Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: It’s News to Them!

The Robertsons didn’t have much time to lament Sadie Robertson’s loss on the Dancing with the Stars finale this week.

That’s because they had to prepare to host a local news broadcast last night. For real!

(Yes, we know Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 2 was taped a long time ago. Just go with it, okay?)

The latest installment of this A&E hit found reality TV’s favorite family (oh, we said it, Kardashians!) taking over “Good Morning Arklamiss.”

And they proved themselves to be surprisingly adept at working far away from the woods.

There was Willie and Jase, serving as anchormen and keeping the production humming. There was Si as the weatherman, giving Al Roker a run for his entertaining money.

Kay, meanwhile, presented her beloved Thanksgiving recipes to the audience, while the rest of the relatives offered up some unique tips for the holiday season.

Ready to take some notes? To see if the Robertsons could take over for The Today Show team if need be? To see Jase actually dressed in a suit?!?

It happened, folks. And you can click on the video above to watch Duck Dynasty online to see all this craziness transpire.

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Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: It’s News to Them!


Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser: Follow the Raven

For residents in many parts of the country, winter isn’t simply coming. It’s already here.

Therefore, what a perfect time for HBO to unveil the very first trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5.

Released on Twitter, the brief footage focuses on Arya and is mostly a promotional tool that asks fans to “follow the three-eyed raven.”

The video calls attention, a site where Game of Thrones viewers can sign up to receive frequent updated from the drama’s iconic animals.

Game of Thrones Season 5 won’t premiere until the spring of 2015, but here is what we know about new episodes to come:

  • Neither Hodor nor Bran will appear at all.
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will portray a character that is not part of George R.R. Martin’s novels.
  • Viewers will see their first-ever flashbacks on the series.
  • We’ll spend a great deal of time in Dorne.

Check out the above teaser to get psyched… visit TV Fanatic to watch Game of Thrones online and relive past episodes… and then click through the following gallery:

Bran's Winterfell Fall

When a lovable kid gets paralyzed early in the story, you know the guy telling tale isn’t gonna spare your feelings.

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser: Follow the Raven


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Will They Procreate?!?

Earlier this month, Heidi Montag invited Amanda Bynes to crash at her place.

But now the former MTV reality star has offered up a possibility even scarier than the prospect of Bynes, Montag and Spencer Pratt living under the same roof: 

A Speidi spawn!

Classic Spencer and Heidi

These were the days, when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt used to just pose for pictures and stir up trouble on The Hills. Nowadays it’s kind of gone to $h!t.

“Spencer promised me a baby by 29,” Montag, who turned 28 in September, tells the latest issue of Life & Style.

The couple has apparently disagreed on this issue for awhile, but Montag says Pratt has finally come around.

“Last year, while we filmed an E! special, he told me, ‘I don’t want to have kids,’ and I started crying,” she says in the new tabloid issue, on newsstands now. “I told him I couldn’t bear the thought of never becoming a mom. So when he saw how important it was to me, he had a change of heart!”

Montag and Pratt, of course, rose to frightening fame on The Hills.

They extended their 15 minutes of fame for as long as possible, but have mostly flown under the celebrity gossip radar for the past couple years. They also squandered the millions of dollars they made back in the day.

However, look for Heidi and Spencer to take part in the new season of Marriage Boot Camp, which will also include Aviva Drescher, Natalie Nunn and Tyson Apostol, among others.

We can’t wait. We guess.

Farrah Abraham

Oooooh, lord. Teen Mom star Farrah Abaham wanted to be a singer, and released some absolutely horrible songs to no avail (but great amusement). She’s also a terrible actress, as evidenced by her attempts to convince us her sex tape was released by mistake. Screaming is a different story, as she proved with James Deen …

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Will They Procreate?!?


Angelina Jolie in a white Ralph & Russo caplet in London: gorgeous or sacky?


Dear Gwyneth Paltrow: full-length capes are for peasants. Real elites wear caplets.

Here are some photos of my girlfriend Angelina Jolie at last night’s UK premiere of Unbroken. No Brad Pitt. Angelina seemed to go solo for the premiere, although she did pose with Jack O’Connell. I get the feeling that their relationship is… respectful yet flirtatious. Sexy, but slightly buttoned up. Like, she could eat him alive and he would enjoy it but so far it’s just about some lingering looks and casual affection. Angelina also invited lots of soldiers and veterans to the premiere, and she posed with them on the red carpet. Oh, and Miyavi was there too! He’s the best dressed man on this carpet.

