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NICK JONAS Meets His New Niece, Alena Rose

Awww… this Instagram pic is too cute not to post. Nick Jonas met his new niece, Alena Rose. He looks like he’s ready to settle into the role of uncle! Before Nick met his niece, he had a moment to chat with E! News.

It’s amazing. I’m actually flying right after this to meet my niece for the first time. He [brother Kevin Jonas] in love with this baby, it’s ridiculous. He sends me pictures every 10 minutes. I think it’s just like the joy of his life right now, so I’m excited to go [see] him.”

And it looks like baby Alena worked her charms on her uncle, too. She looks fascinated with Nick. Too

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break Up!

Looks like it was a wrong direction! Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up after only two months together.

Several reports are claiming that Swift and Styles have split because of their busy schedules and constant touring.

However we’re also hearing that Haylor got into a very heated argument on their romantic vacation to the British Virgin Islands. After the fight and subsequent split, Swift caught a flight back to the states while Styles stuck around and party hopped over to Richard Branson’s private Necker Island.

A twitpic of Swift fleeing BVI is after the jump:


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The Jonas Brothers Grab Lunch Together

Awww nice to see that even though they’re not working together all the time anymore the Jonas Brothers are still close and manage to spend time together! Nick, Joe and Kevin, along with a friend, were spotted grabbing some lunch together at Kings Road Cafe in West Hollywood today.

I don’t know about you but I still have a hard time believing how old these boys are now! I remember watching them on Hannah Montana with my daughter and now they’re adults!  And I will admit I am a fan of Kevin’s reality show too:)  I would love to see more of his brothers on the show though.

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The Jonas Brothers Go Out For Sushi

The Jonas brothers, as well as Kevin’s wife, Danielle, got together for some sushi. It’s good to see the brotheres, Joe, Nick, and Kevin, out together. They’re all working on their own things, but that doesn’t mean they’re growing apart. Nick was acting on Broadway for a while. Joe had a solo album. And Kevin and Danielle have a reality TV show.

Have you seen Kevin and Danielle’s reality TV show? I’ll ‘fess up right now and admit that I haven’t. However, I have one friend who says she IS obsessed with the show. She has episodes saved on her DVR. One day I’ll make it over so we can spend an

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THG Caption Contest: Miley Cyrus on "Men"

Welcome, readers, to another edition of THG’s Caption Contest!

This week’s image comes to us courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Two and a Half Men, which she gave a major ratings boost to last night. This image? Classic.

What do you think is the best caption for it?

You tell us! Just leave comment(s) below with the best caption(s) for the photo! Go to it! Winner will be announced on Monday. Best of luck!

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Miley Cyrus on New Nick Jonas Song: Totes About Me!

Miley Cyrus was a guest on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning and while the two discussed many aspects of the singer’s life, one exchange stood above the rest.

The 19-year old, who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth of course, said it’s “pretty blatant” that the Jonas Brothers’ new track (“Wedding Bells”) was written with her in mind.

Jonas Brothers – “Wedding Bells”

“I don’t know anyone else who is getting married,” Miley said in reference to a single whose lyrics mention wanting to “try one last time” with an ex-love and not wanting to “hear the wedding bells chime.”


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Happy 20th Birthday, Nick Jonas!

One year from now, Nick Jonas can pop open a bottle of champagne.

But on this September 16, the singer will need to settle for some apple juice or ginger ale. But it’s still worth noting: the singer turns 20 years old today!

Equipped with an adorable smile, a pair of close brothers and some actual musical talent, Jonas has already enjoyed an impressive career. Look for a new album from him and his siblings in the very near future and send him your very best birthday wishes right now.

Other stars celebrating birthdays today include: Marc Anthony (44), Jennifer Tilly (54), David Copperfield

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The Jonas Brothers Do Lunch

Well this isn’t something we see often.  All four of the Jonas Brothers were spotted out enjoying lunch at Kings Road Cafe in West Hollywood today. We’re used to seeing Kevin, Joe and Nick out together but today they brought along younger brother Frankie too.

I think it’s great that these boys are all so close, even when they’re not working together they seem to try to spend as much time together as possible.  Have you checked out Kevin’s new reality show yet? I watched a few minutes the other night and I found it pretty cute but a little awkward with Kevin’s mom clashing with his wife

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Hot Guy Of The Day: Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas was spotted grabbing some Jamba Juice in New York before hailing a cab. The Jonas brothers seems to have settled down in New York City. I wonder what he’s up to now? He was said to have done a great job in Broadway in ‘How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.’

Maybe Nick’s going to segue into acting over doing more music? It’s working for Justin Timberlake! Did you see Nick on ‘Smash’? ‘Smash’ is one of those shows I kept meaning to watch. I’ll need to catch up on DVD at this point.

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Photos by JD/FameFlynet Pictures/FAMEFLYNET


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Nick And Joe Jonas Grab Lunch

The Joe Bros have definitely been making the rounds in NYC lately. Last week we saw brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas out for lunch at Patsis and today Nick and Joe sat down for a bite.

Nick is currently starring on Broadway in ‘How To Succeed In Business….‘ and while older brother Kevin has just signed on with his wife Danielle to star in his own reality show, middle brother Joe is busy working on his solo career.

Nick and Joe dined with a friend at Peels in NYC before being joined by British host and presenter Alexa Chung. The boys have definitely grown up from their time on Hannah

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