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Celeb Blind Item Who’s Deceiving Her Current Guy?

Image Blind-Folded-Man1716-520x431.jpg

Uh-oh. I hope this blind item isn’t true, but I can’t say I’d be completely shocked and stunned if it was. The entertainment industry is tough; I’m sure there are celebs (both male and female) who date for reasons other than attraction and love. Get the deets after the break. This B- list mostly movie…

Khloe Kardashian on Instagram: Check Out My Butt!!!

Image khloe-kardashian-butt-pic.png

Khloe Kardashian has a question for Instagram followers: Are you ready for this jelly? The reality star has taken to Instagram and showed off a piece from her family’s clothing line… while also giving fans a close-up shots of her rear end. “Represent,” Khloe wrote as a caption, along with the hashtag “#KKollection” and a link…