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Kylie Jenner Looks Like a Mannequin

Image kylie-jenner-instagram-image.png

It’s a question many have been asking for months: Has Kylie Jenner undergone plastic surgery? But we now have a slightly different question to ask, based on a recent Instagram photo: Is Kylie Jenner simply… plastic?  Could she be a mannequin of some kind? Because, seriously, are we meant to believe that this is the picture…

SoulPancake’s Steps To Success Video Feel Good Video

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The people at SoulPancake have a new series called ‘The Success Series.’ This video is called ‘Steps to Success.’ SoulPancake sent out their Success Coach, Judy, to ask people on the street if they had thought about how they became successful. The results were, in usual SoulPancake style, heartwarming :). RELATED: SoulPancake asks people to…