Witness: Ashton Kutcher Totally Loves Mila Kunis!

It’s official: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are both hot and heavy.

Having mostly taken their relationship public – Kutcher was spotted rubbing his gorgeous girlfriend’s thighs in early August – the couple ate lunch together on Monday and were then caught on camera swapping some serious spit in Central Park.

Us Weekly has the photos of Kutcher and Kunis engaged in this game of tonsil hockey.

Ashton Kutcher on a Football FieldCoy Mila Kunis

Moreover, a witness at Bistro Chat Noir reports Ashton said those three magic words to Mila upon paying the bill.

No, not “I’ll never cheat,” silly readers. I LOVE YOU!

Says an insider of the former That 70s Show stars: “Ashton and Mila are totally together and loving it. He always had a thing for her and he finally made it happen… It is real infatuation right now.

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Witness: Ashton Kutcher Totally Loves Mila Kunis!