Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen: Morphing Into Farrah Abraham!

Debra Danielsen, the mother of Farrah Abraham, appears to be pulling a Benjamin Button and aging in reverse, morphing gradually into her daughter.

Plastic surgery can do wonders for a woman with such goals …

  • Farrah Abraham's Mom
  • Debra Danielsen Photo
  • Farrah Plastic Surgery Face

Yes, that is Deb on the left, as you are likely aware if you watch Teen Mom online. What’s more shocking is that it’s also Deb you’re looking at in the center.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as the saying goes.

We’re not just talking genetics, of course, but the fact that Farrah has undergone massive amounts of plastic surgery herself. By the age of 23, no less!

Looks like Double-D is making up for lost time. It’s unclear if she’s also getting Double Ds to match her offspring’s, but we would not put it past her at all.

We would make some profound commentary about how the example both of these women are setting for their daughters, but it’s all been said before.

It would also fall upon deaf ears, to state the obvious. Farrah already believes, or is at least willing to say she believes publicly, that God led her to porn.

Just a reminder of the kind of people we’re dealing with.

Farrah Abraham Vagina Costume

Farrah Abraham dresses up like a vagina. You cannot make this stuff up.

Farrah and Debra have butted heads in the past, so it’s unclear what the state of their relationship is these days or how she feels about her mom’s new look.

It’s actually been a pretty quiet stretch for Farrah lately.

She’s put her Austin mansion up for sale at a king’s ransom, and recently shilled for sex toys while dressed like Elsa, and is filming some sort of Christian horror film.

Considering that this is Farrah Abraham? Standard.

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Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen: Morphing Into Farrah Abraham!


Jenelle Evans Sparks Drug Use Rumors For Hilarious Reason: See the SHOCKING Photo!

Jenelle Evans sparked more rumors of a relapse into drug use for a reason even more ridiculous than usual, which is saying a lot given her social media history.

No matter how hard the Teen Mom 2 star works to turn her troubled life around, and how conclusively she proves herself to be a better and more responsible adult?

There will always be haters accusing Jenelle Evans of child abuse after seeing an Instagram photo of her son, or assume she’s back on drugs again based on …

  • Jenelle Evans' Bong?
  • Jenelle Evans, Tongue

The “suspicious” picture surfaced on her Twitter, prompting people to think she was getting high. Because people thought this was a bong. Seriously.

As she casually pointed out, it’s a coaster holder, people, relax.

While we’re not sure why she would post such a pointless image in the first place, people really need to give Jenelle and Nathan Griffith the benefit of the doubt.

Think about it. Even of Evans does smoke pot anymore …

  1. Have you ever seen a bong that looks like that?
  2. Even if it were, why would she leave it out?
  3. Why would she then post it online?!

Yes, her past behavior (you don’t have to watch Teen Mom 2 online to know what a terror this girl was) means she has a lot to prove, and for good reason.

That said, you have to give credit where it’s due, too.

If there were obvious drugs or drug paraphernalia on the table, well, we would be singing a different tune for sure. But there aren’t. It’s that simple.

Haters have to stop looking for trouble where it isn’t there. We know, you miss the crazy, unstable, frequently arrested Jenelle Evans. But she’s different now.

Will she revert to her old ways? Maybe, maybe not. She seems to be trying very, very hard not to. So until she does, maybe give cut her some slack.

Just a little?

Jenelle Evans Shower Selfie

Jenelle Evans poses for a shower selfie with Nathan Griffith. Too cute or TMI?

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Jenelle Evans Sparks Drug Use Rumors For Hilarious Reason: See the SHOCKING Photo!


Rihanna: Topless and Wet for Esquire UK!

It’s not like nude photos of Rihanna are anything new, but we’re fully appreciative every time she decides to strip down for the camera.

For example, here we have RiRi topless and soaked for the UK Esquire:

  • Rihanna Esquire Cover
  • Rihanna: Topless For Esquire

Who’s gonna look at these and say, “Meh, seen it before?”

