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Kendall Jenner: Nude on Instagram! (Again!)

Image kendall-jenner-naked-behind-a-curtain.png

At this point, Kendall Jenner nude photos are nothing new, but yesterday, the selfie queen and up-and-coming runway model posted a pic that might be her most revealing to date. Sure, Kendall is standing behind a curtain in the shot, but the intimate Instagram snap still doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Kendall didn’t post a caption…

The View From 3 Feet Feel Good Video Of The Day

Image the-view-from-3-feet-520x286.jpg

The good people at SoulPancake wanted to highlight the importance of preschool education. Rather than list a bunch of dry statistics or child development facts, they gave preschoolers GoPro cameras while they were at preschool. RELATED: Meet Markell, the Unstoppable Kid, cancer or not. SoulPancake went straight to the source: they had preschoolers talk about…