As for Angelina’s look… a Ralph & Russo white dress with a caplet. You can see the runway look here – it’s been altered for Angelina, obviously. No embroidery on the caplet and the waist is slightly different. I like this look, I think it’s pretty and interesting and all of that. But since it’s Angelina, I tend to think she was drawn to it because the caplet made her think of her beloved sacks. It’s like she’s wearing half a sack as a cape!!! Also: I think her hair looks great, I like the yellow gold earrings and her bejeweled red poppy (for veterans).

Angelina did a sit-down interview with Britain’s ITV News at Ten, which aired yesterday. She was asked point-blank if she would enter politics and she said she would “if I felt like I could really make a difference.” You can see part of the interview here. Some highlights:

On Pres. Obama’s handling of the Syria crisis: “I’m not here to criticize or pass judgment on a particular leader, including my own President, but I will say that we have overall a failing of international leadership when we have 51 million people displaced from conflict. More people displaced than since after World War II, when we have completely open-ended conflicts, when we have crises like Syria. We seem to be completely unable to handle it and make ground and help all of the people who are starving and dying at the moment – and Syria is just one of many.”

The UN & other organizations need to do more: “I think it’s important not to discount the good work being done but I think clearly, if you look around the world you can say we are simply not doing enough. When something happens our ability to respond and our ability to deal with it is far too little and far too late.”

Her UN work: “I’ve always gone wherever I felt I was needed. When I started working with the UN, I felt I loved working in the field and I felt I was useful in the field and then there was a point where I realised that I was only so useful in the field because someone had to go to Washington and plea the case.”

The worst part about being married to Brad? “Oh, there’s nothing. He’s really a great person. He’s human, I’m human but where it counts, he’s a great man.”

Whether she wants to see a woman president: “I think a great leader is a great leader and I simply would not ever say that this would be better because it’s a man or better because it’s a woman. What we really need now is great leadership and I’m hoping that person rises forward.”

On Hillary Clinton: “I think just because she’s a woman you shouldn’t assume she’s the best voice for women but just like every other voter, I will watch to see what the platform is.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Ha, I’ve always said that Angelina is probably a lot more conservative politically than people realize. But she always plays her personal political beliefs very close to the vest – she has NEVER gone on the record about party politics, the Tea Party, which party she identifies with or anything like that. Angelina has met Hillary once or twice, but several years ago, Clinton had to cancel an appearance with Angelina… probably because Hillary’s elbow was Team Aniston.




Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Angelina Jolie in a white Ralph & Russo caplet in London: gorgeous or sacky?


New Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Happy Bangsgiving!

Tuesday on New Girl Season 4 Episode 9, Schmidt decided that this Thanksgiving would be a little different. Why? Because the gang’s all single at the moment!

Entitled “Thanksgiving IV,” New Girl Season 4 Episode 9 served up heaping portions of laughs as everyone brought dates and things went terribly awry.

The dates were selected by picking names out of a hat. As in whatever name a person picked, they had to supply that person with their Bangsgiving date.

Naturally Coach brings Ryan, Jess’ teacher crush, for Jess, despite the fact that Jess agreed to this idea in part so that she could get over Ryan. 

Coach says her rule for not getting involved is a dumb rule, and the guys tell her to “bang it out” with him so that she can move on. Totally logical!

This backfires, though, when Ryan doesn’t want any part of it and instead, insists on a real relationship. Wow, this man really is the perfect catch.

After some heart to hearts, Jess realizes she’s scared to move on from Nick and is using the school policy as an excuse. It’s not really about Ryan.

She goes to see him at his house, and she’s all in, rules be damned. We have a good feeling about these two, even if she wears more than an apron.

Meanwhile, Coach’s date is a woman from Winston’s police academy, and she is jacked out of her mind which turns Coach off at first, as he’s intimidated.

Later, he realizes they have a lot in common and he comes around. Ditto Winston and the hot lunch lady from Jess’ school. She does not have a hard job.

Nick’s date, after he selected his own name, was Tran. Even that ended well, as Tran’s granddaughter shows up to pick him up, and hits it off with Nick.

Schmidt’s date, Nick’s ex Pearl, didn’t work out and Cece’s date never showed – until the end, when she pretended to be the housekeeper so he’d bail.

Those two look to be rekindling the passion as well. Time will tell in the coming weeks. Follow the link to watch New Girl online and see this episode, it’s great!

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New Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Happy Bangsgiving!


Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Not So Great Outdoors

On Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 9, Todd was taken out of his comfort zone in a major way. And this is a man who is fond of creature comforts.