If anything, we should closely study Rih’s naked photos, but not for the reasons you might think:

Rihanna was hacked and had explicit photos stolen from her phone and computer just like hundreds of other female celebs during the creepy event that’s since been dubbed The Fappening.

Prior to that Rihanna had nude photos banned from Instagram and she re-posted them to Twitter in protest of the site’s weird “no nipple” policy.

It’s important to note the difference between these two events. It’s similar to the difference between you giving money to charity and someone robbing you at gunpoint.

So maybe when Rihanna gets naked, she’s not just doing it for the sake of boosting her career and titillating some male fans. Or maybe she is.

Either way she’s sending an important message about a woman’s right to privacy in the digital age!

Yes, Rihanna stands for freedom, and equality, but perhaps most importantly…boobies. God bless America.

Rihanna, Instagram Photos

Rihanna poses with Instagram photos. In Complex!

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Rihanna: Topless and Wet for Esquire UK!


Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Jenelle Evans Gets SHUT DOWN By Barbara!

On part two of Season 5’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, Kailyn revealed a secret that made Javi furious, while Jo and Vee had some interesting news of their own.

Dr. Drew also zeroed in on Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith and her mother Barbara, who got real and personal with the doctor and the MTV audience.

What were the main takeaways from Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 30?

While last week focused primarily on Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska, it was Jenelle, and Kailyn Lowry, in the hot seat this week with Dr. Drew.

Jenelle Evans‘ segment focused on her plans to secure full custody of her five-year-old son Jace, who is now under the care of her mother Barbara.

After over a year of sobriety and welcoming her son Kaiser with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said she’s prepared to become a full-time mother of two.

“I know I don’t completely got my life together as in being married for a couple of years and then having a career and doing it the right way,” Jenelle admits.

“But I’m happy enough to where I’m stable enough to have him.”

You don’t always see that kind of self-awareness if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, and Nathan said he was also invested in caring for Jace full-time.

“I know [Kaiser] has a bright future with both of us. I want Jace to not feel left out. I want him to have the same opportunity that I’m going to give my son.”

“I just think he needs a strong fatherly figure.”

Would Barbara be swayed by these words?

Despite agreeing to transition Jace to Jenelle’s care over the next year during the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 finale, Barbara sang a different tune on the reunion.

“We’re contemplating it,” Barbara Evans said, adding somewhat surprisingly of the couple that, “I think Nathan is the one pushing it more than Jenelle.”

“Jace only knows me and I’m his whole world,” she went on, bluntly. “If I relinquish custody to Jenelle, let me tell you this, it’s going to be a slow process.”

Ouch. Doesn’t sound promising, Jenelle.

Barbara Evans GIF

A classic Barbara Evans GIF from Teen Mom 2. She lays into Jenelle a lot.

Kailyn Lowry, meanwhile, may not get the headlines Jenelle frequently inspires, but her segment was incredibly dramatic last night for a few reasons.

Her mom, Suzy, and her alcoholic tendencies drove a wedge between Kailyn and her husband Javi Marroquin, after she told him she left their son in her care.

“I took Lincoln to her house and Javi doesn’t know. I came back two hours later and she was trashed,” Kailyn said. “I just got myself together and never spoke to her again.”

“I don’t want to talk to her ever again.”

Javi, upon hearing this, was LIVID:

“I said I don’t want Lincoln going over there by himself and sure enough, I was right. I’m so furious. I don’t know what she did, but she was drunk with my son!”

Kailyn claimed she believed that her mother would remain clean, and despite this fact and how angry Javi was, said she will always give her another chance.

Javi admits he feels distant from Kailyn lately, while according to Lowry, their relationship is not in jeopardy as much as it is fluid, a work in progress.

“Once Lincoln was born it was hard for me. It was hard for us. There was a time when I struggled a lot,” he said. “I don’t feel anything between us.”

