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Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Katy Perry in Concert!

Katy Perry kissed a girl this weekend… and she didn’t like it?

At a concert Saturday night in Lo Angeles, Miley Cyrus surprised her special front row guest with a kiss on the lips, posting a photo of the smooch on Twitter for all to see:

Hottest girl-on-girl action ever, right? Not necessarily.

When Katy Perry later put her own post-peck picture up on Instagram, it wasn’t exactly the look of someone excited over a lip lock. See what we mean:

All appears to be well between the singers, though, as Perry cleared up any kissing confusion with a caption that reads “And after! I

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Miley Cyrus: Half-Naked for "Adore You" Remix Artwork

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Miley Cyrus has gone topless.

The singer – who this month alone is naked in W and who grabs her own boobs in German Vogue - released the cover art today for her “Adore You” remix.

And, naturally, it features the 21-year without a shirt of any kind on.

But, hey, at least she isn’t on her knees for Bill Clinton!

The release of this image comes just Cyrus is busy with her Bangerz tour.

It kicked off late last week in Vancouver and Miley has come under some fire for the racy outfits and actions she displays in front of young fans.

But we’re

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Barbara Walters Names Her Vibrator: TMI ALERT!

Somehow, Miley Cyrus faking oral sex on Bill Clinton is NOT the most disturbing thing we’ve posted on our site today.

Earlier today on The View, 66-year Barbara Walters said that not only does she use a vibrator… she’s even given a name to her personal sex toy!

She calls it “Selfie” and she talks about it here and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Walters, meanwhile, created a stir of a very different kind this month when she passionately (blindly?) defended Woody Allen against Mia Farrow’s sexual assault claims.

Relive that awkward moment

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Miley Cyrus Blasts Perez Hilton for Ed Westwick Romance Rumor

Yesterday afternoon, Perez Hilton posted a story that said Miley Cyrus was spotted hanging out this week with Ed Westwick, implying a romance between the singer and the former Gossip Girl star.

And Miley – who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth, of course – is taking this rumor sitting down… so she can blast the celebrity gossip blogger on Twitter!

“@perezhilton hope you find love one day but can you not f–k with mine,” Cyrus wrote. “I’ve never been with Ed W in my life. I was at the studio last night working on my record and never left with anyone other than my assistant…”

Cyrus then

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Miley Cyrus, Strippers Perform on Stage!

Miley Cyrus took to the stage in Hollywood this weekend and proved once again: she has come a LONG way since the days of Hannah Montana.

The 19-year old performed alongside Borgore – with whom she collaborates on “Decisions” – as part of that artist’s “Christmas Creampies” concert, donning a cleavage-bearing top…

… which was far less revealing than the outfits worn by the many strippers surrounding Miley, dancing their exposed rear ends off and working the poles like professionals.

Watch the erotic performance now:

Miley Cyrus-Borgore Duet

In August 2009, Cyrus got herself in

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Miley Cyrus Urges America: Feed the Hungry!

Miley Cyrus has recorded a new Public Service Announced on behalf of Feeding America.

In the spot, the actress/singer takes on the role of Rickey, a former member of the Army Reserve who is trying to start a career and struggling not only with that difficult task, but also with finding a meal in general.

Miley is one of many celebrity chipping in to this important cause. Others telling the stories of real-life, poverty-stricken Americans included Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Taye Diggs and Ana Ortiz. Watch the PSA now:

Miley Cyrus PSA (Feeding America)

And visit the official Feeding

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Miley Cyrus Rushed to the Hospital! Will Be Okay!

Miley Cyrus was hospitalized last night, but fear not, fans: she’ll be okay.

A rep for the singer/actress says Miley “cut her finger” while cooking and was spotted walking around today with thick white gauze around her arm as a result.

“[She] had to get a few stitches,” the source adds. “She’s doing fine.”

Cyrus was joined in the emergency room by her mother, her grandmother and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Just staring into the latter’s eyes must have helped the young star feel better.

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Miley Cyrus Lashes Out at Critics, Tweets Disturbing Photo

You go, Miley Cyrus!

The singer/actress has taken to Twitter to send a serious message to her critics, many of whom have recently criticized her weight following the release of this Halloween photo. Be warned: the picture attached to the Tweet is disturbing, but the message underneath it is important…

Amen, Miley? Or too far, Miley? Weigh in now with your take on Cyrus’ action. The above photo…

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Miley Cyrus Snapped Smoking: Right or Wrong?

Miley Cyrus has a cute new puppy, but an ugly new habit.

While on vacation with Liam Hemsworth in Michigan this week, the singer/actress was photographed multiple times with a cigarette in her hand. Check out the photos here.

Naturally, Cyrus has a right to smoke. But does she have a responsibility not to?

Katie Couric argued that point on The View this morning, saying – as a mother of a teenager – she is disappointed that Cyrus is setting this kind of example. The star, after all, simply has to know that cameras follow her every move. She also must be aware of the average age of her fan

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Miley Cyrus Reveals Ear Tattoo Has Been Around For A While

Miley Cyrus has an ear tattoo that’s been gaining quite a bit of buzz this week, however the tattoo may actually be a few months old.

According to PopCrunch, the tattoo which is composed of the word “Love” is located on Miley’s right ear (pictured) and was spotted this past Wednesday while Miley was at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Miley was asked about the tattoo and she had this to say:

“Everyone’s a little behind the times. I’ve had this for a few months and no one’s ever noticed.”

Apparently being “behind the times” these days means you aren’t paying enough attention to

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