxiety.”

“I don’t know. If someone is checking into rehab clearly there’s some sort of issues going on. I want to make sure that’s not affecting my children,” Brandi said about her two boys, Mason and Jake Cibrian.

“LeAnn went to rehab and I was very concerned for my children, what was going on over at that house. Why that had to happen? And I didn’t get any answers. And I got very angry. You know, it’s my children’s stepmother. So, if she’s checking into rehab for stress and anxiety and says she’s crying every day, I need to know my kids are okay when they’re with them.”

Brandi said she wrote the book because Eddie isn’t helping her out financially with their children.

“That’s all I worry about. With Eddie not working and me having to pay my own bills, this book will help me do that. The fact that, unfortunately, I had to write this book, I have to pay the bills. He’s not doing that for me.”

Eddie released a statement to about his ex-wife, saying: “I certainly wish I handled some of the choices I made four years ago differently, but I have been conscious of the choices I have made since. Although this exploitive book, intended to hurt LeAnn and me, will ultimately only hurt and scar my kids. That deeply saddens and concerns me.”

[From Radar]

I think Eddie’s statement sounds like it was actually written by a PR professional who knows what they’re doing, only I don’t really understand the angle Eddie and LeAnn are playing at this point. Is their angle just “Brandi is wrong to write a book about all of this because it will hurt the boys”? Is that IT? That seems… odd, especially given the past four years of BS from all sides.

Photos courtesy of video screencaps, WENN.


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Brandi Glanville: ‘I had to write this book, to pay the bills, Eddie’s not doing that’


Us Weekly: Brandi Glanville cheated on Eddie Cibrian ‘several times’

Epic! Us Weekly has a suspicious/hilarious cover story this week, all about how Brandi Glanville has secretly been the cheater all along! Yes, you see Eddie Cibrian had no choice but to bang LeAnn Rimes because Brandi had already cheated on him several times. Allegedly. Surely LeAnn Rimes can’t be this obvious, right? What am I saying? Of course she is.

The plot thickens. As Us Weekly revealed nearly four years ago, both Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes cheated on their respective spouses when the Northern Lights costars embarked on an infamous romance in 2009 — eventually leading to the end of both of their first marriages. But though Cibrian’s then-wife Brandi Glanville — now a published memoirist and mainstay on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — has long portrayed herself as the scorned woman, the truth is a lot more complicated than that.

Indeed, multiple sources exclusively confirm in the new issue of Us Weekly (out now) that Glanville, 40, cheated on Cibrian, 39, several times during their eight-year marriage. In one particularly shocking incident, Glanville had sex with another man in her bedroom just six weeks after the birth of son Jake, now 5.

“Brandi loves to play the victim,” one source tells Us, “but she doesn’t tell the whole story.”

For all of the eye-opening details on Glanville’s dalliances, her denials, how Cibrian and new wife Rimes, 30, recently discovered the news, a one-on-one with Cibrian’s pre-Glanville girlfriend and much more, pick up the new Us Weekly, on stands Friday!

[From Us Weekly]

Brandi already took to Twitter to correct the record, tweeting: “Apparently I cheated on eddie a few times with some Hot guys!Wow!Grasping at straws 4 yrs later a week before book is out #WISHIHAD watev”.

[Via Brandi’s Twitter]

And I guess Us Weekly gave Brandi a major heads-up about their cover story too, because she’s already given a major interview giving specific denials and saying that this mess is LeAnn’s handy work. You can read the full piece here at NYDN, and here are some highlights:

Brandi does have a conscience: “I feel bad about some of the things I have to say. I do have a conscience… Then it’s like, f— it, let’s put it in the book. We did take some things out for legal reasons, though.”

On Eddie fooling around with LeAnn: “Couldn’t it at least have been Cindy Crawford?” she muses. “If that were the case, I might have asked to join the party. But no, it was a has-been country-music singer.”

The Twitter war with LeAnn: “She had my family,” Glanville says flatly. “Even grandmothers hate her for tweeting those pictures.”

Eddie’s father drove her (in a car!) to her vajayjay rejuv: “It was just so wrong, in so many ways. I wasn’t in a 100% right frame of mind. But I needed to do a master cleanse, in a big way… Besides, even if no one talks about it, it’s the new boob job. Everyone’s going in to tighten up.”

The drama with Adrienne Maloof: “I was just excited to be on the cover [of Us Weekly]. I’m thrilled. It doesn’t matter what it says — I have never been on the cover before. That’s great. It’s going to help me sell books.”

The current Us Weekly cover story: Us has Glanville back in its latest issue, with an anonymous claim that she cheated on Cibrian first and has bedded 31-year-old hottie restaurateur Harry Morton (recently linked to another cougar, Demi Moore.) Glanville denied both reports and says its just Rimes stirring the pot. Recently, Rimes was seen in tears at lunch. The speculation was that she was undone in the face of the coming publication of Glanville’s book, out next Tuesday.

