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Total Moron Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Sets Self on Fire

Image ice-bucket-challenger-sets-self-on-fire.png

Just when you think you’ve seen every Ice Bucket Challenge fail possible, from folks missing their intended targets to young women bleeding from their mouths, along comes an idiot who lights himself on fire. On purpose. At least initially. Donning camouflage cargo shorts and an American flag vest while holding a giant Confederate Flag, this moron…

Reign Season 2: First Footage!

Image reign-season-2-teaser.jpg

Be wary, Reign Fanatics. The black death will be making its unwanted return in just a few weeks. The CW has released the first promo for Reign Season 2, which teases a serious problem for Mary and company: the plague is back. And no one is safe from its fatal wrath. What will transpire on…

Sex Box: Coming to WE TV in 2015!

Image sex-box.jpg

The reality dating show ante has just been upped by Sex Box, the UK series now coming stateside. Yes, that is a real show and WE tv will be airing it. The network has ordered nine, one-hour episodes of Sex Box. In this therapy-based series, couples go into a camera-free, soundproof box to have sex.…