Meanwhile, her former man Jo Rivera, with whom she has a four-year-old son Isaac, ironically stepped in to serve as the voice of reason for the couple.

Jo agreed that they “shouldn’t be left alone unsupervised” but said “I think that’s important” for both Kailyn’s sons to get to know their grandma growing up.

Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s one for the ages right here.

Javi and Kailyn are not the only ones having problems. Jo’s live-in girlfriend, Vee Torres, also revealed that their romance has also been on the rocks of late.

“I had to move out because he wanted space,” Vee said, lamenting that, “I’ve been through a lot this past month and it’s still heavy on me a little bit.”

Yikes. Plenty of tension to go around.

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Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Jenelle Evans Gets SHUT DOWN By Barbara!


19 Stars Who Have Spent Time in the Slammer (One for 3 Whole Hours!)

Jail. Prison. The clink. The slammer. Lockup. The brig.

Up the river. The pen. The pound. The black hole.

Call it whatever you’d like, but for the 19 celebrities listed below, the Big House has simply been called home at least once in their lives …

Lil Wayne

The possession of drugs and weapons on his tour bus put Lil Wayne in jail for five months. That’s fewer months than children the rapper has out of wedlock.

With Teresa Giudice having been sentenced to over a year in prison last week, we thought we’d try to comfort The Real Housewives of New Jersey star by at least proving that she isn’t alone.

Plenty of famous people have spent time behind bars, for offenses that range from drunk driving to weapons possession; and for terms that lasted from two years to, well, three hours.

Who devoted a good portion of their lives to watching their back? Which star was without her freedom for a shorter duration than it would take to watch The Wolf of Wall Street?

Cycle through the above gallery and find out now!

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19 Stars Who Have Spent Time in the Slammer (One for 3 Whole Hours!)


Jenelle Evans Accused of Child Abuse; Teen Mom 2 Star Defends Black Eye Photo, Fires Back Online

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans posted a photo of her baby son Kaiser with what looks like a black eye, which of course prompted cries of child abuse online.

Someone even called Child Protective Services on her over the image below, which did not sit well with the Carolina Hurricane and sparked a Twitter rebuke:

  • Jenelle Evans' Son, Black Eye
  • Jenelle Evans and Sons

Jenelle leaves Kaiser, three months old, in the care of her mother-in-law (or her baby daddy’s Nathan Griffith‘s mom, since they’re not married) while in school.

Often, she posts pictures from their day to day adventures in parenting, but someone actually reported Jenelle to the state agency after this photo.

Anyone with little kids knows that they get bonked, bruised and scratched on a routine basis, figuring out how to crawl, walk and roll over, et cetera.

That, combined with the fact that no one was there to see what (if anything) happened to the youngster makes the call to CPS a pretty crazy move.

Not surprisingly, Jenelle was fuming about it:

  • U guys r seriously accusing me of giving Kai a black eye?! Wtf is wrong with all if u. CALL CPS again. I dare u, idiots.
  • Me and Nathan’s mom just got finished laughing at u haters. She’s like “even if Kai did have a black eye.. Would u REALLY be posting it ?!”

She makes a good point, even it does look like he suffered a bonk of some kind. Attributing that to abuse you assume took place is pretty absurd, though.

Jenelle Evans, who appeared with Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska on this week’s reunion show (watch Teen Mom 2 online) is a lot of things.

Abusive is not one of them. In fact, she posts almost daily pics of all the cute things she and her little family do together, from the benign to the adorable.

We know Jenelle has had a tough past and that haters will always assume the worst, and she may be guilty of oversharing and giving them too much ammo.

She’s not a child abuser though. Move on.

Jenelle Evans, Daddy and Baby

Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith and their newborn baby son Kaiser share a touching moment.

