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29 Sexting Attempts That Were Not Sexy at All

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“Sext your partner” they say! “It’ll be good for your relationship” they insist, with confidence. Who is THEY, anyway, ’cause there’s a good chance they’ve never seen sexts like these! Food as foreplay, bingewatching Netflix, and fort building exercises are among the topics these senders used to lure the objects of their affections into the…

Miley Cyrus Denies Drug Use, Is "Better Than Ever"

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Clad in red leather pants, a short denim jacket and black rockabilly shoes, Miley Cyrus addressed the media today in a press conference prior to the resumption of her Bangerz tour. It had been postponed, of course, due to a hospitalization that some tabloids blamed on a drug overdose. In a defiant state, however, the…

Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Katy Perry in Concert!

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Katy Perry kissed a girl this weekend… and she didn’t like it? At a concert Saturday night in Lo Angeles, Miley Cyrus surprised her special front row guest with a kiss on the lips, posting a photo of the smooch on Twitter for all to see: Hottest girl-on-girl action ever, right? Not necessarily. When Katy…

Barbara Walters Names Her Vibrator: TMI ALERT!

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Somehow, Miley Cyrus faking oral sex on Bill Clinton is NOT the most disturbing thing we’ve posted on our site today. Earlier today on The View, 66-year Barbara Walters said that not only does she use a vibrator… she’s even given a name to her personal sex toy! She calls it “Selfie” and she talks…

Miley Cyrus Blasts Perez Hilton for Ed Westwick Romance Rumor

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Yesterday afternoon, Perez Hilton posted a story that said Miley Cyrus was spotted hanging out this week with Ed Westwick , implying a romance between the singer and the former Gossip Girl star. And Miley – who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth , of course – is taking this rumor sitting down… so she can blast the celebrity gossip blogger on Twitter! “@perezhilton hope you find love one day but can you not f–k with mine,” Cyrus wrote

Miley Cyrus, Strippers Perform on Stage!

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Miley Cyrus took to the stage in Hollywood this weekend and proved once again: she has come a LONG way since the days of Hannah Montana . The 19-year old performed alongside Borgore – with whom she collaborates on ” Decisions ” – as part of that artist’s “Christmas Creampies” concert, donning a cleavage-bearing top… ..