Kate Upton Look-Alike: Russian Mail Order Bride Edition!

Kate Upton is so hot. 

She also has a somewhat distinctive look – All-American blonde, voluptuous and not ultra-thin – as well as countless, instantly recognizable photos to her name.

So we suppose it was only a matter of time before the imitators came along, and on that note, meet Ania, a bona fide Kate Upton look-alike / Russian twin!

  • Kate Upton Look-alike
  • Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Cover 2013

She’s not related to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, nor does she even know her; but thanks to Twitter, Ania was able to reach Kate directly.

Kate, being Kate, re-tweeted the pic, adding “amazing!”

Wearing a fur-trimmed parka and nothing else, Ania – whose Twitter bio describes her as a “Mail order bride in training” – makes a great Kate Upton doppelganger.

Could you tell them apart? Who would you rather … you know? Does this make you want to flip through a Russian mail order bride catalog later?

Is this the start of a meme in which hot blondes everywhere copy Kate’s signature SI pose? Kateing? Uptoning? We really, really hope so.

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Kate Upton Look-Alike: Russian Mail Order Bride Edition!


Amber Rose Baby Bump: Exposed on Twitter!

Amber Rose is pregnant – and not shy.

The ex-girlfriend of Kanye West has exposed her baby bump once again to the world, Tweeting a couple of very personal photos for followers to see because… well, that’s just what many celebrities do these days.

  • Amber Rose Baby Bump Pic
  • Amber Rose Pregnant Belly

“I swear I have shorts on in this pic but my belly is so big u can’t see them Lol,” Rose included as a caption along with one of these pics, adding of her vegetarian diet:

“Escarole & Beans and salad with beets & Russian dressing yumm Thx Mommy #Vegetarian :-).”

Along those lines, may we recommend a Potato Gnocchi recipe? And may we beg of you, Amber: Please do not Tweet us a photo of your baby being born.

Really. It isn’t necessary.

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Amber Rose Baby Bump: Exposed on Twitter!


Keith Olbermann: Fired By Current TV!

Keith Olbermann has just been fired by the cable network that took him in after the much higher-profile cable network he was previously on cut him loose.

Current TV, which was co-founded by Al Gore, released a statement saying it was parting ways with the pundit, surprisingly citing a difference in values.

The decision comes less than a year after Keith Olbermann was fired by MSNBC, then hired by Current to help energize the network’s primetime ratings.


Current said in a statement this afternoon:

“We created Current to give voice to those Americans who refuse to rely on corporate-controlled media and are seeking an authentic progressive outlet.”

“We are more committed to those goals today than ever before.”

“Current was founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers. Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.”

Current also announced today that it will be giving former New York Governor and CNN personality Eliot Spitzer a show in the network’s 8 p.m. hour.

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Keith Olbermann: Fired By Current TV!


Maroon 5 Performs "Moves Like Jagger" at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

It wasn’t quite Kanye West and Jay-Z, but Adam Levine and Maroon 5 performed their hit “Moves Like Jagger” at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night.

The Voice coach and his bandmates appeared on stage to provide the soundtrack for the “Aquatic Angels” presentation, which Adam had a personal connection to.

The singer drew cheers from the crowd when his girlfriend of two years, Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, strutted past and he landed a kiss on her cheek.

Watch the band’s live performance of their mega-hit below:

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Maroon 5 Performs "Moves Like Jagger" at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball

Justin Timberlake and Kelsey de Santis attended a U.S. Marine Corps ball Saturday night. She’s the Marine corporal who asked him to the event via YouTube in July.

Timberlake was snapped by a fellow Corps member looking dapper – and a little shell shocked – at the Richmond, Va., event, seated at a table surrounded by Marines.

The wife of one of the other U.S. Marines at the ball said that the singer/actor “posed for pictures and seemed like a normal guy,” according to the N.Y. Daily News.

Here he is with his date:

Timberlake at USMC Ball

De Santis, whose YouTube invite was inspired by Justin’s encouragement of Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis to accept a Marine’s invite to a similar ball, was talking tough before the event, telling reporters she planned to challenge him.

