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21 Animal Photobombs You Must See to Believe: Furry and Funny!

We all know human beings are capable of some pretty amazing photobombs.

Recent cases in point: Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz at Coachella; Jimmy Fallon and Jonn Hamm on The Empire State Building for an amazing Tonight Show sketch.

But what about our furry friends?

Did you know that cats were were photobomb masters? And dogs? And hippos? And one seriously amazing squirrel?

The latter leads this galler of animal photobombing examples that all need to be seen to be believed. Pretty awesome stuff…

Open Slideshow 1. Squirrel Photobomb What a ham! This

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Farrah Abraham "Celebrity Sex Tape" Novel Trilogy: Coming Soon (Seriously)!

Farrah Abraham has just announced a new erotic romance trilogy. You cannot make this stuff up. Its title? Celebrity Sex Tape. We are dead serious.

The novels are loosely based on Abraham’s own rise to stardom and the recent scandal that put the Teen Mom under intense public scrutiny in 2013.

By “scandal,” the publisher means the Farrah Abraham porn movie she signed up to do and tried to pass off as a leaked private sex tape. Just FYI.

Book One: In The Making is due out in July 2014. Cannot. WAIT.

“In The Making reveals the truth about ‘being in the limelight’ as a young

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Puppies Recreate "Happy" and Make Us Happy. No, Really. They Do.

The world runs on small, furry, adorable creatures. Like puppies. (The Internet, however, runs on cats, just to be clear.)

The world also runs on “Happy” right now and for the foreseeable future as well. (Please don’t let “Happy” end.)

What happens when PUPPIES recreate “Happy”? And awesplosion that will make even the grinchiest of hearts grow a full three sizes, that’s what.

See for yourself.

You DO deserve a treat, puppy! YOU DO! This is me barking along and wagging my tail right along with you!

Yes, let’s cuddle!

The pug at 1:16! OMG!

A happy

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Nori: See the Vogue Pics!

It’s finally happened, folks.

The Kim Kardashian Vogue cover this reality star has waited her whole life to show off has hit the Internet, igniting a storm of praise from her friends and family members around the Internet.

“Vogue #KiKi #Yeezy #Love,” Khloe Kardashian Tweeted in response to the news, while Kendall Jenner added:

“soooo major sister! this is gorgeous!!! @KimKardashian @kanyewest @voguemagazine.”

And don’t forget about little Nori. She’s featured prominently in the Vogue spread itself. See for yourself here and, admit it, this is one cute family:

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The LEGO Movie Blooper Reel: Watch, Crack Up Now!

What’s the only thing funnier than LEGO Movie quotes?

How about bumbled LEGO Movie quotes that didn’t make the film’s final cut?

Yes, the geniuses behind this animated blockbuster have released a blooper reel, which includes Chris Pratt botching a couple jokes; Batman sounding very old; and some off-camera banter that is especially hilarious because… you know, the character are animated.

Watch these staged, uproarious miscues now and you’ll understand why Legos are taking over the Internet:

It’s Valentine’s Day, meanwhile, so relive the

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Joe Giudice: Cheating on Teresa with Random Woman at Friday’s?

TGIF? Not for Teresa Giudice.

A witness tells Radar Online that this Real Housewife’s husband may be cheating on her because he had an allegedly cozy meal with another woman at a T.G.I. Friday’s on Tuesday night in Clifton, New Jersey.

Joe and this rumored mistress were “in a booth,” the onlooker claims and “were drinking martinis and when the woman finished hers she took a sip out of Joe’s glass, too. They looked like they were having a good time together and laughing with each other.”

This isn’t the first time Joe has been accused of possessing a wandering eye and/or other body parts. A

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Trash Talking, Stripping and Leaving

Will she or won’t she?!?

A nation held its breath going into last night’s edition of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, wondering if Dina Manzo was truly exiting the show for good. We won’t leave you in suspense over the development. Let’s get right to a recap, Real Housewives correspondent!

Note to readers:

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Trade Allegations of Infidelity; Private Investigator Hired

If you thought Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s separation, be it real or contrived, couldn’t get any weirder, you clearly misunderestimated Speidi.

They’re now each accusing each other of having affairs, and that’s not all – Heidi has gone so far as to hire a private investigator to spy on Spencer.

As we reported last week, Heidi is allegedly staying at the home of the hilariously named Cougar Zank, a Marine turned bodyguard and pal of Pratt.

Earlier this year, Zank moved into the home Spencer and Heidi were renting at his request, with Pratt claiming that the two were writing a

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: A Serving of Quaw-Fee, Danielle/Dina Drama

While most of our staff is sitting in stunned silence over the alleged existence of yet another Danielle Staub sex tape, thank goodness for our Real Housewives critic.

She sat through another hilarious, entertaining, nauseating episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night and filed the following report…

Let me just start out by saying that the entire focus of this episode was women trying to get other women out of their lives while simultaneously talking, thinking, texting, Facebooking, and scheming endlessly about these same women.

Christina Milian Beware: The-Dream Creepin' on Random Hoes

Is there trouble in paradise between Christina Milian and The-Dream?

According to MediaTakeOut, there most certainly is, backing up rumors we’ve heard about problems the R&B singer and actress have been having for months.

Dream’s recent encounter with another woman, who he reportedly picked up at an Atlanta club and drove to hot spots around the city, is never a good sign.

Doesn’t look like she was just a fan posing for photos, either, as they were seen in the same car on different occasions before “disappearing” together later.

Christina Milian and The-Dream tied the knot last year and

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