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Sharon Stone Demanding Diva On Set

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Italian filmmakers Pupi and Antonio Avati worked with Sharon Stone for the movie ‘Golden Girls.’ They were open about the fact that it wasn’t easy to deal with Sharon on set. RELATED: Sharon Stone is all smiles in Beverly Hills. Antonio told The Hollywood Reporter when they first met Sharon, she was quiet, but that changed…

James Blunt Marries Sofia Wellesley

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Congratulations to James Blunt and Sofia Wellesley! The actor married the socialite earlier this month, on September 5, but they had a bigger ceremony on Friday in Majorca. Family and close friends attended the ceremony a couple of days ago. RELATED: James Blunt has the quote of the day. The September 5 ceremony was a…

Prince William Gives Update On Kate Middleton In Malta

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Yesterday Prince William filled in for Kate Middleton (a.k.a. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) for her scheduled overseas tour for Malta. He gave an update on how she was doing with her severe morning sickness. RELATED: Kate Middleton is forced to cancel her first solo overseas trip due to severe morning sickness. Prince William joked: I’m…