Kylie Jenner Boob Job Rumors Erupt Thanks to Racy Halloween Pic: Did She or Didn’t She!?

It appears that Kylie Jenner had a lot of fun on Halloween, posting a photo that generated a great deal of attention, and not due to the crazy dude next to her.

If nothing else, she’s succeeded in getting people to talk about something besides Kylie Jenner’s lips, the rumors surrounding which she is soooo bored with.

Instead, the web is abuzz over another seemingly growing region of her body …

Kylie Jenner Boob Job?

Yes, it’s a Halloween costume that’s low cut, even by Jenner family standards.

Yes, we have seen far, far racier Halloween costumes out there in general.

It’s hard to escape that Kylie’s chest has seemingly exploded in recent months, though. Granted, it may have been gradual and enhanced by this one outfit.

Still, to see this kind of change all at once is nothing short of jarring, and on the heels of the ongoing Kylie lip injection debate, one can’t help but wonder.

There’s also the fact that the region in question is, well, exposed here.

Many ways for her to make her chestal area appear larger would be taken away by the fact that … there they are. She wants you to notice them, too.

We don’t know if the Kylie Jenner boob job rumors are true, but we have little doubt she’s putting this photo out there knowing full well it’ll get people talking.

Given how pissed she is at Kris Jenner, she’s gotta really be loving it.

Kylie Jenner Then and Now

Kylie Jenner now and just a few years ago. She looks a tad different.

In response to her Momager’s meddling, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings has been acting out and pushing her limits more and more of late.

Clearly, her mom lost control of the 17-year-old a long time ago.

The only question is whether young Kylie can maintain some measure of self-control and keep these constant Instagram teases fun, albeit provocative.

Perhaps we are making entirely too big a deal out of one photo.

She’s showing some cleave in a Tila Tequila-style getup. Inappropriate, perhaps, for a teenager, but she wouldn’t really have gotten a boob job … right?

If she’s just having fun and we’re playing along hook, line and sinker while she remains a grounded, happy and stable person at her core, then great.

Otherwise, we could have another Kim Kardashian sex tape on our hands before too long, and for the love of all things holy, no one needs to see that.

Well, a lot of people probably would love to. But you get the point.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic

Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.

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Kylie Jenner Boob Job Rumors Erupt Thanks to Racy Halloween Pic: Did She or Didn’t She!?


Amanda Bynes’ Bid to Upend Conservatorship Denied, But What Does That Change?

Amanda Bynes has been shut down in her legal bid to torpedo her parents’ conservatorship, which remains in place after her challenge was dismissed.

The problem is that the conservatorship as it stands is doing nothing.

Amanda Bynes' New Look

After Amanda Bynes was released from psychiatric care in a shocking development Thursday, she said she was headed to court to nix the conservatorship.

The 28-year-old distrusts and hates her parents with a vengeance.

In an epic Twitter rant, the star accused her father – who she again claims is a sexual predator – and Sam Lutfi of conspiring to lock her up against her will.

She vowed to appear in Ventura County Court Friday to take down the conservatorship, which recently gave Bynes’ parents control over her affairs.

Bynes didn’t show. A lawyer claiming to represent her did, but a judge ruled that she could not hire him … because of the conservatorship. The irony.

Under the conservatorship, she lacks the capacity to sign a binding contract, which includes hiring a lawyer to represent her. So no dice yesterday.

All of this begs the obvious question: How was she released!?!

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

Her involuntary psychiatric hold was recently extended by 30 days, but she somehow convinced a hearing officer at the facility that she was fine.

Believing Bynes was lucid and that the facility lacked legal standing to hold her – even though a judge had just granted it – the officer nixed the 30-day hold.

Amanda walked out the front door Thursday, and, well …

Roaming the streets of Hollywood, talking to imaginary friends and clearly delusional, Bynes showed instantly why she needs to be in just such a facility.

It’s sad, but true and baffling that she got out.

Her parents’ conservatorship is empty if they can’t control or influence her conduct; Amanda seems to have access to money, though it’s unclear how.

Not unlike when she was committed to the psychiatric facility a few weeks ago, it again looks to be just a matter of time before she hurts herself or others.

