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Page Six: Tom Cruise & Laura Prepon are ‘secretly’ dating for real

Last November, we covered an amazing rumor that Tom Cruise’s lifts were “smitten” and “on cloud nine” after a hot date with Laura Prepon. The story originated in Grazia, which isn’t the most reputable gossip source. It was fun while it lasted, but the tabloids quickly moved on to try and set Tom up with a new-style Scientology girlfriend, Elisabeth Moss. I have no problem with Tom dating either of these two women because they’re both Scientologists. He should know by now to stay within the cult unless he wants to have a fourth ex-wife.

Page Six is back with more details on the Prepon story.

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Kate Mulgrew says the Sun revolves around the Earth in new documentary

I don’t know why this story appealed to me. Probably because I used to watch Star Trek: Voyager and enjoyed watching Kate Mulgrew forcefully exclaim, “Chakotay!” every ten minutes or so. Then I spotted Kate on Orange is the New Black and discovered she can be funny too. She’s great as the prison cook, Red. (These are photos of Kate at the PaleyFest premiere of OITNB‘s second season. Both Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon are back for another round of commissary spending.)

Well the good times aren’t rolling forever when it comes to Kate. I’ve been trying to figure out whether she really

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BRAD PITT Ready To Tell ‘Anonymous Vs. Steubenville’ Story

Here’s Brad Pitt arriving at LAX. It looks like he was traveling solo this time. There’s no sign of his brood with Angelina Jolie. He’s busy wheeling and dealing. Did you hear about his production company, Plan B, buying the movie rights to the Rolling Stone’s article ‘Anonymous vs. Steubenville’?

The Rolling Stone article focused on the role of “Anonymous,” a hacking group with included Deric Lostutter, who found out about the cover-ups regarding the rape of a 16-year-old teen in Steubenville, Ohio by, well, hacking. The information Deric uncovered led to the conviction of two teen

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Brad Pitt to produce film about the Steubenville rape case: bad or good idea?

Here are some photos of Brad Pitt arriving at LAX yesterday. We need to encourage him. This outfit is an improvement over much of his casual style from the past year. He’s been wearing a lot of see-through t-shirts and linen pants. Hopefully, that’s over. He’s wearing a pair of khakis that fit him nicely and a great windbreaker. Maybe this is how an Oscar Winner dresses? Please. It also makes him look more like a “hot dad.”

Anyway, Brad is still figuring out his next move now that he’s Oscar Winner Brad Pitt. Or, Brad Pitt, Oscar-winning producer. None of you cared yesterday that

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Lindsay Lohan: "Very Close" to Drinking Again

Lindsay Lohan’s OWN network series (the creatively-titled “Lindsay”) has been mostly a carefully orchestrated BS-fest, but on occasion, the actress/professional trainwreck lets her guard down.

On last night’s episode, for example, Lindsay admitted she’s basically teetering on the brink of a relapse at all times.

“I do love the nightlife and hearing loud music and laughing and having fun,” Lohan told the cameras. “I’m sober, but it’s been very close. It came very close and it’s scary.”

Yes, Linds still goes out partying at the same

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Columbus Short Arrested on Felony Battery Charges

Columbus Short, a star on ABC’s Scandal, has gotten himself into a very scandalous real-life situation.

The actor has been arrested on felony battery charges stemming from his involvement in a bar fight on March 15.

As previously reported, Short was in a Los Angeles bar when a fellow patron allegedly made insulting remarks about his wife. 

The star subsequently punched the man, sending him to the hospital.

“It happened out in the back, in the parking lot, so [a witness] who works here saw anything,” an insider tells E! News of the incident.

The Claremont Police Department

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Khloe Kardashian Snubs Joan Rivers, Irate Over Kim Sex Tape Parody

This will teach Joan Rivers to spoof the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Or probably not, actually.

But days after the comedian got into bed with Ray J to mock Kim Kardashian Superstar, multiple reports say Khloe canceled her appearance on E!’s Fashion Police at the last second.

Kardashian has been booked to co-host the annoying series last Wednesday, but she made like Ray J and pulled out in order to screw with Rivers.

It reportedly worked, too, because producers were left scrambling to write a new script and find a new

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Chris Brown "Loyal" Music Video Released; Does Singer Get VEVO in Jail?

Chris Brown’s new music video for “Loyal” was released today, even with the singer currently in solitary confinement and unable to watch it … bummer man.

The video, featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga with a cameo from Usher, is all about … loyalty. It shows Breezy singing the refrain, “These hoes ain’t loyal.”

“I don’t f–k with broke b!tches,” he adds, presumably because them hoes be hangin’ around just lookin’ to get wit him for his money. Or so we’re assuming.

There’s also a baby tiger on a leash in the clip for some reason.

Whether these

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Chris Brown Feels Like "Caged Animal," Really Hates Jail

Chris Brown really wishes he wasn’t in jail.

After getting the rehab boot for the second time in a few months, the singer was sentenced a few days ago to a month in the slammer.

With Brown alone for 23 hours a a day in solitary confinement, a source tells TMZ that the singer can’t stand life behind bars.

Brown feels like “a caged animal,” the insider says, adding that the star refers to it as “the worst experience of my life.” 

In a related note, Rihanna thinks getting her face beaten and bloodied by Brown was the worst experience of her life.

What has Brown been doing while

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Khloe Kardashian Denies Interview Bail Out, Blasts Radio Show as "F-cking Desperate"

Khloe Kardashian is none too happy with an Australian radio program at the moment.

The reality star appeared on Sunrise this week and was asked a fairly innocent question about North West, as anchor Sam Armytage inquired about the well-being of Khloe’s niece.

North is fabulous she’s so beautiful. Penelope’s obsessed with her and it’s so cute to see that cousin dynamic,” Khloe replied, only for the feed to be cut off.

The show then Tweeted that Khloe was upset by the line of questioning and abruptly ended the Q&A on her own.

“We thought it was a technical glitch but turns out

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