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Were George Clooney & Eva Longoria fooling around this whole time?

Two days ago, LaineyGossip had a really good blind item. At the time, I felt very strongly that it was about Eva Longoria and George Clooney, but as always, I second-guessed myself because I’m not very good at blind items usually. I thought maybe Eva and Clooney were too obvious. But no, at this point, I’m sure that they were the blind item, because Us Weekly is pretty much confirming that in the last months of George’s relationship with Stacy Keibler, he might have been boning Eva on the side.

Who could say no to George Clooney? Eva Longoria, apparently. A source close to the

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Halle Berry shows off her new wedding ring at LAX: pretty or not cute at all?

Well, we can all have a collective sigh of relief. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez did not keep Nahla in France for very long, because these are photos of Halle and Olivier arriving back in LA with Nahla. Which is good news. Gabriel Aubry must have given Halle permission to take Nahla out of the country for the wedding and that’s it. Also good news? The paparazzi didn’t swarm Halle, Olivier and Nahla as much as they usually do, so there wasn’t some huge catastrophe when they arrived at LAX.

Meanwhile, Halle is still carrying beautifully, and she is “glowing”. I think that’s a cheap

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Prince Harry & Duchess Kate have become ‘especially tight’ since her pregnancy

Here are some photos of Prince William and Prince Harry playing polo over the weekend (for charity). There was a minor kerfuffle about William agreeing to play polo on his wife’s due date, but at the end of the day… she didn’t go into labor and all was well. Nobody gave birth and no one had to take an emergency helicopter to the hospital. William and Harry played against each other in the Kent & Curwen Royal Polo Cup on Saturday in Sydmonton, England, and then at The Jerudong Polo Trophy in Cirencester on Sunday. Harry’s team won on Saturday. Of course. I have to say, both princes

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‘Glee’ star Cory Monteith has died at the age of 31

Some very sad news. Glee’s Cory Monteith was found dead in Vancouver on Saturday. Cory was raised in Victoria, British Columbia, which may explain why he was in the area. He was seen at his hotel room with guests on Friday, but police claim that when he returned to his room on Saturday morning he was alone. Hotel staff found him deceased on Saturday afternoon. He was just 31 years old. Cory quietly attended rehab three months ago and completed 30 days of treatment. The cause of death has not yet been determined. Here’s some of The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage of this tragic story:


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Leah Remini basically confirms that she’s left Scientology & so much more

Yesterday, we discussed the news that Leah Remini has pretty much abandoned the Church of Scientology after belonging to the organization for decades. Leah wasn’t, like, a Tom Cruise-level Scientologist, but she was a noted Scientologist who was close to people like Tom, John Travolta, and Jennifer Lopez too (maybe, kind of). In yesterday’s Page Six story, sources claimed Leah had left CoS after five years of “modification” after asking an innocent question about the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige. Leah was allegedly “blacklisted” by CoS after she openly questioned Miscavige’s methods,

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Kristen Stewart was extra-grumpy after a Twihard wrote ‘I love Rob’ on her truck

Here are some new photos of Kristen Stewart out and about with an androgynous friend yesterday in LA. Is that a girl? I think it’s a girl. Kristen’s closest circle of friends seems to be filled exclusively with tomboy-looking ladies. Kristen wore a variation on what she always wears when she’s out running errands in LA: gross-looking skinny jeans (she needs to wash them or throw them out completely), Chucks, a ripped-up, thin tank and an exposed black bra. Gah! Don’t you remember when it was, like, the coolest fashion statement ever to wear an exposed bra like that? I remember that.

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Benedict Cumberbatch scheduled to appear on ‘Top Gear’ this weekend: yay?

*Quietly baits rabid Cumberbitch Trap with scarf photos*

Just take this post as evidence of how friggin’ slow it is in Gossip-Land this week as everyone seemingly holds their breath for Duchess Kate to uncross her legs and allow the Princess of Crumpets to slide on out. Gossip-land is dead this week, is what I’m saying. Hopefully it will pick up. For now, I am merely delivering a lukewarm Benedict Cumberbatch story because everybody loves hearing/bitching about The Batch. Apparently, with nothing to really promote and with a minor lull in his non-stop schedule, Cumby has agreed to

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Kim Kardashian is letting the night nurse do all of the work with North West

I’ve been making an effort to NOT cover Kim Kardashian so much over the past week. Can you tell? Probably not. I’m getting a weird feeling though… like maybe tomorrow’s People Magazine cover will be the debut of little Knorth Kardashian West. My gossip sixth sense isn’t that refined about baby photos, so maybe I’m wrong. Just something to keep in mind though.

According to Us Weekly, Kim, Kanye and Knorth were out and about on Independence Day in Malibu – this was Knorth’s “first outing” apparently. There are no photos, so who knows? And Radar claims that Kim is adjusting to

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Brandi Glanville got fall-down, sloppy, messy drunk with her gay friends last night

Good God. YEEZUS!!! Brandi Glanville was absolutely blitzed last night and these are some of the many, many photos from her liquor-soaked catastrophe. I’ll admit it, I’m judgy about people past a certain age getting this drunk. If you’re 21 years old, sure, you can be falling-down drunk and it’s just an average night. But when you’re a 40-year-old mother of two? No. You need to stop getting so blitzed in public. And private too, although mainly I think getting this drunk in public is particularly and notably awful.

According to Fame/Flynet, Brandi ARRIVED at the London Hotel this

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Brandi Glanville allegedly caused a scene at Nobu when LeAnn, Eddie came over

I guess some of you were discussing this story/situation in the LeAnn Rimes post from a few days ago. Let me start out by saying: I don’t know what really happened. I’m not hyper-involved in the back-and-forth drama of Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes. For the most part, I only decide to cover either of them when I see Radar or The Daily Mail’s coverage, or when we have new photos of one of them. Which is to say that I’m merely working off of Radar’s coverage today, and I’m sure that many people will tell me that Radar’s coverage is supremely flawed. So, with that in mind, Radar claims

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