And here’s the full trailer for Iron Man 3, because the links are just about Iron Man these days. Also: is Guy Pearce the bad guy?! Ben Kingsley is in this? Awesome. [IDLYITW]
This is how Miley Cyrus dresses for a casual walk with Liam? [INFDaily]
Rihanna Aniston’d her way through a new music video. [Yeeeah]
Jennifer Aniston’s diet is “smiling” and “staying out in the sun”. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Beyonce’s date-night earrings were Obama-earrings. [The Frisky]
This Katherine Jenkins-David Beckham thing is really weird. [CDAN]
Some Miami residents are trying to profit off of the Kardashians. [Reality Tea]
A rundown of last night’s presidential debate, with bonus memes. [Jezebel]
Robert DeNiro thanks the NYFD. [Wonderwall]
Chris Brown & Karrueche are still spending time together. [Bossip]
Steven Tyler is like a TSA agent now or something. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Is anyone into Ellie Goulding? I find her milquetoast. [PopBytes]
Dear Natalie Portman: STOP TOUCHING MY HUSBAND. [CityRag]
Disney has God-awful race relations, right? [Limelife]
Beyonce & Jay-Z can’t trademark “Blue Ivy”. [Life & Style]
Christina Aguilera offered an endorsement deal for a “big & beautiful” dating website. I expect that she’ll ignore the offer. [Hollywood Rag]
Donald Trump claims he has an October Surprise for Obama. [Bitten & Bound]

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