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Heidi And Spencer Trying To Sell Fake Affair Story To Tabloids

Speidi may no longer be a couple, but they are working together to sell a story to the tabloids.  The couple is reportedly trying to raise $100,000 by selling a story to the tabloids in which it’s revealed that Heidi Montag had an affair with Spencer’s close friend Cougar Zank. Apparently the reality TV couple blew threw their small fortune while buying crystals and plastic surgery

Heidi Montag officially files for legal separation from Spencer Pratt

(HMG) – Although many are convinced this is just another one of their many publicity stunts, Heidi Montag has taken an official step in legally separating from her weasel husband Spencer Pratt, TMZ reports .  It should be noted that Heidi did not file divorce papers . A legal separation is done so that any earnings during the split, will become her exclusive property from the date of the separation. As we recently reported Spencer, 26, who serves as the ‘brains’ of the duo, has a reported utter lack of restraint when it comes to money, and the two might just be broke.  “He would give me $100 just to take his trash out,” one source tells Radar .

Spencer Pratt Speaks on Heidi Montag Separation

Spencer Pratt issued his first comments on his separation from Heidi Montag yesterday, but that’s almost less noteworthy than his mountain man militia garb. No word on whether Spencer is training for or why he wore heavy gear, a walkie talkie and a water bottle in the middle of the L.A