After watching Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 9, the old phrase “home sweet home” will ring truer than ever for the USA reality series patriarch.

He’s at home when he’s home, and he was very far from there this week.

Together, Todd and Chase had to survive a camping trip, albeit one that took place within the confines of a luxury RV, but hey, it’s all relative after all, you know?

This is a fellow who lives in a 10,000-square foot palace. Enough said.

Meanwhile, Savannah and Julie took a driving class, the rite of passage for all teenagers, and one sure to give every parent fits, without fail and without exception.

How did it go for the Chrisley family on each of those fronts Tuesday?

Just click the link to watch Chrisley Knows Best online and see it for yourself. Prepare to laugh, cringe, chuckle and shake your head in general bemusement.

That’s the best way to sum up the Chrisley experience.

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Chrisley Knows Best Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Not So Great Outdoors


Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps Rules at Sex, Sucks For Abandoning Me

Michael Phelps’ purported girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler is speaking out in a video interview, detailing her relationship with the Olympic legend.

By her own admission, Chandler was born a man named David Roy Fitch, the latest revelation in a string of them since the athlete’s infamous DUI arrest.

Speaking out for the first time, she lashes out at Phelps for ditching her as news of their relationship spread public, and described her inner turmoil.

“I felt he should’ve been there for me … I felt his team should’ve been there for me,” said Chandler, who has been dealing with “overwhelming” stress.

“Articles came out every week painting me in all kinds of different light,” Chandler, who says she met the Olympian on Tinder this past summer, adds.

“People online said horrible things about me,” she says, and that peaked after her nude texts with Michael Phelps went viral. “I felt alone in all this.”

“There have been days when I just stayed in bed.”

Taylor Lianne Chandler said her appetite has disappeared during this period, as she’s “gone from a size 6 to a size 2” as result of the “dramatic weight loss.”

“I didn’t want to leave my home, even to go to the gym … a girl that works there told everybody, so just to be in public is stressful,” she said of her paranoia.

Taylor Lianne Chandler-Michael Phelps Sex Text

Taylor and Michael discuss their sexcapades from the previous night. Certainly sounds like she had fun.

Chandler described the time as “very isolating” and “very lonely,” as she admittedly “didn’t know what to do” as her name became a celebrity gossip staple.

“This wasn’t in my wheelhouse, it was bad,” she said.

“I wouldn’t wish the last seven weeks on anybody.”

In her interview with Radar, and in her leaked texts, Chandler raved about Michael Phelps’ world-class sexual prowess during their steamy romance.

“The intimacy with him was amazing!” she says, adding that with Michael, “It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.”

One who makes her feel like she’s been horseback riding, apparently. Her words, and she’s probably not exaggerating. You know the guy has some stamina.

You know, from the swimming. Just saying.

Taylor Lianne Chandler, Michael Phelps Text?

Taylor Lianne Chandler is Michael Phelps’ alleged cougar girlfriend. This was sent to THG directly from a source claiming it’s from her. Decide for yourself in this gallery!

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Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps Rules at Sex, Sucks For Abandoning Me


Kendall Jenner Covers Dazed, Is "Changing the Face of Fashion"

Anything Kim Kardashian can do, Kendall Jenner now thinks she can do better.

Earlier today, we reported that Kim is featured on three new covers of ELLE UK. And now – wouldn’t you know it?!? – Kendall is also featured on three new covers of Dazed.

Kendall Jenner Dazed Cover

Kendall Jenner covers this issue of Dazed. Yes, apparently Dazed is an actual magazine.

Each edition of this magazine dubs Kendall as “Changing the Face of High Fashion,” an apt description for a teenager who has walked the runways of major fashion houses and who was just named the new Estee Lauder spokesperson.

Flip through the pages of this publication and you’ll read quotes from Kendall that debunk chatter about her being bullied by fellow models. 

“That has never happened, ever,”Jenner says. “I would see rumors of girls bullying me backstage and putting cigarettes out in my drink, and none of that has happened. Everyone’s been really cool to me. I’ve never had one girl be mean… so far.”

There’s also been talk of Kendall clashing with Kim and/or other members of her family.

Again, she says this is not true.

“Every show, no matter how many shows I’ve done, I get a text message from every single one of them,” Jenner reveals of her relatives. “I love it. I couldn’t ask for a better reaction… The other day Kanye hugged me and was like, ‘Yo, I’m really proud of you.’ And I was like, ‘REALLY?!’ It’s so sweet to hear that.”

The winter issue of Dazed hits newsstands on Thursday, November 27.

