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Nicki Minaj "Doesn’t Approve" of Drake-Chris Brown Feud

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Nicki Minaj recently commented on the feud between Chris Brown and Drake, her Young Money label-mate, by claiming that she “doesn’t approve” of the beef. The now-infamous Chris Brown-Drake fight that broke out last month at an NYC club left many injured and got the establishment shut down in the aftermath. All over Rihanna too, allegedly.

Chuck Norris Accuses Obama of "Pro-Gay Boy Scouts" Policy

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Here’s a new Chuck Norris fact for you: the actor is very unhappy with Barack Obama right now. In light of James Turley – a Boy Scouts of America official and CEO of the accounting firm Ernst & Young – recently stating that he planned on working to change the longtime rule that bans homosexuals from serving as Scout leaders, Norris has penned a column for Ammo Land that places the blame for this maneuver on the President’s shoulders.

Karen Klein to School Bus Bully Kids: Apology NOT Accepted!

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Karen Klein, the now famous school bus bullying victim , says she does NOT accept the apologies offered by two of the Greece, N.Y., kids whose taunts drove her to tears. Klein, 68, has said she will not press charges or pursue any action against the terrible teenagers, claiming she feels sorry for them and their parents. Accepting yesterday’s apologies from the bullies , however