It’s just a question of when or how badly.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was a delightful child star with a bright career whose hard-partying ways and obvious mental issues have made for many sad headlines in recent years.

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Amanda Bynes’ Bid to Upend Conservatorship Denied, But What Does That Change?


Kylie Jenner to Kris Jenner: STFU About Tyga!!

Kylie Jenner is pretty darn livid with mother Kris Jenner these days, and has been acting out more than ever as a result, according to a new report.

  • Kris Jenner Profile
  • Kylie Jenner and Tyga

The 17-year-old, Kris’ youngest of six children, had a “blowout fight” with her Momager when she returned from her trip to Europe with rapper Tyga.

The reason for this is that Jenner had been discussing Kylie Jenner and Tyga‘s relationship with the media, which made the teen completely irate.

Last week, Kris called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to promote her new cookbook, In The Kitchen With Kris, and said, “Kylie isn’t dating anybody.”

“Tyga used to live across the street for a long time, and now he lives next door to Khloe. Everyone’s around and with the way I cook, they’re not leaving.”

Innocent and harmless enough? Perhaps … but not as Kylie sees it.

Says a purported friend of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister:

“Kylie did not give her mom permission to discuss her relationship with Tyga to anyone, including Seacrest! When she returned from Europe, she was livid.”

Kylie Jenner Then and Now

Kylie Jenner now and just a few years ago. She looks a tad different.

This beef has been a long time coming, people who know them say.

“Kylie told her mom to stay out of her life and keep ‘focusing on Kim as she always has,’” a great dig at both her mom and the family kash kow.

Friends say Kylie is increasingly fed up with her mom’s meddling:

As a result, she’s rebelling with more and more provocative social media posts and the like, hence this week’s surge in pics of Kylie Jenner’s lips.

“Kylie and Kris have a real bad relationship right now and Kylie is doing everything that she can to defy her mom,” the insider adds, and it shows.

Bruce and the older Kardashians “Blame Kris [for Kylie’s wild behavior] because Kylie is only 17, and Kris needs to have more authority over her.”

That ship might have sailed at this point … but here’s hoping.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic

Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.

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Kylie Jenner to Kris Jenner: STFU About Tyga!!


Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa after just one year

Amber Rose

Love is dead. Again! It’s only been a month since Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose revealed her trashy wedding dress on their 1-year anniversary. Now it’s over when it only just began. Amber filed for divorce yesterday. Right after the news broke, she did a ringless pap walk and accessorized with a subtle smile. *sob*

Fans are going crazy right now on Wiz’s Instagram page and calling the divorce “a lie.” This split comes as a great surprise from a gossip point of view. These two crazy kids usually make goo-goo eyes at each other on red carpets. He seemed to worship her, and she seemed thrilled to be with someone who paid attention (unlike *cough* Kanye) to her. TMZ says there is no hope, and Amber wants full custody of 1-year-old Sebastian. There’s no separation and no empty threat. Amber simply filed the papers. Damn, this marriage went downhill fast:

Amber Rose has filed for divorce from husband-of-1-year Wiz Khalifa … and she’s gunning for full custody of their kid … TMZ has learned.

In the divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — Amber says they split on Monday and cites irreconcilable differences.

Amber is asking for full legal and physical custody of their 1-year-old son Sebastian. She’s willing to give Wiz visitation.

And this is interesting. Amber acknowledges there’s a prenup, which you would think would work in Wiz’ favor, but she says it’s valid … presumably, she’s not challenging it. The docs say the prenup provides spousal support.

As for why they split, there’s been a buzz over the last few days of infidelity, but there’s no mention of it in the papers.

We got video of Amber with some guy Tuesday in Bev Hills. Our photog asks her if Wiz is keeping a close eye on Nick Cannon — there are rumors they’ve hooked up, but she’s mum.

Sources connected with the couple say the split is bitter.

[From TMZ]

Yep, the vibe I’m getting is that someone cheated. People have taken notice at how Nick Cannon recently repped a book and tv deal for Amber. Wouldn’t that coupling be awkward? Mariah Carey would completely lose it if Amber was Nick’s jumpoff. Because Mariah is a diamond, and Amber is a rhinestone. Oh, that would be good gossip.

