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Rebecca Black Returns, Releases "In Your Words"

It’s not just Black Friday, people. It’s Rebecca Black Friday!

The young singer, who rose to fame with the polarizing track “Friday,” has returned with a new single.

Titled “In Your Words,” the song moves away from partying it up with friends and focuses instead of the one emotion that bonds all human beings as one: love.

Crooning about a break-up, Black belts out that she “moving on/Cause you set me free/And I’m trying to be as much of myself as if you were here with me…”

It’s emotional stuff. Listen now:

Rebecca Black – “In Your Words”

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THG Caption Contest: Olympic Torch Edition!

Welcome, readers, to another Olympic edition of THG’s Caption Contest!

Yesterday’s Olympic Caption Contest featured badass gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Follow the link to see who won that contest, then prepare for a new one!

This shot from before the opening ceremonies speaks for itself. At least we think it should. Given the chance to carry the torch, … does this.

What is he thinking or saying or doing? You tell us!

Just leave comment(s) below with the best caption(s) for the photo! Go to it! We will announce a winner tomorrow. Best of luck!

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Tommy Jordan, North Carolina Dad, Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Nine Times Over Facebook Posts

Tommy Jordan, a North Carolina dad, recently taught his teenage daughter the hard way to show some respect – and that nothing on the Internet is really private.

He pulled out a gun and pumped nine bullets into her laptop – on camera.

When her dad discovered a Facebook rant that she thought she had blocked from him, he decided to respond in a way that will certainly never be forgotten.

Jordan, of Albemarle, N.C., posted this video on YouTube, responding to his daughter Hannah’s post, in which she complained about having to do chores:

Facebook Parenting: Dad Shoots Daughter’s

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Lexi Sullivan: The Next Rebecca Black?

Look out, music world. Lexi Sullivan is coming.

The young singer stars in a new video for a track titled “Hot Stuff,” which is produced by Ark Music Factory, the same company that made a star out of Rebecca Black.

And, no offense to Lexi, who may be perfectly nice and innocent in all this, but the song makes Black’s “Friday” sound like a Grammy winner.

In it, Sullivan appears to be singing about some cute boy who isn’t very nice, so his glasses break and some other stuff happens and, really, you just need to watch for yourself. But do it with ear plugs, folks. You’ve been warned…


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Movie Fanatic Film Reviews: Apollo 18, Shark Night 3D

Will you be seeing a movie on this holiday weekend? Before you shell out big bucks for tickets, soda and Sour Patch Kids, consider the following advice from our friends at Movie Fanatic.

First up: Apollo 18. The film is meant to explain why America stopped going to the moon after 17 missions. The answer? “Lost” footage from the 18th mission that is downright scary! But is it really? At times.

“Audiences are given enough information to keep the story moving, but because of plot holes, too many questions are left unanswered and hamper the film’s effort to be taken seriously,” writes the

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Details Emerge on "Life-Threatening" Miranda Cosgrove Tour Bus Accidenti

New details have emerged on what a source is referring to as a “life-threatening” crash today involving a tour bus carrying Miranda Cosgrove and many others.

As previously reported, the singer broke her ankle when her vehicle – which was headed for a concert date on Kansas – collided with a busted tractor-trailer. According to a People Magazine insider:

“Miranda’s mom was on the bus with her and got really beaten up by the crash. She’s expected to fully recover, but it’s scary because the driver was hurt, too, and he’s in really bad shape.”

Those sleeping in the back of the bus were

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Snooki With Blue Eyes: Kind of Creepy!

Snooki of Jersey Shore fame stepped out last night with blue eyes, a big change from her usual dark brown. If it weren’t for the fact that she remains a 4′ orange oompa loompa-like being, we might not have recognized her!

The reality star also known as Nicole Polizzi tweeted that she thought she looked like “a vampire” with the new contacts in. It’s true, we could see her on The Vampire Diaries (provided she gets devoured by a werewolf in short order).

What do you think of the look? Vote on her best eye color below:

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Tyler Hadley Allegedly Kills Parents, Throws Party With Bodies Upstairs

Tyler Hadley, a 17-year-old high school dropout from Port St. Lucie, Fla., allegedly bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer, according to police.

He then invited dozens of friends via Facebook to a house party while the bodies of Blake and Mary Jo Hadley lay upstairs in a bedroom, police say.

Acting on an anonymous tip, officers visited the home Sunday and Tyler initially told them his parents were out of town, says Capt. Don Kryak.

Police entered the house and stunningly found the bodies in the locked master bedroom on the floor, partially covered with towels, books and files.


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Linda Hamilton Extends Marine Corps Ball Invitation to Becky White Reject

If this were Kim Kardashian, we’d blast her for exploiting a cute situation to score easy, patriotic points. We totally admit it.

But, come on, it’s Linda Hamilton! Sarah Connor! Chuck Bartowski’s mom! The veteran actress isn’t exactly in need of endorsements or attention these days.

Therefore, let’s agree the following video is nothing but a kind gesture. In it, Hamilton asks Sergeant Ray Lewis – the man who was turned down by Betty White – to the Marine Corps Ball. We’ll let you know if he accepts.

Linda Hamilton Marine Ball Invitation

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Bachelor Pad Promo: Jake Pavelka vs. Vienna Girardi, Round 12!

When ABC’s Bachelor Pad returns August 8, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi will meet again in the mansion as they battle for … everything.

With $250,000 on the line – and Girardi’s current beau, Bachelorette reject Kasey Kahl, in the mix – the stakes are high and the insults bitter.

“I hope she falls 3,000 feet to her death,” Jake says in the promo below.

Bachelor Pad 2 Promo: Jake vs. Vienna

It’s no surprise that the exes’ icy interactions highlight the summer spin-off series, which airs a week after The Bachelorette season finale.

“She’s trying to hurt me so she can get the money,”

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