Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps’ New Girlfriend Was With Him the Night of His Arrest?

Early on Tuesday morning Michael Phelps was arrested for DUI. The following day Phelps apologized for the incident, but offered no new details with regard to the arrest.

Well, we’ve received some information that may shed some light on it …

Several days later, very little has been confirmed, other than the fact that Phelps was boozing and gambling in a casino for several hours before getting behind the wheel.

Though neither Phelps nor local law enforcement have been forthcoming with regard to new details, we may now know the identity of the new lady in Phelps’ life.

One who was reportedly with him on the night of his arrest.

An anonymous tipster informs THG that locals in the Canton area of Batlimore in which Michael lives have determined that Phelps is romantically involved with Washington, D.C. resident Taylor Lianne Chandler.

And from the sound of things, their relationship is a dramatic one:

“We saw a blonde model type leaving Michael Phelps’ place,” our source says. “She went to the bar across the street, Plug Ugly’s, where she was on her phone… calling and texting and crying at times.”

“The name on her phone she was texting was Michael… She said she was in town from DC for business in crisis management, but she did not seem like she was there on business.”

“She paid with a credit card, Taylor Lianne Chandler. Later she was back and came out of his place crying hysterically as he put her into an Uber.

“People at the bar say they have seen her many times going into his place over the past few months…She was supposedly with him the night he was arrested for DUI.”

The source describes Chandler as a “tall, swimsuit model type.”

The last time we received an update on his love life, Phelps was dating Win McMurry, a sportscaster best known for her work on the Golf Channel.

It is not known if Phelps and McMurry are still romantically involved.

Justin Bieber Mug Shot

Justin Bieber looks pretty darn happy here in his mug shot, doesn’t he? Perhaps that’s because he is under the influence of… something.

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Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps’ New Girlfriend Was With Him the Night of His Arrest?


Elin Nordegren and Chris Cline: It’s Over!

Elin Nordegren and Chris Cline, her boyfriend of one year, have broken up. The main takeaway here is that Elin Nordegren is once again on the market!!

Elin Nordegren Bikini Photo

Elin Nordegren in a bikini? Now that is some photo, are we right?

The Swedish model, 34, and the billionaire, 54, recently parted ways, ending her first serious relationship since she and Tiger Woods ended their marriage.

The golfer and Elin Nordegren finalized their divorce in 2010 after his still-unbelievable cheating escapades were exposed on Thanksgiving night, 2009.

Nordegren and Woods have impressively moved past that, though.

The couple, who share daughter Sam, 6, and son Charlie, 5, have grown increasingly amicable since the split, and get along very well nowadays.

Elin is even reportedly a fan of Tiger’s girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.

“They can be a happy foursome now that Elin has a guy even richer than Tiger,” an insider said this spring, referring to Chris Cline, a coal industry magnate.

Elin reportedly received $100 million from Tiger in their split.

Alas, with Cline and Nordegren breaking up for unknown reasons, there are no more double dates for the South Florida residents on the immediate horizon.

Woods, for his part, is still going strong with the Olympic ski champion … who seems a much better fit for him than the harem of mistresses he used to employ.

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel was Tiger Woods’ #1 mistress. But far from the only.

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Elin Nordegren and Chris Cline: It’s Over!


Rachel Uchitel Divorce: Matt Hahn Files, Cites "Cruel and Inhumane Treatment"

Rachel Uchitel is single again!

Tiger Woods’ #1 mistress is getting divorced after her husband, Matt Hahn, filed the paperwork earlier today. Matt’s reason? “Cruel and inhumane treatment.”

Seriously. He put that.

Matt Hahn Photo

The troubled couple frequently engaged in explosive, verbal arguments; Matt alleges that Rachel Uchitel slapped him after he repeatedly called her names. 

There’s more. Rachel called 911 on Matt on May 16 after a particularly nasty verbal argument, asking officials for help getting him out of the house.

She did not follow up with police or press charges after the situation was resolved; they didn’t officially separate until today, over three weeks later.

Uchitel has not responded to the divorce filing.

Rachel and Matt Hahn, a former Penn State football player, were married a year-and-a-half ago. They got together after her flings with Tiger and David Boreanaz.

Uchitel welcomed their first child, a daughter, last year.

