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GQ A Bizarre Interview With The Human Barbie

After months (maybe a couple of years?) of her image floating around the Internet, GQ decided that it was about time someone actually hold an interview with the infamous Human Barbie.

The lucky GQ staffer – Michael Idov – was expecting to meet a woman who was slightly eccentric, but mostly concerned with her physical appearance – perhaps someone who had grown up with an obsessed with Barbie dolls. But he was so, so wrong. He pretty much ended up having to interview someone that’s a complete wack-a-doo and, well… kind of racist!

Check out what she has to say after the jump!

Lukyanova on

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19 First World Problems Tweets: Oh, The Horror!

Life can be tough sometimes.

A lawyer dares to call you in for a deposition. You get unfollowed by a fellow artist. You look like Octomom.

These are big enough problems on their own, but they’re nothing compared to real problems; they’re chopped liver compared to the sort of problems that earn the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems on Twitter.

Such as one’s cleaning lady showing up late… or one’s pool cover being broken… or one’s iPad being too bright.

The horror of these stories! How do these folks survive?!? It’s unclear.

But enjoy reading about first world whining below:

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“Emma Watson looked sophisticated in J. Mendel in Madrid” links

Emma Watson wore J.Mendel in Madrid for Noah. [I'm Not Obsessed] Courtney Love is going to solve this Malaysia Air mystery! [PopBytes] John Stamos looks better now than he did in the ‘80s. [Moe Jackson] Jessica Lowndes wore green for St. Patrick’s Day. [IDLY] Juan Pablo says he would never go back to The Bachelor. [Evil Beet] I like Iggy Azalea’s entire package. [ICYDK] This butt shot of Paris Hilton is amazing. [Celebslam] Should we binge-watch Orphan Black Season 1? [The Frisky] This military-rape plea deal conclusion is awful. [Gawker] South Dakota lawmaker wants to go back to Jim Crow.

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Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie & the hot guys of the ‘Cap 2′ premiere: who’d you rather?

Kaiser’s already covered Scarlett Johansson’s tiny Armani bump at the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in LA. The men were a bit of fun too. Chris Evans managed to put some heart into it and show up for his big premiere. He seems to favor three-piece suits, and this shiny blue one looks good. The beard is working, right? The douche glasses are not working (they never work for him).

Chris brought his mom as his date! That’s what all the playas do. Remember, ladies. Chris is single now. I shouldn’t be so catty. His mom looks awesome. I’d be really proud if my son was Cap. I’d

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Star: Justin Theroux thinks Chelsea Handler is a ‘rude, obnoxious’ user

As Chelsea Handler promotes her new book, she’s been name-dropping like crazy. She’s friends with Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Jenny McCarthy, and of course, Jennifer Aniston. Aniston is the golden goose of Chelsea’s CAA-approved friendships. Their relationship is, I believe, symbiotic – Jennifer needed a drinking buddy and someone new that she could unload on and I tend to think Jennifer needed someone (a “friend”) to do some dirty work on her (Jen’s) enemies. Meanwhile, Chelsea needed the legitimacy of Aniston’s friendship. Once Chelsea became friends with Jennifer, Chelsea

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Chelsea Handler on her racist tweets: ‘I’m a comedian. You don’t have to laugh’

Chelsea Hander continues her “I’m not racist” tour to promote her new book, Uganda Be Kidding Me. I thought about including an Amazon link with that title, but nahh. She’s not worth it. Chelsea is pimping the book right now and visited Piers Morgan last night. The full transcript of the interview is here. She talks about hair extensions, doing quaaludes with Jane Fonda, and getting laid all the time.

Piers brought up Chelsea’s racist tweets from Oscar night. She had tweeted that Angelina Jolie was going to adopt Lupita Nyong’o. Then Chelsea tried to say she wasn’t a racist because she

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Chelsea Handler: I’m Not Racist! I Date Black People!

Chelsea Handler has been forced to defend herself against charges of racism.

The comedian took over The Huffington Post Twitter account during the 2014 Academy Awards and has come under fire for referencing her new book every time 12 Years a Slave was brought up.

“Congratulations #12yearsaslave Go to Africa or buy #ugandabekiddingme #aheadofthecurve #Oscars,” she wrote at one point, also daring to joke about Lupita Nyong’o with:

“#AngelinaJolie just filed adoption papers #lupitanyongo #Oscars -@chelseahandler.”

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Kim Kardashian really was accosted by the n-word, racists in blackface in Vienna

This isn’t really a “pre-Oscar event” but we finally got the photos in, so I thought we should discuss it. As it turns out, Kim Kardashian really was accosted by a “comedian” wearing blackface at the Vienna Opera Ball. Like, she was telling the truth and there are photos to prove it. Does that make me feel differently about Kim? I mean, she was still at the Opera Ball as an escort, because she was getting paid $500,000 by Richard Lugnar. So, it’s not all “poor Kim.” But I think we can give her a pass on freaking out when a comedian in blackface came up to her and started screaming

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Here’s Kim Kardashian arriving at LAX. I think it’s fair to say she didn’t have a great time at the Opera Ball in Vienna. Have you heard about what happened? Kim reportedly was paid $500,000 to be the escort for Richard Lugner. Yet while at the ball a German comedian named Chris Stephan came up to Kim dressed in BLACKFACE (check out the gallery). Another guy told her he wanted to dance to ‘N**gers in Vienna‘ with her. This was likely a play on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s song ‘N**gas in Paris,’ but as you can see from TMZ’s clip, Kim was NOT amused. She reportedly stormed out of the

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Kelly Blazek Rejection Letter Goes Viral, Turns Tables on Cleveland Job Guru

Kelly Blazek, a Cleveland-based PR executive and authority on local communications jobs listings, was undone by the same thing that built her up:

Social media.

With her ego boosted by the position she cultivated via LinkedIn and other networks, she soon became an Internet villain at the hands of someone she shunned.

The irony.

Blazek, for a little more back story, produced and distributed a popular email that culled job openings from online job sites and from her own contacts.

She worked for 10 years building her contacts and selecting the list of people who receive the

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