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Jenelle Evans Accused of Child Abuse; Teen Mom 2 Star Defends Black Eye Photo, Fires Back Online


Sam Lutfi: Amanda Bynes’ Friend, Conspirator Helped Engineer Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes was thankfully tricked yesterday into flying home to Los Angeles, where she was placed on psychiatric hold involuntarily upon arrival.

The man who helped mastermind this desperately-needed ruse: Sam Lutfi.

Yes, that Sam Lutfi. Remember him? You probably should …

  • Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears' Friend
  • Amanda Bynes in NYC

Lutfi was a celebrity gossip staple in 2007 and 2008, thanks to his close relationship with Britney Spears at the star’s most unstable and erratic period.

Britney then was a lot like Amanda in 2012-13 and again over the past few weeks, clearly in need of help and posing a danger to herself and others.

Just as Bynes was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold yesterday, Spears went through the same thing, ultimately turning her life and career around.

So how does Lutfi relate to both cases? Interestingly …

Britney Spears’ parents allege that Lutfi was medicating the pop star before she was eventually strapped to a stretcher and taken to a psychiatric ward.

He always said he was protecting Britney from her demons and the scourge of some of the people around her, but the truth may never truly be known.

In any case, he somehow knows Amanda Bynes as well, and used this relationship to get her the medical help she requires after a scary last few weeks.

Sam contacted the troubled star at some point on Thursday and convinced Amanda to sue her parents, whom she has long accused of working against her.

Realizing that her distrust of her family made it unlikely she would ever listen to their attempts to reason with her, he flipped the script to utilize her paranoia.

Sam’s call coincided with Bynes’ bizarre accusations of sexual abuse against her father, Rick, and claims that she has a microchip inside her to track her.

With her downward spiral escalating, time was of the essence.

Lutfi talked her into flying home to L.A. from N.Y.C. so she could meet with a lawyer to file the lawsuit, but he was working in tandem with her parents.

The goal? To place her under involuntary psychiatric hold, again (in 2013, she received the same treatment after setting a stranger’s driveway on fire).

Lutfi told Bynes they would first travel to the lawyer’s office in Pasadena, then to the London Hotel in West Hollywood to confront her parents with the lawsuit.

But instead of steps one and two of this brilliantly orchestrated plan, he had a driver take her to a Pasadena hospital which looked a lot like an office building.

Instead of a lawyer, she walked in and was surrounded by doctors and hospital staff, who took Amanda under their care and will hold her for the next 72 hours.

The 5150 psychiatric hold can be extended for 14 days, and likely will be when her parents request it. They will then try to establish another conservatorship.

Rick and Lynn Bynes somehow let their previous conservatorship – giving them control over Amanda’s affairs – lapse last month, believing she was better.

Hopefully they don’t make the same mistake twice.

As for Lutfi, maligned for years as a Britney Spears leech and enabler, he is the true hero in the eyes of Amanda’s parents, who can’t thank him enough.

Who knew? Here’s wishing everyone involved the best in what has surely been a trying couple of weeks, one which we hope won’t be repeated again …

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

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Sam Lutfi: Amanda Bynes’ Friend, Conspirator Helped Engineer Psychiatric Hold


Survivor Season 29 Episode 3 Recap: If You Were a Man, I’d Knock Your Teeth Out!

On Wednesday night’s Survivor Season 29 Episode 3, the first shocker of the young season came in the form of an elimination no one saw coming.

If you haven’t seen the events unfold yet, turn back now …

Still smarting over their loved ones being the first two players voted out this fall, Jeremy and Natalie sought revenge on Survivor Season 29 Episode 3.

The target of their vengeance: John Rocker.

Rocker is a former Major League Baseball star known as much – probably more – for his comments on race and homosexuality than for his athletic abilities.

As such, the angle was clear: Expose him.

After Hunahpu captured its third consecutive immunity challenge, Rocker’s infamous identity and history were revealed and all hell broke loose.