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Rachel Uchitel Divorce: Matt Hahn Files, Cites "Cruel and Inhumane Treatment"


Tiger Woods has ‘confessed everything in his past’ to new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn

I covered the Tiger Woods scandal extensively, and I’m hard pressed to remember how many women came out of the woodwork with detailed stories about shagging him. I remembered it as just over a dozen, but I checked and there were at least 15-16 willing to come out publicly, with varying stories of period sex, threesomes, and text message booty calls. That suggests that you could easily double that number to imagine how many were behind the scenes, like bedbugs or roaches where you only see a few out of the colony. Many of these were working women, and you could argue that prostitutes would be more likely to cash in, but surely just as many would be afraid to come out and reveal their profession. Not only was Tiger paying for it, he was also sleeping with whomever was around. He seduced two of his neighbors’ college-aged girlfriends (that we know of).

It was sick and twisted, and you have to question any woman’s sanity to enter into a relationship with that man after all that came out about him. Professional skiier Lindsey Vonn surely thinks he’s “changed” though, and I would bet she sees his bad boy past as some kind of turn-on. As we know, these two released some very cheesy “couples portraits” earlier this week, along with separate statements hilariously asking for “privacy.” They’ve been together probably six months – tops. Now comes news from US Weekly that Tiger has confessed everything to Lindsey and that she totally understands! It’s hilarious. Oh and for those of you who might not read further at this point – go check out The Sun to see a new photo of Lindsey posing as Sharon Stone in her famous Basic Instinct scene before she opens her legs. So classy. Here’s more:

“They’re a really happy couple — not living together yet,” a source explains to Us Weekly of the pair, who were first linked romantically late last fall, although gold medalist Vonn (then in the midst of finalizing her divorce from husband Thomas Vonn) initially took pains to deny anything romantic.

Now that they’re sharing their love with the world — Woods announced they’ve “become very close and dating,” and Vonn gushed “it makes me very happy” — many are wondering the obvious: Did they have “the conversation” about Woods’ infamous history?

“He confessed everything in his past to her and stuff – they’re really into each other,” the source tells Us. The number-one ranked golfer’s romantic and sexual past is, of course, a lot more public than most people’s: Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, Woods got into a car crash outside his Florida home after wife of six years Elin Nordegren learned of his affair with nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel. Over the next few months, over a dozen other women came out of the woodwork revealing flings with Woods, including cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, who shared an infamous voicemail from a panicked Woods exclusively with Us Weeky.

[From US Weekly]

I doubt he confessed “everything.” Given his statements to the press, I would assume he focused on why he did what he did, and not what he did exactly. Those details are crazy, and Lindsey is probably so dickmatized she doesn’t want to hear about it anyway. “He’s changed, he’s a new man with me!”

In that Sun article I linked to earlier, the one where Lindsey Vonn is dressed up like a budget Sharon Stone with amateurish Photoshop, (I can’t tell if it’s an actual photo or just pure Photoshop, but they claim it’s real), they include an old quote of Lindsey’s that’s really telling. Before she hooked up with Tiger, after his scandal, she said in an interview “There’s something you don’t know about me. Tiger, you’re like my idol, and I too have a sex problem.” Nasty.

Some of you have speculated that this relationship is a publicity set-up so that each of these athletes will appear more desirable to sponsors. There’s that aspect of it, I mean they’re wearing branded clothing in these photos, but I think it’s for real.

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Tiger Woods has ‘confessed everything in his past’ to new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn


“Miley Cyrus’s hair is not improving. If anything, it’s worse” links

Miley Cyrus’s hair is not improving. At all. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Charlize Theron’s buzz cut is DARK. [Evil Beet]
This 8th-grader is the new Nate Silver. IS she Nate Silver? [Jezebel]
Matthew McConaughey looks… the same. Too skinny! [Yeeeah]
Brandi Glanville said Taylor Armstrong was a drunk bitch. [Reality Tea]
Ashley Benson IS stacked. Damn. [IDLYITW]
Is Demi Moore covering up some new plastic surgery? [CityRag]
Karl Lagerfeld drew Pres. Obama in a chef’s outfit. Just because. [The Frisky]
Sigmund Freud’s thoughts on homosexuality. [OMG Blog]
Rihanna is a mess: part eleventy billion. [INFDaily]
Should we call Pres. Obama America’s first black president or our first biracial president? I say we should call him both. Because he’s both. [Bossip]
Meatloaf is in the hospital! Prayers to Meatloaf. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Here are the new contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race. [PopBytes]
Turkey-flavored ice cream cake? Ugh. [Limelife]
Rachel Uchitel’s baby is already 6 months old! Time flies. [Life & Style]
Nicolas Cage is slowly paying off his enormous tax bill. [Hollywood Rag]
Gatherin’ of the Cyrus Clan – but where’s Trace?! [Bitten & Bound]

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“Miley Cyrus’s hair is not improving. If anything, it’s worse” links


Mary Kennedy Dead at 52

Mary Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has died.

