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Taylor Swift on Tumblr: I Call My Lamp Bae!

Image brick-tamland-gif.gif

Taylor Swift may not seem like she has much in common with Steve Carrell’s character in Anchorman, but she and Brick Tamland do in fact, share one very important trait: they both love lamp. Now that Taylor has conquered Instagram with her epic odes to fall and inspiring messages to bullied fans, she’s decided to set her sights…

Woman Sets Home on Fire in Attempt to Kill Spider

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A woman apparently tried to kill a spider by spraying it with aerosol and then lighting it on fire. Ladies and gentlemen, do not recommend trying that at home. Otherwise, you might not have a home. Much like the woman in question. The Wales resident really did attempt this means of offing the eight-legged intruder,…

Justice League Movie Confirmed, Zack Snyder to Direct

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It’s a big… it’s a plane… it’s confirmation of long-gestating movie news that ought to leave a few comic book fans very happy. Warner Bros. President of Worldwide Production Greg Silverman tells The Wall Street Journal that a big screen version of The Justice League is on the way. It will be directed by Zack…