Natalie informed the Coyopa tribe members that they were, in no uncertain terms, following a racist … oh, and the guy sucks at all these challenges to boot.

At one point, she even addressed Rocker directly, asking “Why don’t you say something homophobic or racist like in your past?” So very clever.

So effective, though. Rocker’s response was what you might have expected, given the bear she was poking: “if you were a man I would knock your teeth out.”

Wow. He also suggested they throw down, later. He won’t get the chance. Already second guessing John in many cases, Josh turned on him hardcore.

Between premature alliances and getting stuck with people who, well, don’t really care for other races or gays, there’s not a lot that John has going for him.

At the next Tribal Council, John Rocker was voted out … with a hidden immunity idol in his pocket. Now that’s the kind of drama you only hope to see!

We didn’t do it justice here of course. Follow the link to watch Survivor online and see it play out for yourself, along with past weeks, from start to finish!

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Survivor Season 29 Episode 3 Recap: If You Were a Man, I’d Knock Your Teeth Out!


Adam Lind: Chelsea Houska’s Baby Daddy is Behind Bars AGAIN!

Just three weeks after Adam Lind was released from jail, the Teen Mom 2 deadbeat dad has been locked up again!

Adam Lind Pic

After Lind’s third DUI, Chelsea Houska’s charming ex was locked up for driving without a license in August. 

Naturally, after being released from jail, he decided to do the same friggin’ thing, and was once again pulled over for driving with a revoked license and immediately locked up.

Lind hadn’t exactly been on his best behavior following his most recent stint behind bars, and he clashed with Chelsea and Randy Houska during the Teen Mom reunion show.

While that altercation didn’t result in any charges being filed, we’d imagine Chelsea and her dad were none too upset to learn that Lind has been locked up again.

The 25-year-old troublemaker is expected to remain behind bars until October 5.

No word yet on how this latest brush with the law will affect Lind’s custody and visitation rights with regard to his and Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree.

While Lind’s downward spiral continues, Houska seems to be doing better than ever. Her beautician career is taking off and she’s dating recent college grad, Cole DeBoer.

Oh, and as Chelsea’s recent bikini pics confirm, she’s still smokin’ hot:

Chelsea Houska and Daughter

Chelsea Houska looking fab on Instagram with her little daughter Aubree. <3

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Adam Lind: Chelsea Houska’s Baby Daddy is Behind Bars AGAIN!


Farrah Abraham Trashed, Threatened By Tiny Hailey on Couples Therapy: Watch the Clip!

She may love herself more than ever, but the warm and fuzzy feeling was not shared by Farrah Abraham’s co-stars on this week’s reunion of VH1 Couples Therapy.

She got into it with one of her co-stars on the “All-Star” edition of the series, in which Dr. Jenn Berman counsels celebrity couples on resolving their issues.

Or in Farrah’s case, just Farrah. She infamously and hilariously went on the show herself after her fake boyfriend at the time, Brian Dawe, got cold feet.

Just the same, Farrah Abraham is Farrah Abraham, and that means ratings and celebrity gossip coverage up the wazoo for the network. So back she is!

She was joined by fellow Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden, and Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie.

While Farrah ended her feud with Catelynn, it was the final couple – Joel ‘JoJo’ and Tashaunda ‘Tiny’ Hailey – who she got into a new beef with this week.

Everything was fine until Abraham defended Courtney Stodden, who she felt was being attacked unfairly, and the rest of the couples lost it on Farrah.

After being asked “Who the f–k are you” by Abraham, Tiny Hailey responded in kind … and threatened to pull out Farrah’s hair extensions on stage.

Yikes. Guess when one celebrity news-making door closes, another opens for the 23-year-old reality star, porn star, author, restaurateur and stripper …

Farrah Abraham Vagina Costume

Farrah Abraham dresses up like a vagina. You cannot make this stuff up.

Farrah Abraham Trashed, Threatened By Tiny Hailey on Couples Therapy: Watch the Clip!