She was 52. Law enforcement sources say she was found dead in her Mount Kisco, N.Y., home this morning. The cause of death has not been reported.

Mary and RFK Jr. were married in 1994. She was Robert’s second wife. The couple, who separated nearly two years ago, has four kids together.

RFK and Mary Kennedy

The radio host, political activist and nephew of JFK filed for divorce from his wife mere days before Mary Kennedy was charged with DUI in 2010.

According to Radar Online, a source revealed that the cause of death was suicide, though police have yet to even confirm or deny this report.

In any case, may she rest in peace.

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Mary Kennedy Dead at 52


Adele DFY After Throat Surgery

Adele’s vocal cords are in bad shape.

After a year plagued with canceled tour dates and serious bouts of laryngitis, the British singer is on the shelf for the remainder of 2011 after throat surgery.

Her record company announced the news with “deep regret,” confirming that all Adele’s concert dates and promotional appearances are cancelled until 2012.

Adele Image

Adele’s label said in a statement:

“She is to undergo surgery to alleviate the current issues with her throat and a full recovery is expected. As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments.”

It’s unclear when the 23-year-old – whose 21 is currently the bestselling album of the year – is expected to return, but the surgery will not impact her voice.

No 2012 appearances have yet been set, but the Grammys are set for February 12. That would seem like an appropriate time and place for a comeback.

Unlike the reaction of most Red Sox fans when they heard John Lackey will miss all of 2012 with Tommy John Surgery, here’s hoping Adele returns ASAP!

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Adele DFY After Throat Surgery


Breaking Dawn Clip: A Shocker for Bella

The latest Breaking Dawn clip is a natural progression from the prior one released earlier this week.

In that sneak peek, we see Edward and Bella excitedly enter their honeymoon suite. And we all know what comes next, don’t we, Twihards? And after that…

Bella finds out for herself below, telling her new husband that she’s late and wondering how that could be possible, before looking in the mirror, feeling her stomach and – WHOA! Yes, the adventure and danger for this couple is only just beginning. Watch now:

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Breaking Dawn Clip: A Shocker for Bella


Klaim: E! Kourted Husband for Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and her family worked with E! to find her a husband last year, setting their sights on a professional basketball who played in the Metropolitan area, a new report claims, adding that Kris Humphries was not even the network’s first choice!

Danilo Gallinari PictureKris Humphries Image

According to Wetpaint, former Knicks small forward Danilo Gallinari was approached about dating the reality star, as the 22-year old was told it would help his career via increased media exposure. But he refused to anything beyond an initial meet.

Humphries was reportedly next on E!’s list.

Gallinari has since been traded to Denver, Humphries is a NBA free agent and Kardashian just admitted there marriage was less than ideal.

Do you believe this report? And did Kim really settle for second best? With which of these players would you rather make a sex tape?

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Klaim: E! Kourted Husband for Kim Kardashian


Rachel Uchitel Lawyers Up, N.Y. Post Stands By 9/11 Quotes

Rachel Uchitel is preparing to file suit against the New York Post for quotes about her dead fiance she says she didn’t make that ran in Page Six Magazine.

The paper is standing by its story, however.

Uchitel hired Daniel Horowitz and Marty Garbus (known for repping Oksana Grigorieva) to sue the Post for insinuating she’s glad her fiance died during 9/11.

Rachel Uchitel Sunglasses Photo

An article in the Post’s Page Six Magazine includes alleged statements from Rachel such as “I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good.”

“I’m glad I didn’t get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone. I would [have become] a fat housewife with three kids in Sands Port, Long Island.”

In a letter to the Post, Horowitz claims the story conveys “a disastrously false impression” of Rachel and is “degrading and extraordinarily inaccurate.”

Rachel Uchitel says it’s a hit piece and the reporter went in not liking her.

Horowitz also has words for the author of the piece:”You created a work of miserable and demeaning fiction.  You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Horowitz wants an apology to Rachel, and wants the “false words” withdrawn, although he is not specific as to how they would be withdrawn.

The full story is supposed to come out tomorrow. The New York Post, when contacted by TMZ, said through a rep, “We stand by our story.”

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Rachel Uchitel Lawyers Up, N.Y. Post Stands By 9/11 Quotes