Other Dude Laurie David Allegedly Had Affair With Calls Al Gore Rumors Ridiculous

This week’s rumor of an Al Gore-Laurie David affair heated up like the Earth’s surface after a century of fossil fuel-based emissions trapping some serious freaking greenhouse gasses – but like climate change, its validity is hotly debated.

Laurie David’s camp has denied it. A source close to Al Gore has denied it.

Still, the rumor of the two environmentalists falling in love – and Gore’s marriage falling apart – persists even though it was the famously unreliable Star magazine that linked the Vice President to the producer of An Inconvenient Truth.

Did the publication simply find a file photo of them together and concoct this out of thin air? Did they base it on unfounded rumors? Or is there something to it?

The latest denial comes today from … Laurie David’s contractor.

Calling the report “ludicrous” and “completely ridiculous, Bart Thorpe says “I know for a fact that Laurie hasn’t seen Al Gore for at least two years – at least.”

Former VeepLaurie David Photo

There’s little evidence of a Laurie David-Al Gore tryst, but rumors persist.

The significance of Bart Thorpe’s quote, given to the New York Post, is that he, of all people, supposedly had an affair with Laurie David himself, circa 2007.

Around that time, when he was doing work on her Martha’s Vineyard home, she split with Larry David, Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star.

Mrs. David never emphatically denied that rumor, either.

For what it’s worth, the National Enquirer says Gore’s wife was suspicious of her husband and a certain cadre of ladies – but none match David’s description.

Also, an unnamed insider told the tab, “there’s never been proof that Al had affairs” or that infidelity contributed to his surprising split with Tipper Gore.

Basically, it looks like this rumor is just a lot of hot air (cue another bad global warming joke), but tabloids have been right about far more absurd things.

The name Rielle Hunter ring a bell?

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Other Dude Laurie David Allegedly Had Affair With Calls Al Gore Rumors Ridiculous


Pictures Spark Sarah Palin Boob Job Rumors

Did Sarah Palin get a boob job? Doubtful, but photos surfacing in recent days showing the former V.P. candidate looking noticeably curvier have the web buzzing.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” a Palin insider tells Us Weekly of the rumor, which started after Palin’s visit to Sunday’s Belmont Stakes horse race in Belmont, N.Y.

Is it ridiculous, though? Check out the Sarah Palin pictures below, from last year and then this past weekend. Doesn’t really disprove the rumor, does it?

Sarah Palin Boob Job Pics?

Is Sarah Palin spending those huge paychecks on … well, see above?

If you think this is nonsense and attributable to the angle and/or choice of clothing, you could be right. But consider this evidence from the D.C. gossip blog Wonkette:

  • Straight women spend up to 37 percent of their time evaluating the breasts of their friends, enemies, peers and strangers, keeping detailed mental records.
  • They weigh factors such as pregnancy, wardrobe, diet, exercise regime, miraculous undergarments and cosmetic surgery professionals quoted in tabloids.
  • At least two people with experience in having breasts say that Sarah Palin sure looks like she was trotting out some new work at the race on Sunday.

We’re sold.

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Pictures Spark Sarah Palin Boob Job Rumors


Calvin Murphy: Delonte West Nailed Gloria James!

Calvin Murphy, an NBA Hall of Famer, has renewed the fervor over the rumor that Delonte West did LeBron James’ mom Gloria by apparently corroborating it.

Murphy says Gloria James did in fact have sex with Delonte West – despite LeBron and Gloria James’ lawyer saying that the West rumor is completely untrue.

The legend, who has no connection to the situation but seems well-versed, insists James’ mom was nailed by Delonte West, his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate.

“It ain’t no rumor … it’s absolutely true. My sources – and they’re legit sources – say the only people that didn’t know were LeBron and me,” Murphy told ESPN.

“Delonte West is going to get what they call the old proverbial blackball,” he adds. “I cannot imagine him being on my team. One of us is going to be in jail.”

“They was doing the horizontal poker. It is absolutely horrifying for someone to be a scuzz bucket and do something like that. I’m talking about both of them.”

Delonte West PicLeBron Picture

The question lingers … Delonte West nail LeBron James’ mom?

There was a cease and desist order to Terez Owens, the site that printed the rumor, but the site has stood by it so far, saying it’s just reporting the news.

Murphy says it clearly affected James’ play this postseason, and may result in him leaving Cleveland: “There’s something wrong with him, sight unseen.”

“I didn’t see the camaraderie. He’s gone from Cleveland. There is no way you can sugarcoat this situation. This situation will change LeBron’s direction.”

Murphy goes on to say, “He supposedly found out about this during Game 4 of the playoffs. I made the statement on the air that it seemed like he quit.”

“I don’t know how you weather that storm – [but LeBron knows how] especially when everybody knew. Who had the audacity to make the first move? I was told there was another party out there,” Calvin Murphy continued.

Is he implying that another player was also involved? Regardless, Murphy, who has 14 children by nine women, says this affair was too much – even for him.

“I understand about broken family situations, I’ve done terrible things in my time, but home slice couldn’t holler … Delonte is supposed to be LeBron’s boy.”

Where will LeBron James end up?

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Calvin Murphy: Delonte West Nailed Gloria James!


NBA star, LeBron James dogged by baseless sex rumor

LeBron James[HMG] – If you love sports and thought the Hollywood types had the patent on sexual high-jinks here’s a story you’ll like. Rumors are floating about LeBron James that are currently keeping legions of sports fans awake.

The rumors began last week when an unverified email began filling in-boxes all over the nation, claiming LeBron’s mother, Gloria was engaging in regular sexual encounters with his own team-mate, Delonte West.

“My uncle is the general contractor at the Q and has been for the last 7 years.” it reads. “I was just told from my brother that a very reliable source told my uncle that Delonte has been banging Gloria James for some time.”

And with unproven, third-hand information like that, who could dispute it? Well, actually…everyone.

One gullible site reported the rumor as fact – and promptly got slapped with a cease-and-desist letter from LeBron’s attorney, Frederick Nance, who told the Huff Post the email was “categorically false and defamatory. No thinking person could possibly believe such rubbish.”

The few fans who fell for the rumor then used it as grounds to explain the Cleveland Cavaliers getting crushed 94-85 by the Celtics last week, during which LeBron was only slightly more help than a zombie.

That got the attention of ex-Houston Rockets guard and renowned  Hall-of-Famer, Calvin Murphy, who did an interview on ESPN Radio’s ‘The Drive’ Wednesday night that promptly rekindled the fire;

“My sources in the NBA tell me it’s absolutely true,” he told the hosts. “My sources, and they’re legit, tell me the only people who didn’t know it was happening were LeBron and me.”

He also went on to claim that more than one guy was involved. LeBron must have been steaming.

The Celtics handed LeBron’s team their worst home-court loss in the franchise’s history. Lose two more games and the magical player who gave his home state its first pro-championship in 46 years could be dropped by the team.

All these rumors can’t be helping his game, but if he gets his head back together we’ll bring you the news…

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NBA star, LeBron James dogged by baseless sex rumor