Nick’s shutting down the rumor mill. He told TMZ that he and Amber are “strictly professional.” Nick says he got wind of Amber and Wiz’s marital strife last week. They bonded over their mutual sadness. Uh-huh. For what it’s worth, TMZ says that Amber and Wiz have both accused the other of infidelity. Crazy. Who has time to cheat on their spouse when they have a toddler running amuck?

Amber Rose

Amber Rose

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN


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Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa after just one year


Chris Evans: ‘I’m a romantic’ who will start ‘dripping sweat’ if you talk to me

I really like this new Chris Evans. I dig the other version too, of course. This new one is super fun. Chris is promoting his directorial debut, Before We Go, at TIFF, and there are so many new interviews to play with. The most striking aspect of his presence at this festival is how he’s clearly enjoying himself. He loves talking about his baby. He loves the huge responsibility of millions of investor dollars resting upon his well-formed shoulders. It’s all pleasantly unexpected to watch. Dude used to freak out and flee press conferences in his Fantastic Four days.

Here are a few conjoined interviews from USA Today and Vanity Fair. Check out Chris’ hilarious faux-tantrum when he greets one of the journos:

The first moment: “Was it terrible?” Evans asks. He dives on the crimson couch. “Don’t lie to meeee!”

The director’s chair: “The responsibility is so much greater. It almost doesn’t matter the budget. It could be $3 million, it could be $300 million.”

Directing his own acting makes him happy: For the first time, Evans was in complete control of his performance. Tell Evans you actually prefer the way he directed himself, and he grins. “You know what? So did I. Can I say that? Is that horrible? It’s so awful to say … These are the interviews you give that you’re going to regret.” But, “as an actor you have an idea in your head how you think a scene should go. And you give your variations of performance. And then when you see the final product they don’t always use the takes you thought would work. And that’s fine. With this, I’m in charge of the edit.”

Why a romcom? “It almost feels like movies nowadays have to be extreme novelty, like some weird indie festival or spectacle, like Godzilla. What happened to Sleepless in Seattle? Just do a simple movie well.”

Is he a hopeless romantic? “I am a romantic. I’ve had great nights before where just some wonderfully romantic night happens spontaneously, unpredictably. And the next day you try to tell your friends and it just doesn’t cut it. I hope everyone has those experiences where — whether it’s a date that lasted all night or a date that lasted 5 seconds at a train station — moments that were so personal and so special, it was hard to explain to somebody else.”

The nerves are still present: “I have no problem talking to people, but when it happens in the face of 30 people, for some reason I have this really awful insecurity response, where you just start dripping sweat. Just literally turning into a sauna.”

[From USA Today and Vanity Fair]

Can I send a love letter to Chris’ therapist? “Dear Sir or Madam, thank you so much for restoring the Cap A** to operable condition. I require instruction on how to best recharge his batteries because this can’t last forever …”

Should we bag on Chris for wistfully appreciating little movies like Sleepless in Seattle over the massively budgeted action flicks, like say, The Avengers? I’ll let you decide the answer. Both types of movies can co-exist peacefully, but it’s true that cinema hasn’t experienced a good romcom wave in over a decade.

Here’s a clip of the Vanity Fair interview (sorry, no wandering hands this time) where Chris talks about his sweaty sauna pits. Does that turn you on at all? I’m there.

Chris Evans

Photos courtesy of Getty & WENN


Chris Evans: ‘I’m a romantic’ who will start ‘dripping sweat’ if you talk to me


Brandi Glanville Launches Wine Brand, Likely Plans to Sample a LOT of Product

Step aside, or drink up, Ramona Singer. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville is launching her own brand of white wine, according to reports.

Singer, 57, and her famed Ramona Pinot Grigio have had the Housewives wine market to themselves … until now! There’s a new boozy babe in town!

Brandi Drinking

“I need your help I can’t think of a name for my wine,” Glanville Tweeted. “It’s a Chardonnay coming out very soon and I cannot come up with anything I love!”