On LeAnn & Eddie’s marriage: “The truth is, this book is not going to help. But I have to do what I have to do.” And that includes a lengthy depiction of the torrid sex she had with Cibrian after he became involved with Rimes. But it’s not past lovers, or ex-wives, that Rimes should be worried about, according to Glanville. “I don’t want them to break up. My best revenge is him having to be with her forever. But I don’t think that one woman will ever be enough for Eddie. Also, in their relationship, she’s the celebrity. He has taken a back seat for now, but that’s only going to last a while. He sees what she’s doing to their reputation. He’s not stupid.”

She’ll never remarry: “I’m 100% going to take care of myself from now on. I don’t need to be with someone rich. That’s not a prerequisite. I’ve even dated someone who has a roommate. But I would love to share my life with someone. I just don’t want to put it on paper again.”

What’s next: “Maybe a talk show? An advice show? Although I’m not sure that I’m the best person to give advice,” she laughs. “I’m still trying to figure out what is next, but I do know that everything good is going to happen for me.”

[From The NYDN]

“My best revenge is him having to be with her forever.” So eloquent. So damaging. So hardcore. And so true. That will be Brandi’s best revenge… until the marriage falls apart, and then it will just be another spectacular tabloid frenzy. As my mom always says, “You know he’s f—ing everything with two legs and a pulse.”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

brandi us weekly
brandi tweet

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Us Weekly: Brandi Glanville cheated on Eddie Cibrian ‘several times’


Jason Hoppy to Bethenny Frankel: You Will Pay!

So much for a friendly split.

The Bethenny Frankel divorce case against Jason Hoppy has grown seriously contentious, with the main obstacle between the former couple also being the cutest:

Two-year old daughter Brynn.

Bethenny Frankel Tabloid Cover

Both sides have filed for primary custody of the little one, with a source telling Us Weekly that Hoppy really did intend to “play nice” at the outset of this break-up.

But “Jason is livid with how cold Bethenny has been with him since the the split,” a friend alleges. “He wants to make her pay.”

And Hoppy’s actions have blindsided the talk show host, who thought she could quickly file for divorce and not deal with any “hassle,” the source adds. If only, huh?

Sounds like a problem that not even world the famous Bethenny Frankel granola recipe can fix.


Excerpt from:
Jason Hoppy to Bethenny Frankel: You Will Pay!


“David Beckham signs on to Paris Saint-Germain, Posh will be Parisian now” links

David Beckham is signing on to play with Paris Saint-Germain. [CDAN]
All about Tennessee’s stupid “Don’t Say Gay” bill. [Jezebel]
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Here’s Kim Kardashian showing off her bump. [Bossip]
Your cat is probably killing a bird RIGHT NOW. [Gawker]
Jason London’s mug shot is ridiculous. [Evil Beet]
Tyler Perry sent Oprah a lot of flowers for her b-day. [Wonderwall]
Taylor Swift tries to deny that she real estate-stalks her boyfriends. [Celebslam]
Danica Patrick already has a rebound boyfriend. (Cough, jumpoff?) [Bitten & Bound]
Stop trying to make your cat into a unicorn! [OMG Blog]
Val Kilmer tweeted a photo of his bedhead. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Check out pics of Jude Law’s fancy & colorful London home. [CityRag]
Beyonce without makeup still has great skin. [INFDaily]
God, when I was in college, I was all about Party Girl. [PopBytes]
Justin Timberlake will perform at the Grammys. You’re welcome! [Limelife]
Adrienne Maloof talks about how Brandi Glanville destroyed her family. [Life & Style]
Is Katie Holmes heading to law school?! [The Loop]

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“David Beckham signs on to Paris Saint-Germain, Posh will be Parisian now” links


Brandi Glanville Plastic Surgery Shocker: She Put WHAT on Eddie’s Credit Card?!

Brandi Glanville does not hold back.

Not only did she slash Eddie Cibrian’s tires as payback for his affair with LeAnn Rimes, but she says in her new book that she charged something personal to his credit card:

Vaginal reconstructive surgery.

Brandi Glanville Bikini Picture

The latest Brandi Glanville book excerpt reveals that they would have the “most passionate sex” after their nastiest arguments during their marriage.

“I would ask Eddie from time to time if my vagina was the same after childbirth. He always said yes, except once,” she admits. “He was actually quite vulgar.”

Glanville’s new book, Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders, is on sale February 12. She’s now making the media rounds to promote it.

Suffice it to say, between telling Rimes to go f–k herself to revealing ALL the details about her divorce, she’s making the most of her heartbreak now.

Her famous feud with LeAnn and Eddie began almost immediately after the Northern Lights co-stars hooked up and broke up their respective marriages.

