Brandi Glanville Calls 7-Year-Old Son an A–hole: That Little F–ker is Such a D–k!

Brandi Glanville tore a guy named Cibrian a new one on her podcast this week, but not Eddie for once. This time her seven-year-old son Jake was in the crosshairs.

Those crosshairs? Not un-profane.

Brandi Glanville Gets Drunk

The podcast’s name is Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, and she lived up to that, terming her little boy “a complete a–hole,” a “f–ker,” and even a “d–k.”

Why did the reality star go off on a tangent so over the top, even for the woman who always is if you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

She told guest Jake Lacy: “My son’s name is Jake: He’s seven, and he’s a complete a–hole, but we love him! Oh man, he’s such a d–k, seriously.”

Brandi adds that if she tells him, “I told you to do this,” he responds, “Well, I lied! He doesn’t try to get out of it … he says, ‘I lied,’ then shows his dimples!”

Illustrating this unique mother-son dynamic, she says he sings “I’ve Got One Less Problem Without You” to her, quoting Ariana Grande’s “Problem”.

“I’m like, ‘Go f–k yourself!’” she said, laughing, calling him a “f–ker” who she’s “already, like, booking rehab for … down the road” based on his antics.

Jake also gets around, apparently. “He’s basically gotten to second base with a lot of chicks already!” she said, noting that he had a fifth-grade girlfriend.

He’s in first grade. Player.

As for Jake’s older brother, Mason? “I have an 11-year-old who’s awesome,” Brandi said. “He doesn’t lie, he’s really sweet, he kisses me when I ask … he’s my baby.”

Team Mason?

This has to rank pretty high up there among Brandi Glanville tirades, to say the least … leaving us wondering how and when LeAnn Rimes will respond.

Brandi Glanville Drunk GIF

Brandi hates to be sober. She’ll tell you all about it.

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Brandi Glanville Calls 7-Year-Old Son an A–hole: That Little F–ker is Such a D–k!


Jon Lovitz on Obama: What a F*%king A$$hole!

Jon Lovitz is apparently not a fan of President Obama.

The former Saturday Night Live star didn’t exactly go Ted Nugent on Barack, but he did make some strong feelings known on his recent podcast, “The ABC’s Of SNL.”

In a clip first highlighted by Breitbart TV, Lovitz jokes that Obama is “a f–king a$$hole” for “saying the rich don’t pay their taxes.” Tell us how you really feel, Jon!

The comedian went on to explain that Obama “is the perfect example” of what can go wrong with government: “He’s amazing. He had nothing. He had no father.”

“He was, you know, of mixed race which is a burden in the United, don’t kid yourself, you know, growing up like that, and no money, and the guy ends up being at Harvard.”

“He’s the President of the United States. And now he’s like, fuck me!”

“If I make a dollar and out of every dollar I’m taxed at 50, half, at 50 cents, I have to give, isn’t that like enough?” asked Lovitz. He continued, “It’s half. HALF?!”

It’s unclear whether Lovitz’s comments were sincere or in jest … or a little of both. The rant occurred this January, though the podcast itself was just released.

Victoria Jackson is perhaps the President’s most outspoken critic among SNL alumni, often calling Obama a communist. Yeah. Nothing in jest about that.

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Jon Lovitz on Obama: What a F*%king A$$hole!