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The Avengers: Biggest. Opening. Ever.

And… we have a new box office champion.

The Avengers earned a mind-boggling $200.3 million on Friday and Saturday, blowing past Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ($169.2 million) for the biggest opening weekend in Hollywood history.

The Avengers Super Bowl Commercial

Backed by incredibly positive reviews – as well as successful quasi prequels such as Iron Man and last summer’s Captain AmericaThe Avengers raked in $80.5 million on Friday and is on pace for a record Sunday, as well.

“It’s not playing like just a superhero film,” says Dave Hollis, Disney’s executive vice president

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Sex and the City 2 Flops at the Box Office

Blame it on the economy, the contrived storylines, the self-centered characters or a lovable green ogre.

But Sex and the City 2 tanked at the box office this weekend, failing to even bump Shrek Forever After from the top spot.

The much-hyped sequal pulled in $32.1 in three days, far below the $56.8 million the original opened with in 2008.

The film, which takes the core four to the Middle East, has received few positive reviews; The New York Times said it “isn’t much fun at all,” while USA Today slammed it as “tasteless.” On Rotten Tomatoes, only 15% of critics polled said they liked the

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