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Kode Mag: Lindsay Lohan’s dating a married man & she did ecstasy at Coachella

Well, Lindsay Lohan has proven that she still has the power to make people pay attention. I’m not sure that’s a noteworthy goal, but it’s pretty much the only positive thing I can say about her. On Sunday night’s finale episode of LL’s OWN show, she revealed that she had a miscarriage during production of the reality show. Many of you didn’t believe her. If I’m being honest, I don’t believe her either, but there’s no way of knowing for sure, so let’s err on the side of being decent human beings (even if Lohan doesn’t play by those same rules). Anyway, I bring that up because Radar has

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4/20: Celebrity Stoners Who Love the Laughing Grass

Whether you’re high on life or just high, 4/20 is the day for you.

It’s a de facto tribute to all things marijuana and we know more than a handful of celebrities who’ll be smoking some bud today.

While there are definitely more than 20 celebrity stoners we could have listed here, this seems like as good a place as any to start.

So, while they roll up a joint and try to work on a Giant M&M Cookies Recipe or a Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe ahead of time, you can roll up a chair and flip through this slideshow.

Open Slideshow 1. Snoop Dogg “You knowz

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Taylor Swift: Is She Too Skinny?

Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift has left no doubt that she’s awesome.

The singer has visited multiple cancer patients and surprised a young woman at her bridal shower.

But while there’s no debate over Swift’s charitable side, a debate has broken out over the artist’s body; namely: is she too skinny?

A couple Twitter users have called attention to Taylor’s shrinking frame over the past few days, prompting Radar Online to (hilariously) consult with a random nutritionist.

Where does Melanie McGrice come down on Swift’s frame?

She tells Radar:

“Taylor still appears to be

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“Idris Elba welcomed his son Winston on Thursday” links

Idris Elba welcomed his son Winston Elba yesterday. Congrats! [Idris Elba’s Twitter] Here are those photos of Tom Hiddleston looking like Poe. [A Socialite Life] Rest in peace, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. [Buzzfeed] This whole story about Christ Bearer is so sad. [Dlisted] Eli Roth made a cannibalism movie (with a message). [Pajiba] Discussing Lindsay Lohan’s WWHL outfit. [Go Fug Yourself] Happy 8th birthday to Suri Cruise. [Celebrity Baby Scoop] Kate Upton says she’s

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Lindsay Lohan’s OWN show won’t be renewed, because of crack shenanigans

Lindsay Lohan has been a mess for a while. Personally, I believe that she only maintained her tenuous post-rehab sobriety for a matter of days or weeks. My guess is that after one month out of her last rehab stint, she was back to boozing and cracking. But we’re still supposed to believe that Lindsay has only recently fallen off the proverbial wagon (the wagon had an open bar). Anyway, this week’s tabloids have a hodge-podge of stories about LL being a drunken mess. Some vodka-soaked highlights:

*In Touch says that Lindsay was spotted at the Electric Room in NYC a few weeks ago,

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LINDSAY LOHAN Her Sobriety Became A Thing Of The Past At COACHELLA

In what might be the least surprising news you hear all day, Lindsay Lohan apparently fell off the wagon while attending Coachella last weekend.

Lindsay had been telling everyone around her that she is working hard on her sobriety, and that she fully intended to keep herself in check during the weekend long festival, but sources that were there say she was busy drinking throughout the entire weekend.

Something tells me Oprah is not going to be pleased when she hears this news!

Photos via WENN.

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Of course Lindsay Lohan is maintaining her sobriety & other Coachella photos

Ah, Coachella time is upon us again. Coachella is actually one of my least favorite events to cover, just because A) trendy faux-hipsters, B) drugs and C) terrible casual fashion. Bedhead even discussed how a lot of companies are paying starlets/actresses/reality stars to be photographed at Coachella wearing their stuff. Tedious. I maybe (maybe!) would have been into this when I was 19 years old, but I do think it’s sad for 40-somethings to still do the Coachella thing year after year. Speaking of sad, Lindsay Lohan was there. Because… sobriety. I’m just covering everything in a big

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“Jude Law got really drunk in Budapest, made out with a model” links

Jude Law got really drunk in Budapest & made out with a Playboy model. This is not the best look, Jude. Wow, he’s super-wasted. [Gawker/] Stacy Keibler & Jared Pobre are expecting a little girl. [Wonderwall] Joe Francis & his girlfriend are expecting twins. [Starcasm] Chris Brown is currently in general population in a VA jail. [Evil Beet] Kate Gosselin is still banging her bodyguard. [CDAN] Did Demi Lovato leak her own naked photos? Probably. [IDLY] Lindsay Lohan blames her crack shenanigans on “editing”. [Bitten & Bound] Olivia Munn’s casual outfit is confusing. [Celebslam] Is

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Dylan Penn: Naked For Treats Magazine!

Sean Penn’s daughter is all grown up and she’s sharing her assets with the world in the new issue of Treats magazine.

The 22-year-old model appears naked on the cover and semi-dressed throughout a revealing spread by photographer Tony Duran. 

“I knew his photography from before I was asked to shoot and really admired him as an artist,” Dylan said of Duran. The young Ms. Penn is just one of the many models and actresses who have recently gotten nude for national magazines.

Duran says Dylan may be able to follow in her legendary father’s acting footsteps, as she underwent a full

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Lindsay Lohan, David Letterman Prank Call Oprah on Late Show: Watch!

Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman prank called his (their?) longtime quasi-nemesis Oprah during a taping of this evening’s episode of The Late Show.

It was funny stuff, as Letterman pretended to be Lohan’s “secretary” as he called up Oprah from his desk, leading to some confusion on Winfrey’s end.

Then things got emotional after Dave revealed his true identity and asked O how the troubled actress and Lindsay docu-series star is really doing lately …

“I think she’s doing really OK,” Oprah told David Letterman.

“I think to have

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