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Phil Robertson speaks out on his GQ controversy, charges of racism & bigotry

Late last year, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson gave an incredibly offensive interview to GQ Magazine – go here to read our coverage. The fallout was immediate, and it was a gossip/media/mainstream news story for weeks as A&E tried to figure out what to do while half of America was like “my God, Phil is such a bigot and a homophobe” and the other half of America was like “Free speech means you can’t criticize him ever!” Phil and Duck Dynasty came out on top, sort of. Their fan-base rallied around them, they’re still on TV and they’re still making lots and lots of money

Justin Bieber: ARRESTED in Canada for Assault!

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Justin Bieber spent a portion of last week in Ontario, hanging with Selena Gomez and fueling rumors about his personal life. Oh, he also got arrested. According to TMZ insiders, the singer was booked Friday on charges of dangerous driving and assault after a crash took place between Bieber’s ATV and a minivan. Bieber was…

Aaryn Gries: Engaged to Nick Williams!

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Big Brother 15 star Aaryn Gries, who was at the center of so much controversy last summer, broke some good news on Twitter on Monday night: She just got engaged to Nick Williams! The 23-year-old ranch owner says Williams took her jewelry shopping today in Houston, then surprised her by popping the question right there!…