Responses ranged from vulgar to hilarious, while Brandi Glanville noted that she suggested “STFU and Drink” but alas, the “distributors said no.”

Which is really a shame.

Brandi has turned Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes‘ home-wrecking affair into a career, landing on the Bravo show and writing a best-selling memoir.

Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders made the New York Times best-seller list, and she remains one of the most popular Housewives.

She’s got another book on the way, too. “It should be out by January or February of next year,” she said recently. “Mamma’s got to pay the rent.”

More like Mamma’s gotta support her expensive wine habit by trading off her reputation for drinking and profiting from her own brand of the delicious beverage.


Brandi Glanville Drunk GIF

Brandi hates to be sober. She’ll tell you all about it.

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Brandi Glanville Launches Wine Brand, Likely Plans to Sample a LOT of Product


Macklemore is obsessed with his kitten, Cairo: does this make you like him more?


We haven’t discussed anything involving Macklemore since he dressed up as some kind of weirdly anti-Semitic caricature during a show in Seattle back in May. I guess he was keeping his head down and letting the controversy blow over, which isn’t the worst crisis management. I actually prefer the whole “issue a lengthy statement explaining how you were wrong and then STFU for a few months” school of crisis management.

I also enjoy when celebrities blatantly use their pets to make people like them more. Two months ago (around the same time as the anti-Semitic thing), Macklemore adopted a kitten with his long-time girlfriend. The past two months have been filled with endless cat love from Macklemore. He is a Cat Man. And Cairo the tabby has stolen his heart. Not content to simply post endless photos and videos of Cairo on his Instagram page, he also made Cairo her own IG.

So, yes… this is just a post for photos of Macklemore and Cairo. And I love it. And nothing says “all is forgiven” like a man in love with a cat. For her part, Cairo seems like she’s enjoying her new place as the most important person in Macklemore’s house. Just so.




Photos courtesy of Macklemore’s IG, Cairo’s IG.


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Macklemore is obsessed with his kitten, Cairo: does this make you like him more?


Pippa Middleton gave her first-ever TV interview to Matt Lauer: epic or blah?


I watch the first few minutes of the Today Show every weekday morning, just to see what the big stories are, what news broke overnight and sometimes to get a lead on whatever I’m going to be writing about during the day. This morning, Matt Lauer was not in NYC – he had flown to London overnight to interview a mystery person, and he teased the hell out of the interview. Guess who it was? Pippa Middleton. Yeah. This is her first sit-down TV interview ever, and it follows her successful 3000-mile bike ride across America to raise awareness (and money) for charity. Here’s the preview Today released:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Matt Lauer embarrassed me as an American in that clip. Matt, Pippa is not royalty! You don’t have to get THAT excited about it. Her sister waity’d for nine years for the ring, but Pippa does not have a title and she keeps getting fired from jobs and failing as some kind of party-planning book-writer. Let’s take it down a notch. That being said, I’ll totally watch the interview next week. I really wanted Matt to STFU so Pippa could say more than two sentences. Anyway, do you think the Palace approved of this? Allegedly, Kate and the Queen conspired to shut down Pippa’s American book tour a few years ago. I really hope Pippa has broken the royal shackles of press-embargos.

“If one would like to speak to the press, one should contact a journalist.” #PippaTips


Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.


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Pippa Middleton gave her first-ever TV interview to Matt Lauer: epic or blah?


Frances Cobain to Lana Del Rey: Don’t ‘romanticize the death of young musicians’

Lana Del Rey

Frances Bean Cobain is a rare breed of celebrity spawn. She mostly keeps to herself and lives a recluse-type life. She’s a bit spoiled and is a trust fund kid, but I give her a huge pass because …. Courtney Love. Frances seems remarkably well adjusted for someone who grew up with Courtney as her mother. Frances rarely gets papped, which is why the photos I’m using are from 2012 (with one vintage bonus shot).

Francis is part of the Coachella crowd, so she’s not perfect, but she’s so low key. She tweets a lot about Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, which seems about right for her age group. She occasionally gets fed up with young starlets like Kendall Jenner, whom Frances labelled “a f*ing idiot and self involved.

