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Other Dude Laurie David Allegedly Had Affair With Calls Al Gore Rumors Ridiculous

This week’s rumor of an Al Gore-Laurie David affair heated up like the Earth’s surface after a century of fossil fuel-based emissions trapping some serious freaking greenhouse gasses – but like climate change, its validity is hotly debated.

Laurie David’s camp has denied it. A source close to Al Gore has denied it.

Still, the rumor of the two environmentalists falling in love – and Gore’s marriage falling apart – persists even though it was the famously unreliable Star magazine that linked the Vice President to the producer of An Inconvenient Truth.

Did the publication simply find a file

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Pictures Spark Sarah Palin Boob Job Rumors

Did Sarah Palin get a boob job? Doubtful, but photos surfacing in recent days showing the former V.P. candidate looking noticeably curvier have the web buzzing.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” a Palin insider tells Us Weekly of the rumor, which started after Palin’s visit to Sunday’s Belmont Stakes horse race in Belmont, N.Y.

Is it ridiculous, though? Check out the Sarah Palin pictures below, from last year and then this past weekend. Doesn’t really disprove the rumor, does it?

Is Sarah Palin spending those huge paychecks on … well, see above?

If you think this is nonsense and attributable

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Calvin Murphy: Delonte West Nailed Gloria James!

Calvin Murphy, an NBA Hall of Famer, has renewed the fervor over the rumor that Delonte West did LeBron James’ mom Gloria by apparently corroborating it.

Murphy says Gloria James did in fact have sex with Delonte West – despite LeBron and Gloria James’ lawyer saying that the West rumor is completely untrue.

The legend, who has no connection to the situation but seems well-versed, insists James’ mom was nailed by Delonte West, his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate.

“It ain’t no rumor … it’s absolutely true. My sources – and they’re legit sources – say the only people that didn’t know were LeBron

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NBA star, LeBron James dogged by baseless sex rumor

[HMG] – If you love sports and thought the Hollywood types had the patent on sexual high-jinks here’s a story you’ll like. Rumors are floating about LeBron James that are currently keeping legions of sports fans awake.

The rumors began last week when an unverified email began filling in-boxes all over the nation, claiming LeBron’s mother, Gloria was engaging in regular sexual encounters with his own team-mate, Delonte West.

“My uncle is the general contractor at the Q and has been for the last 7 years.” it reads. “I was just told from my brother that a very reliable source told my uncle that

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