After the spouses’ August 2009 separation, Eddie and Brandi fought bitterly over money and expenses, with Cibrian cutting off Glanville’s credit card.

That’s when the model resolved to charge something on his. “I decided that since Eddie ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one,” Glanville said.

Not long after the plastic surgery procedure, Cibrian – who wed LeAnn Rimes in 2011 – quickly discovered a glaring charge on his credit card statement.

“A week after the vaginal rejuvenation surgery,” Brandi writes, “He was on the phone screaming, ‘What the f–k cost you $12,000? Did you get a nose job?'”

“I responded simply, ‘Yes. A nose job.’ And I hung up.”

Read this article:
Brandi Glanville Plastic Surgery Shocker: She Put WHAT on Eddie’s Credit Card?!


Sean Stewart Takes Adrienne Maloof To McDonald’s For Lunch


Ok, how romantic is this? LOL. Adrienne Maloof‘s new boyfriend Sean Stewart was spotted taking the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star out to lunch to… McDonalds in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday afternoon. I mean, it doesn’t get anymore Hollywood than that, right?

But with all kidding aside, I think everyone has a weakness for McDonalds once in awhile. I’ll be honest in saying that I’ll only visit the fast food joint when I’m on vacation with my family and during our last trip we actually visited Micky D’s three times. Sometimes there’s nothing that tastes better than a cheeseburger that’s so not good for you with a vanilla milkshake! Check out our photos below and let us know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet

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Sean Stewart Takes Adrienne Maloof To McDonald’s For Lunch


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Martha Stewart, Look Out!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are invited to dinner but please, “Don’t Sing For Your Supper.” But one Housewife can’t get over the music.

We break down all the tears and jeers in THG’s +/- recap!

Kyle's New Driver

Before we get to dinner, let’s start off with prom night.  Kim’s 16 year old daughter Kimberly is heading off to her first prom and I think Kim is more excited than she is.

Kim wants to make sure this is the most amazing experience her daughter’s ever had.  Minus 10.  No pressure or anything.

But this is Kim’s youngest so I’ll forgive her the tears and high expectations.  It’s been a rough year.

Kim’s not the only one with a teen in the house. Kyle’s quizzing her daughter Alexia for her driver’s exam.  Plus 15 because where else but in Beverly Hills do you see a 15 year old learning how to parallel park while driving a Porsche?  It is a little surreal and isn’t that why we watch?

Now we’re off to Yolanda’s dinner party and Plus 25 because her home is simply stunning.  I’d be happy to never stop looking at the views of the ocean over the infinity pool.  

And if anyone could rival Martha Stewart it might just be Yolanda.  Not only is the food perfect and the flowers impeccable but she literally color coordinates her fruit and vegetables and displays them in a glass refrigerator.  Plus 18.  I’m lucky if I can keep my strawberries from going moldy.

The party goes well. Of course it’s the guests you have to worry about.  Everyone tries to be on their best behavior but Taylor needs to lay off the alcohol.  Minus 10.

What is Taylor’s obsession with Brandi Glanville?  The woman wasn’t even there and Taylor’s bashing her…and in telling the story she embarrasses her host.  Minus 13.  Yolanda was not pleased and she doesn’t look like a woman who forgets when she’s been slighted.

I must admit, Yolanda’s husband’s Grammy collection is damned impressive.  He and his friends are very talented and it was fun to hear them strut their stuff. Plus 15 for the impromptu concert.  It looked like everyone enjoyed it, except Taylor.

David may have come off a bit haughty when he asked for only the professionals to sing but it’s his house and this was his show and most of the ladies took it well.  

Lisa admitted that, “We probably sound like a load of cats that’s been strangled” and Kim admitted that she “could ruin Twinkle, Twinkle.” Plus 10.  Me too, Kim. Me too.

But Taylor wasn’t nearly so gracious.  She took the snub personally and couldn’t stop with the eye rolling.  Minus 9. Then she got all emotional over the trumpet rendition of Danny Boy which I thought sounded lovely.

Not only can’t she get through listening to the song but then she blames to host for ruining her night.  Minus 11.  I think it’s time for Taylor to go home.

The entire night goes by with Lisa and Adrienne being quietly civil towards one another, in other words they still aren’t speaking.

Lisa wants an apology and I don’t blame her.  Adrienne thinks they just need to move on. The husbands are now as angry as the wives and I don’t see this ending well.

Adrienne calls a summit meeting and Plus 8. It’s about damn time.

A couple of side notes…

  • Has anyone else noticed that Kim talks a lot about auras?
  • Lisa once again wins the most ridiculous high heel award. I swear I’m just waiting for her to topple over one day.
  • Didn’t they say Taylor Armstrong gained ten pounds? Where? She could gain 20 and still look too thin…except for the lips. They keep growing.

Will Adrienne actually apologize?  Will anyone utter the words I’m sorry?  We’ll have to tune in next wee to find out.


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