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Spencer Pratt: The Tweeting Rampage Returns!

Cut off by The Hills, and possibly by his wife, Spencer Pratt has been left alone with his thoughts. Fortunately, he still a Twitter account on which to share them.

Without any reality show producers to worry about, the hothead returned to the social networking site after a prolonged absence, unleashing a fury of Tweets.

No one is safe.

While he did not directly address his separation from Heidi Montag, Spencer targeted Hills stars and strangers alike in a rant easily comprising 100+ Tweets.

On Lo Bosworth: “Lo has been banging 60 year old rich guys on the side to keep up her look because

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Drunk Guy at Concert Fails to Secure Flip Flop

This has been circulating for a few weeks, but THG only just found it thanks to the social networking marvel that is Twitter, and just had to share with you.

The gist: An individual was so plastered in broad daylight at this spring’s Coachella Festival that they could not locate their flip flops right in front of them.

Amazingly, it’s not Lindsay Lohan!

This poor guy, apparently on his way to a portable bathroom of some kind, may have wanted to find an IV instead. Check it out if you need a good laugh:

Hammered at Coachella

Thanks go out to Twitter, and specifically pro tennis star Andy

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White House Crashing Salahis to debut in “Real Housewives” starting Aug. 5

(HMG) – In another case where outrageous inappropriate behavior seems to be the ticket to reality TV stardom, White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi appear to be set to crash a living room near you. The social-climbing Virginia couple used their White House gate-crashing escapade last November to raise their profile, with the side-effect that their prank ultimately cost presidential Social Secretary Desiree Rogers her job.  But that’s part of social climbing right?

The were last seen refusing to answer questions from members of a House panel about how they got into President

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Britney Spears Ousts Ashton Kutcher as Twitter King

Last year, Ashton Kutcher beat CNN to a million followers on Twitter, proclaiming himself the King of All Social Media. Okay, the first part is true anyway?

Since then, he’s enjoyed his perch as the undisputed leader in total fans on the micro-blogging site … until today, when Britney Spears surpassed him.

Yup, Brit has opened up a 4,950,699-4,944,227 lead. Ashton’s response? He does not care. Fittingly, he Twittered his response to playing second fiddle:

He wrote: “2nd most pop Q ‘What do U think about Brittney having more followers than u?’ Answer ‘I don’t care. Aren’t u suppose 2B a

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New Kevin Spacey film calls Facebook’s founder conniving

[HMG] – The social potential of Facebook has made it among the most popular sites on the internet. But that appeal may be diluted by a new film ‘The Social Network’ that paints its creator,  Mark Zuckerberg as a scheming sex maniac.

Recent updates to Facebook’s privacy settings have caused uproar among its 400+ million users, but their anger may turn to laughter when the new movie, ‘The Social Network,’ debuts. Written by ‘The West Wing’s Aaron Sorkin, critics who have seen a rough cut told the Times it makes Zuckerberg look like “a borderline-autistic conniver. ”

Set in a court room and

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