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Trey Songz Gay? Twitter Hoax Goes Viral, Denied By Singer

Trey Songz has become the latest victim of a Twitter hoax today, but the R&B singer was not killed off a la Chumlee or Wayne Knight by the Internet.

He was merely outed as gay.

Rumors that Trey Songz came out began circulating on social media after a doctored tweet purportedly sent from his Twitter account surfaced online.

News of his supposed coming out soon provoked myriad responses and re-tweets, with reactions ranging from amused to surprised to apathetic.

The “Dive In” singer soon hit back at the tricksters responsible, denying that he’s gay and ripping those that made

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Prenup to Include Second Child Clause?

Will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get married in May?

That’s the rumor, but it will depend on how quickly this couple irons out its prenuptial agreement.

According to OK! Weekly, lawyers for both sides are hammering away at this marital documents, with “all kinds of provisions” being discussed ahead of any vow exchanges.

“Money doesn’t seem to be the issue,” an insider says of where Kimye stands. “It’s all a wish list of clauses about what they expect from each other in order to make the marriage work.”

For example, Kanye wants a second baby. That much has been made clear in

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Kanye West Raps About Kim Kardashian Sex, Blowing Load in Fiancee’s Mouth

There may not be a Kim Kardashian sex tape sequel on the way.

But Kanye West has given fans another video that’s all about giving it to this often-naked reality star.

In the newly released remix of Beyonce and Jay Z’s “Drunk in Love,” Kanye raps all about doing it with Kim in the reverse cowgirl position (look it up, kids) before concluding with the line:

“I impregnated your mouth, girl… that’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl.”

Yeah. Let’s all pray North West never learns how to use the Internet.

Here are a few slightly more romantic

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Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tons of Kleavage, Khloe and Wedding Talk

Kim Kardashian is back in American after her whirlwind trip to France, and that was one of many topics she touched on last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While showing off some ridonkulous kleavage and kurves, obviously.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Kanye West got a VIP tour of Palace of Versailles grounds, sparking rumors that they will exchange vows there.

Not the case, says Kim … although Paris will be the destination!

“We took a private tour and of course everyone thought we were picking that as our wedding

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Paris Train Derailment Leaves 7 Dead, Many Injured

The Interior Minister of France has confirmed that a train derailment in Paris today has left at least seven people dead and many more injured.

Details are still coming in, but Manuel Valls told the press that the casualty toll is “in constant evolution,” as investigators will be sifting through the damage for many hours to come.

The train was reportedly carrying 385 passengers when it ran off the rails around 5:15 p.m. local time, crashing into the Bretigny-sur-Orge station about 12 miles south of Paris.

It was en route to Limoges.

Four cars piled up after the accident took

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Paris Jackson "Strong Like Her Father," Debbie Rowe Says

Paris Jackson reached out to fans through her mother Debbie Rowe, thanking them for their support and promising to keep fighting the good fight.

“My daughter has asked that I extend a huge thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and support,” Rowe tweeted Monday at Paris’ request.

“She is strong like her father.”

Paris, who has formed a very close bond with Debbie this year, is currently seeking a long-term care facility once she leaves UCLA Medical Center.

She’s finding that quest surprisingly difficult, however.

Sources familiar with the situation say UCLA doctors

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Paris Jackson Has Not Grieved Over Michael’s Death, is Dealing With "Heavy Issues"

Paris Jackson is stable following her recent suicide attempt, and her condition is improving, but she’s still dealing with some pretty heavy issues emotionally.

Chief among them? She never properly grieved or emotionally processed Michael Jackson’s 2009 death, sources connected with the Jackson family say.

Currently in treatment at UCLA Medical Center, Paris has felt the impact of bullying on social media and websites, and has let it “really get to her.”

She does not have access to her phone or the Internet, so the problem is on the back burner for now, however it’s only a matter

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Debbie Rowe: Should She Become Legal Guardian of Paris Jackson?

Paris Jackson’s mom Debbie Rowe is back in the news amid speculation that she may seek control of the troubled teen, though sources say this is premature.

Rowe, who was forging a close bond with her daughter before her suicide attempt (the Paris Jackson 911 call was released today), is not angling to take over.

While she is planning to host Paris at her California horse farm this summer, she does not want to oust her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, in any way.

“It would take Katherine dying or becoming very ill for Debbie to seek legal guardianship,” said a source, despite

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David Beckham’s Paris Saint-Germain Jersey Is Out

OK so it’s been a few hours since we last chatted about David Beckham. Where isn’t he lately? Who else needs their fix? I know it isn’t just me.

It has been just one day since David signed on to play soccer with Paris Saint-Germain, but his new jersey is already for sale! Currently selling at the Paris Saint-Germain store in Paris, we can only hope super fans in the states will be able to purchase one soon.

I would love to get my hands on the blue one!


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David Beckham with his new soccer jersey

And now we have the photos! I was waiting for these, how about you? As we just reported, here is David Beckham attending his press conference after signing up to play for the football club Paris Saint-Germain.

I have to say David looks striking in blue, don’t you think? Then again he looks stylish no matter what he is wearing! I can’t wait to follow along as he starts to play. I wonder if Victoria and the boys will be in the stands frequently. Will there be a move to Paris now?

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