“My friends all keep saying, ‘Dance-off!’ They know about my skills,” she said, leaving the door open to things that might happen after. “Of course, I’m single! I don’t know [if a kiss will happen]. That’s all up to JT and what his plans are.”

Here’s the video that brought Justin to the event:

Mila Kunis is still planning to attend the Marine Corps ball she was invited to, as well. That event is slated for this coming Friday, November 18.

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Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball


So You Think You Can Dance Results: The Final Four Are…

We’re down to the final four on So You Think You Can Dance. Let’s take a look back on the results show that just aired…

Group Dance – Contemporary (Justin Giles) – The huge flower was an interesting prop and because there are six dancers left, it was nice seeing the six as couples for so long circling around the flower. This also showed that the dancers worked well in a lot of different combinations. The ending with the petals falling was beautiful.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Christina Applegate and Lil' C

Sasha – The judges threw the term “fierce” around for Sasha but she executed a routine that defended why she’s so fierce. Sasha managed to place several hip-hop styled moves into her contemporary ones. She even did a vogue drop.

Caitlynn – Tried to put energy into her routine but it seemed sloppy. Luckily she wasn’t being critiqued by the judges. There were minor stumbles between power moves.

Melanie – Started on the ground and had a very emotionally moving piece where her simplistic movements had heart and passion. The routine was both soft and edgy.

Tadd – Started in front of the stage to Cat’s amusement. He was so swift that he lost the cameramen several times. He’s the best contestant to use the stage and went down the stairs on his hands. He ended with a really difficult one-arm body hold.

Marko – Was turning his body in such interesting ways that I thought only toys could twist. Just watching his flips and leaps were stunning.

Ricky – Went with the dramatic music and it was one of his best routines. When he did the split and then cocked his head with the beat, Ricky’s self-choreographing skills shined. His final flip sequence was amazing.

Musical Performance – “Collide” Kent & Lauren – While Travis may be a bit too punky and young to win the Emmy, his routine that he choreographed was beautiful. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Lauren at her best and this performance reminded me why she won. There was an amazing amount of trust between the two.

Eliminations Part 1 – The ladies started the eliminations and each of them had one weak performance. Sasha’s portion in the Waacking routine was better than Ricky; Ricky looked like a cheerleader. Her routine with Kent was amazing, but since it was early in the episode it could have been forgotten. Caitlynn finally stood out for me, her Samba was passionate but she had porn face.

The lyrical jazz routine was like every Sonya routine; but she benefitted from performing last. Melanie’s Broadway had technicality, but the hip-hop routine was horrible. There were odd undertones of race as well. The first girl safe was Melanie; no surprise.

Eliminations Part 2 – The guys arrived in a conga line for their eliminations. Tadd’s chandelier jazz routine was interesting, but didn’t have enough jazz. His Broadway routine was stronger, but he had props to help him. Marko had a stunning Paso which had an interesting cape/lift sequence; his Sonya piece had more physicality than Caitlynn. Ricky’s contemporary routine was generic and the sticks were distracting, his waacking wasn’t best. The first guy safe was Marko, proving that Melanie and Marko were the power couple of the season.

Musical Performance – Bad Boys of Dance – The one thing I liked about the Bad Boys of Dance was that their routine still looked masculine even when they were doing some feminine moves. There was a point though where it looked like talented Chippendales. The camera angles that looked up towards the dancers’ crotches didn’t help.

Final Girls’ Eliminations – Sasha and Caitlynn were back on stage and Nigel gave both dancers comments. Nigel thought Caitlynn thinks too much, Melanie dances with heart, and Sasha danced with soul. Either way dance would win and America would lose. Sasha was in. It took Caitlynn too long to peak and find her dancing strengths whereas both Sasha and Melanie were powerful dancers from the beginning.

Musical GuestPia Toscano, “This Time” – Pia was a strong singer during American Idol, but she didn’t connect. The song was generic, as if the Glee students wrote another original song about empowerment. I’ve heard better empowerment songs on Platinum Hit.

