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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: Everybody Hates Lisa!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 marked the first part of the show’s reunion, and the drama was predictably off the hook.

You’re not going to believe it, given the events of the past 19 weeks, but Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards attacked Lisa Vanderpump, and vice versa.

Brandi also came at Joyce and told her she looked like a figure skater in her sparkly dress, while reiterating that she’s like the least racist person ever.

Yeah … all in all, it made for an awkward, tension-filled night on Bravo.

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Brandi Glanville: ‘LeAnn needs to get help, she may be unstable & I’m concerned’

I kind of overdosed on Brandi Glanville coverage when she was promoting her book before its release last week. I’ve been happy that the Brandi news has slowed down a bit, but maybe it hasn’t really slowed down. Maybe I’ve just been ignoring her. Brandi has a new interview with Life & Style and it doesn’t really sound like anything new – she’s said some of this stuff before, but L&S claims it’s “exclusive” so here you go:

Fearing for her children, Brandi Glanville is speaking out in the new issue of Life & Style, insisting that her ex’s new wife LeAnn Rimes get help…or else!

“LeAnn needs

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Brandi Glanville: ‘I had to write this book, to pay the bills, Eddie’s not doing that’

Do you mind if I kind of disengage on this one? I’m just kind of over it, but I’m covering it because I think it is noteworthy and newsworthy. Brandi Glanville appeared on the Today Show yesterday where she was just on book promotional duties. Brandi refused to answer any questions about Adrienne Maloof, and she kept on script about her book and about Eddie and LeAnn. Willie Geist was the interviewer and I think he did a decent job – not too sympathetic, but he wasn’t out to get her either. He managed a nice balance. Here’s the video and Radar’s coverage below:

Visit for

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Us Weekly: Brandi Glanville cheated on Eddie Cibrian ‘several times’

Epic! Us Weekly has a suspicious/hilarious cover story this week, all about how Brandi Glanville has secretly been the cheater all along! Yes, you see Eddie Cibrian had no choice but to bang LeAnn Rimes because Brandi had already cheated on him several times. Allegedly. Surely LeAnn Rimes can’t be this obvious, right? What am I saying? Of course she is.

The plot thickens. As Us Weekly revealed nearly four years ago, both Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes cheated on their respective spouses when the Northern Lights costars embarked on an infamous romance in 2009 — eventually leading to the

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Jason Hoppy to Bethenny Frankel: You Will Pay!

So much for a friendly split.

The Bethenny Frankel divorce case against Jason Hoppy has grown seriously contentious, with the main obstacle between the former couple also being the cutest:

Two-year old daughter Brynn.

Both sides have filed for primary custody of the little one, with a source telling Us Weekly that Hoppy really did intend to “play nice” at the outset of this break-up.

But “Jason is livid with how cold Bethenny has been with him since the the split,” a friend alleges. “He wants to make her pay.”

And Hoppy’s actions have blindsided the talk show host, who

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“David Beckham signs on to Paris Saint-Germain, Posh will be Parisian now” links

David Beckham is signing on to play with Paris Saint-Germain. [CDAN] All about Tennessee’s stupid “Don’t Say Gay” bill. [Jezebel] Justin Bieber’s groping victim is 17, and she’s being bullied about it. [Amy Grindhouse] Here’s Kim Kardashian showing off her bump. [Bossip] Your cat is probably killing a bird RIGHT NOW. [Gawker] Jason London’s mug shot is ridiculous. [Evil Beet] Tyler Perry sent Oprah a lot of flowers for her b-day. [Wonderwall] Taylor Swift tries to deny that she real estate-stalks her boyfriends. [Celebslam] Danica Patrick already has a rebound boyfriend. (Cough, jumpoff?)

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Brandi Glanville Plastic Surgery Shocker: She Put WHAT on Eddie’s Credit Card?!

Brandi Glanville does not hold back.

Not only did she slash Eddie Cibrian’s tires as payback for his affair with LeAnn Rimes, but she says in her new book that she charged something personal to his credit card:

Vaginal reconstructive surgery.

The latest Brandi Glanville book excerpt reveals that they would have the “most passionate sex” after their nastiest arguments during their marriage.

“I would ask Eddie from time to time if my vagina was the same after childbirth. He always said yes, except once,” she admits. “He was actually quite vulgar.”

Glanville’s new book,

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Sean Stewart Takes Adrienne Maloof To McDonald’s For Lunch

Ok, how romantic is this? LOL. Adrienne Maloof‘s new boyfriend Sean Stewart was spotted taking the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star out to lunch to… McDonalds in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday afternoon. I mean, it doesn’t get anymore Hollywood than that, right?

But with all kidding aside, I think everyone has a weakness for McDonalds once in awhile. I’ll be honest in saying that I’ll only visit the fast food joint when I’m on vacation with my family and during our last trip we actually visited Micky D’s three times. Sometimes there’s nothing that tastes better than a cheeseburger

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“Miley Cyrus’s hair is not improving. If anything, it’s worse” links

Miley Cyrus’s hair is not improving. At all. [I'm Not Obsessed] Charlize Theron’s buzz cut is DARK. [Evil Beet] This 8th-grader is the new Nate Silver. IS she Nate Silver? [Jezebel] Matthew McConaughey looks… the same. Too skinny! [Yeeeah] Brandi Glanville said Taylor Armstrong was a drunk bitch. [Reality Tea] Ashley Benson IS stacked. Damn. [IDLYITW] Is Demi Moore covering up some new plastic surgery? [CityRag] Karl Lagerfeld drew Pres. Obama in a chef’s outfit. Just because. [The Frisky] Sigmund Freud’s thoughts on homosexuality. [OMG Blog] Rihanna is a mess: part eleventy billion.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Martha Stewart, Look Out!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are invited to dinner but please, “Don’t Sing For Your Supper.” But one Housewife can’t get over the music.

We break down all the tears and jeers in THG’s +/- recap!

Before we get to dinner, let’s start off with prom night.  Kim’s 16 year old daughter Kimberly is heading off to her first prom and I think Kim is more excited than she is.

Kim wants to make sure this is the most amazing experience her daughter’s ever had.  Minus 10.  No pressure or anything.

But this is Kim’s youngest so I’ll forgive her the tears and high expectations.  It’s

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