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Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail: What Happened to Her Arm?!

Image kim-kardashian-photoshop-fail.jpg

Kim Kardashian is positively owning Instagram this week. Earlier today, a Kim Kardashian nip slip earned the reality star plenty of attention on the social network, and not because of the blonde wig she sports in the photo. Shortly thereafter, an eagle-eyed follower noticed something odd about the photo below: Good God what happened to her…

Pippa Middleton: Fired as Newspaper Columnist!

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Pippa Middleton and her “Sport and Social” column have been axed from her post at Britain’s respected Daily Telegraph after just six months on the job. Kate Middleton‘s little sister confirms that her contract is not being renewed by the publication, which brought her on board to great fanfare late last year. The younger Middleton’s…

White House Crashing Salahis to debut in “Real Housewives” starting Aug. 5

(HMG) – In another case where outrageous inappropriate behavior seems to be the ticket to reality TV stardom, White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi appear to be set to crash a living room near you. The social-climbing Virginia couple used their White House gate-crashing escapade last November to raise their profile, with the side-effect that their prank ultimately cost presidential Social Secretary Desiree Rogers her job.  But that’s part of social climbing right? The were last seen refusing to answer questions from members of a House panel about how they got into President Barack Obama’s first State Dinner