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Jacqueline Bisset has some thoughts: ‘I have never fully embraced feminism’

I’ve always sort of liked Jacqueline Bisset, but after reading this interview with her… I think it’s comparable to how I feel about Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren is fabulous, strong, beautiful… and she says wacky and sometimes offensive things in interviews. Maybe it’s that women of a certain age have difficulty explaining their complicated views on sexuality and equality and such

Naomi Watts Wishes She Had More Kids

Image naomi-watts-liev-schreiber-sons-1-520x698.jpg

‘Diana’ star Naomi Watts opened up about one regret she has as far as her family goes. She has two sons: Sasha, who’s seven, and Kai, who’s five, with partner Liev Schreiber. RELATED: Naomi Watts says she’d rather be a character actress than a leading lady. Naomi explained in an interview: I should have had…