Final Guys’ Eliminations – I wasn’t sure how America would vote, but I leaned towards Tadd. Tadd was safe. Ricky may have extended his stay, being in the bottom a few too many times without being eliminated but his solo was what kept him around.

So You Think You Can Dance Results: The Final Four Are…


Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum: The Bachelorette Made Us Dig Deep!

She had to three endure months of tears (William Holman), deceitful lies (Bentley Williams), surprise exits (Constantine, Lucas), betrayals (Bentley again) and even criticism from one of her own siblings (Chrystie Corns).

But through it all, Ashley Hebert met J.P. Rosenbaum. For that she is ever grateful.

“I’ve never looked back for a second on my decision,” she says.

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum Picture

In fact, Ashley credits J.P., who proposed to her in Fiji, with helping her recover from her ill-fated romance with that two-timing ass clown Bentley.

She also says her relationship with the 34-year-old New York construction manager didn’t truly begin until The Bachelorette finale had come and gone.

“Our relationship really started after we left the show,” she says, despite the secrecy. “The show made us stronger than if we’d met on the outside.”

Like many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples before, watching the events each week – Bentley, Ashley’s affection for Ben Flajnik – challenged them.

“It stings,” Rosenbaum admits of watching Hebert’s journey.

But, Hebert says, open communication is what fortified their relationship – both over the subject matter and the tabloid scrutiny that has followed.

“You make it through something like this together, you can make it through anything,” Rosenbaum says, and we hope he’s right. Think he is?

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Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum: The Bachelorette Made Us Dig Deep!


Joe Jonas on Britney Spears Tour Guest Spot: A Dream Come True

Growing up, Joe Jonas had a poster of Britney Spears on his wall.

Now, the 21-year-old will be joining his childhood crush on tour.

“It’s a dream come true,” says Jonas, who will open for Spears and promote his upcoming solo album Fastlife (due out October 11) on October 16.

Joe J.Cold Day in August

“She was the first girl I ever had a poster on my wall of, and her album was the first CD I ever bought,” says Jonas. “It’s so funny to think I had that on my wall and here I am about to perform with her. She’s a very sweet lady.”

A lady who knows how to work the pole!

He’ll join Spears’s Femme Fatale tour on August 5 for one date in the U.S., then open her nine shows in Europe, with performances in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

“I’m really looking forward to being part of this,” he says.

We’re happy for Joe and the fans who will get to see him live the dream. The only thing that would be better? Maddie Briann opening for Britney.

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Joe Jonas on Britney Spears Tour Guest Spot: A Dream Come True


Taylor Swift Loses Herself, Covers Eminem in Grand Rapids

Give Taylor Swift credit: she knows her audience.

As she tours North America, the singer has been covering various hits from local artists. In Canada, it was Justin Bieber and Alanis Morissette. In Grand Rapids last week, meanwhile, it was native Michigan stars Eminem and Uncle Kracker.

Watch below as Swift breaks into “Lose Yourself” and then transitions into “Smile.” How awesome is this artist?!? (And this city?!?)

Taylor Swift Covers Eminem

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Taylor Swift Loses Herself, Covers Eminem in Grand Rapids


Does Prince Michael Jackson Have a Girlfriend?

Kids. They grow up so fast.

Michael Jackson’s eldest son, Prince Michael, spent the afternoon at Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., yesterday, along with his siblings Blanket (pictured) and Paris, plus Jermaine Jackson’s kids … and a special young lady?

Could this be a new girlfriend for Prince Michael Jackson?

Prince Michael Jackson, Girlfriend

Prince Michael Jackson, 14, with his mystery maybe-girlfriend and brother Blanket, 9. The kids seemed to be having a blast during their Magic Mountain excursion.

Sightings of Michael Jackson’s kids have been more common in the two years since their dad passed away. They always look like they’re handling things well.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

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Does Prince Michael Jackson Have a Girlfriend?