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Ray J Cops Plea Deal, Off the Hook in Hotel Arrest!

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Ray J’s sexual battery and assault case, which resulted from an ugly incident in Beverly Hills this summer, is all but gone after he copped an awesome plea deal. All this after he copped an awesome feel, allegedly. The Kim Kardashian sex tape co-star and production chief pleaded no contest to misdemeanor trespassing following the…

Lindsay Lohan: I Can’t Help That I’m So Popular!

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Ten years ago, Lindsay Lohan probably would never have imagined that a London stage production would be her biggest job in years, but that’ll happen when your priorities shift from trying to act on screen to trying to act like you’re not on cocaine. Lindsay covers the new issue of Wonderland magazine and the only…

Miley Cyrus: Nude, Lying on Stuffed Animals for V!

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Don’t worry, celebrity gossip fans. In case you were concerned that some new version of Miley Cyrus would be all about important causes such as homelessness and less about taking her clothes off, the Rebel Issue of V Magazine comes out on September 10. And it will feature a very nude Miley Cyrus photo. Lying…