Frances took to Twitter again on a new rant, but this time, it’s personal. Lana Del Rey has been promoting her new album, Ultraviolence, and she’s been invoking the memory of Kurt Cobain. Lana considers Kurt a hero, and she’s been talking about how she wishes she was dead already. Frances can’t take it anymore:

Frances Cobain

Is this a case of Frances having a point, or should she STFU and let Lana run her mouth? Frances sometimes pops off on people without thinking, but this topic is one where she has room to talk. Frances knows the pain of not knowing her dad, and she knows there is nothing at all glamourous about death.

Lana herself is said to be very upset that the Guardian even printed her quotes. Lana doesn’t says she was misquoted, but she accuses the journo of “hiding sinister ambitions and angles.” Lana also says she didn’t want to do an interview with the Guardian at all, and she felt all of the questions were “leading.” Um, what?

Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Nylon, Fame/Flynet & WENN


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Frances Cobain to Lana Del Rey: Don’t ‘romanticize the death of young musicians’


Britney Spears’ team finally admits that she’s rarely singing live in Las Vegas


I spent WAY too long reading this epic Britney Spears article yesterday afternoon. Seriously, once I finished reading it (and I skimmed some parts of it!) it felt like an hour had passed and I was thirsty and disoriented. So, if you have some time set aside and you want to read a really intensive article about Britney’s Las Vegas residency (an article that barely quotes Britney herself), go here. The biggest headline out of this piece is that even Britney’s handlers admit that she’s not singing live. Durr. But there are a few other gems too. Some highlights:

Journalists always bring Britney food: That’s what the interviewers do. They come and they give her food. Yesterday had been her 32nd birthday. Mario Lopez had brought cupcakes. (The month before, a foreign journalist had asked her what her birthday plans were. “Probably working,” she’d said. His response: “You’re so American.”)

The X-Factor debacle: She was terrible at the banter and bitchy sound bites that are so much the matter of those talent shows. Britney came up in a time of CDs, one of her managers, Adam Leber, reminded me, before interaction with fans was so unpredictable and needy and could come at you through your phone. But it wasn’t just that, really. She told her publicist, Jeff Raymond, that watching other people perform made her wistful. She wasn’t ready to hang it up in her early 30s and assume the bizarre position of grande dame judge, trotted out for her wisdom rather than her talent, like Liza Minnelli or an errant Pussycat Doll. Britney quit before Simon Cowell could fire her so she could quit before he could fire her.

Putting together Piece of Me: Britney’s contract for this show, which pays a reported $15 million (about $300,000 per show), demands that she create a spectacle that’s bigger than anything she’d done before, so that people who had seen her live before would still be tempted to come. (Celine’s first residency featured 53 dancers and a bunch of clowns, impractical to take on the road, to say the least.) Fine by Britney. She told Baz Halpin, the show’s creative director, that she wanted elements: fire, water, snow. She wanted a jungle theme, which is something she always wants. Halpin loved the idea and gave her a tree to jump off of in the middle of the third act; it’s 56,000 pounds and 32 feet high and takes six people to move.

Whether she sings live: Our expectations of a woman in her 30s who has built two people in her body might be a little bit of a reach. “To put on the show that she puts on, it’s virtually impossible to sing the entire time and do what she does,” Adam Leber told me. “She’s singing on every song, basically, when she has the ability to sing. There’s no way you can dance for 90 minutes straight and sing the entire time.”

Her conservatorship: Sources close to Caesars, which means that they work at Caesars, tell me: that the company had insisted on the conservatorship just in case, and that it must remain throughout her contract.


It’s actually a really interesting, well-researched piece, but it’s verbose. And then some. I found out some new stuff, including the fact that Britney still pays Kevin Federline $25,000 a month in child support. I learned that Britney hates crowds and that she has an excessive amount of managers and “staff.” I also learned that she really likes her backup dancers and she enjoys being on stage with them. As far as the “Britney doesn’t sing live” thing… well, that’s nothing new. It is interesting that Britney’s team is admitting it now. So, why are people going to Britney’s show again? To see her dance around (badly) and lip-sync?

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.


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