Tila Tequila set to reveal new drug of choice during Celebrity Rehab gig[HMG] – As you may have heard, Tila Tequila will be joining the next season of VH1’s ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,’ that is if they are able to find a few other D-listers to join her.

Not unlike her ramblings of adopting, being pregnant, not being pregnant, the 28-year old self-styled ‘celebrity’ has already leaked that her visit will be to conquer her addiction sleep medication, Ambien.

“She would base her entire day around it,” an insider told Radar. “She would wake up, snort Ambien, Google herself, do more Ambien, Twitter all day and then sleep.”

The source also says that when Tequila used the sleep medication she would often become manic, and would spend hours tweeting.  But hold on their, it now seems Tila is also into a recreational drug too, which probably better explains some of her off the wall behavior.  “Ecstasy is her drug of choice,” a source close to the show told RadarOnline.com.  Another source close to her tells Radar that Tila liked to do Ecstacy with then-fiancée Casey Johnson during their short-lived relationship, and they often got high together.  Remember how they got engaged like practically after the first time they met? The source explains: “The night they first went public together on the red carpet, they were both high on E (ecstasy).”  Explains a lot!

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Tila Tequila set to reveal new drug of choice during Celebrity Rehab gig