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Kacy Catanzaro OWNS American Ninja Warrior, Becomes First Female to Advance to Finals

Image kacy-catanzaro-crushes-american-ninja-warrior-course_kacy-catanzaro-owns-american-ninja-warrior.gif

Here she comes, Mount Midoriyama. In a dominating performance that left Twitter buzzing last night, Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman ever to qualify for the final round of NBC’s obstacle course competition, American Ninja Warrior.  The New Jersey native and Towson University alum (who weighs a mere 100 pounds) blew through each challenge and accomplished something that…

Kim Kardashian refused payment to the Irish castle where she honeymooned

If you remember correctly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding was a tacky, expensive, nouveau riche catastrophe that included headless statues, a groom sawing up the bar, a huge gold toilet tower and lots and lots of money. After the wedding, Kim and Kanye left North West with Kris Jenner or somebody (they don’t know who) and jetted off to Ireland where they had the most boring honeymoon in the world. Kanye later admitted that they spent the first four days of their honeymoon Photoshopping their wedding photos