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Macklemore is obsessed with his kitten, Cairo: does this make you like him more?

We haven’t discussed anything involving Macklemore since he dressed up as some kind of weirdly anti-Semitic caricature during a show in Seattle back in May. I guess he was keeping his head down and letting the controversy blow over, which isn’t the worst crisis management. I actually prefer the whole “issue a lengthy statement explaining how you were wrong and then STFU for a few months” school of crisis management.

Miley Cyrus: Out of the Hospital! Whereabouts Unknown!

Miley has reportedly been released from the hospital following the severe allergic reaction that sidelined her Bangerz tour, but where is the singer now? No one seems to know for sure, interestingly. Rumor has it that the Twerking star has merely moved from the Kansas City Hospital she called her temporary home to a top…