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Kendall Jenner Covers Dazed, Is "Changing the Face of Fashion"


Kim Kardashian Exudes Konfidence, Eats Kupcake on ELLE UK Kover

Kim Kardashian covers the latest issue of ELLE UK.

This fact, in and of itself, isn’t exactly surprising, of course. But consider: she does so while fully clothed!!!

Indeed, fresh off the Kim Kardashian nude Paper Magazine spread that still has the Internet aflutter, Kanye West’s better half graces three different covers for the Confidence Issue of this British tabloid.

Kim Kardashian on Elle UK

In the first, posted above, Kim pretends to be eating a cupcake, seductively staring at her icing-covered fingers. 

Will she put them in her mouth, thereby simulating oral sex and arousing millions of men around the world? We’ll likely never know.

Turn the pages of this ELLE UK issue and you’ll read about how Kim makes $3,000 an hour; earns 20 new social media followers a minute; and how she has “redefined our perception of body beautiful through her unerring self-belief.”

Ummm… okay. Sure. Whatever you say, ELLE UK editors.

The two other cover shots of Kardashian feature her wearing a black waist belt and also her donning a leather jacket over a top that shows off Kim’s massive breasts.

  • Kim Kardashian Elle UK Cover
  • Kim Kardashian and Her Large Breasts

Speaking to Australia’s 2DAY FM shortly after the Kim Kardashian Paper pictorial went viral, Kim explained how she’s “very confident” about her body these days, making her the perfect cover gal for an issue about self-confidence.

Then again, it’s a lot easier to be self-confident about your body when you have a personal chef, personal trainer and no full-time job to keep you occupied hours per day.

Kim Kardashian Krying

Kim gets her ugly cry on. It’s definitely not her best look.

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Kim Kardashian Exudes Konfidence, Eats Kupcake on ELLE UK Kover


Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Jax Taylor NOSE How to Be a Douche

On Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4, Jax got a nose job because he’s Jax, while Tom Schwartz found himself in a panic after an incident at the PUMP.

Meanwhile, Stassi tried to reconnect with the SUR crew at a party in Hollywood, but thanks to Scheana and Kristen, the reception was less than welcoming.

When Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 got underway, Schwartz lasted about 25 minutes in the job he lobbied for years to get with Lisa’s empire.

During his first shift at PUMP, Tom had a panic attack when a crush of customers swarmed in. He panicked about not knowing how to set up tabs, etc.

Dude up and left on the spot. It was pretty pathetic.

The most surprising (and warranted) scene when you watch Vanderpump Rules online this week is Katie, not Lisa, giving him the third degree after this.

Sure, Lisa was let down, but she can just fire him.

For Katie, this was incredibly disappointing, as it cast major doubt on Tom’s ability to handle anything in life. What kind of long term partner is a guy like this?

Making matters worse for Schwartz? His colleague. Katie wonders why her man can’t conduct himself more like a British dude who takes Beamer selfies.

We’re not even kidding, and she has a point.

At least when James Kennedy gets fired for being a douche, he pens a hand-written letter to the boss, then shows up more than once to beg for his job back!

Lisa did re-hire James, if only because she was in a good mood at the time and they were short bus boys. How much damage could he really do there?

Tom, meanwhile, felt he couldn’t take stand the heat, so he quit PUMP for good, surrendering his pink shirts and everything. What a sad excuse for a man.

Likeable guy, but so sad to watch in a way.

Stassi Schroeder

Sassy Stassi is the resident wit on Vanderpump Rules. She’s basically a young Lisa V. in the making.

Speaking of painful men to watch on screen and may not actually be men, Jax Taylor got a nose job, which Stassi Schroeder says makes him a woman.

Jax spent most of the episode high on painkillers and acting incredibly pathetic, which was almost endearing in that his guard was totally down at least.

The drama came late in the night, at an OK! Magazine party, where the SUR staff attended and split off into two tables, a battle royale waiting to explode.

  1. Stassi, Katie, Peter, and Tom Schwartz sat together
  2. Scheana Marie, Shay, Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Kristen and James sat the another table, where Stassi was forced to go mingle for five minutes on a dare

Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

Apparently Scheana thought Stassi was being sincere, which was sad, but then Kristen Doute started asking Stassi about Jax and things just got uncomfortable.

Scheana eventually caught on, everybody started beefing until Stassi got flustered and pulled a Schwartz, peacing out with her posse (which included Schwartz).

Good times with the PUMPers.

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Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Jax Taylor NOSE How to Be a Douche