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Nicki Minaj’s hairstylist insists she’s done with wigs: ‘She’s wearing her real hair’

When Nicki Minaj revealed her new, stunning makeunder at the MTV Movie Awards two weekends ago, I breezily wrote something about how she got a great wig. This wasn’t a racial comment to me, but merely an assumption on my part considering Nicki Minaj has worn wigs (often really crazy, obvious wigs) throughout her career, for nearly every public appearance. As I’ve said in the past, it’s almost like she was trying to be a cartoon, or a version of Lady Gaga (another woman who loves cheap-looking wiglets), complete with crappy makeup and outrageous costumes. Anyway, as it turns out, Nicki is

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Lana Del Rey’s Dad Disses Lorde on Twitter

And you thought your dad was embarrassing on Twitter.

Ad account executive Rob Grant – who also happens to be the father of Lana Del Rey – has launched a bizarre Twitter offensive against Lorde, whom he clearly regards as a rival of Lana’s.

When a friend tweeted to Grant that Lana’s forthcoming album is “addictive,” Rob replied, “More addictive than Pure Heroine,” referring to Lorde’s debut release. In all likelihood, Grant then dislocated his shoulder in an effort to pat himself on the back for his clever pun.

Okay, so it’s a pretty mild insult, but it still seems strange that

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Lady Gaga’s un-retouched Versace print ads: not as bad as expected?

Lady Gaga is the current face of Versace. Gaga remade herself into a version of Donatella Versace, and from the looks of things, they like to hang out together and get wasted. I shouldn’t say that. Donatella is allegedly clean and sober and has been for a decade or so. So I do wonder how she feels about Gaga. Anyway, Gaga’s Versace ads came out months ago, but Gaga’s fan-site just released some un-retouched versions of the ads. The header image is the retouched version that went to print in magazines around the world. I’m including the un-retouched photos below. You can see more

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Nebraska Students Pose for Prom Photo, Collapse Bridge


Over the weekend, a handful of high school seniors in northeast Nebraska met at Alisha White’s house prior to their prom and posed for a series of pictures on her family’s bridge.

You can guess what happened next, can’t you? They made a major splash! Literally!

Check out the above video for reaction from those involved and don’t shed too many tears for this group of friends.

This gives them a prom experience that will live on forever via the World Wide Web.

In other recent, viral prom news…

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“Jude Law got really drunk in Budapest, made out with a model” links

Jude Law got really drunk in Budapest & made out with a Playboy model. This is not the best look, Jude. Wow, he’s super-wasted. [Gawker/] Stacy Keibler & Jared Pobre are expecting a little girl. [Wonderwall] Joe Francis & his girlfriend are expecting twins. [Starcasm] Chris Brown is currently in general population in a VA jail. [Evil Beet] Kate Gosselin is still banging her bodyguard. [CDAN] Did Demi Lovato leak her own naked photos? Probably. [IDLY] Lindsay Lohan blames her crack shenanigans on “editing”. [Bitten & Bound] Olivia Munn’s casual outfit is confusing. [Celebslam] Is

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Kelly Osbourne Half Shaves Head: React Now!

Kelly Osbourne has a new, drastic hairstyle.

The Fashion Police co-host took a break from doing graffiti with Justin Bieber over the weekend to shave parts of her head, straighten out some other locks and also rock some serious bangs.

“Here is one pic of my new hair cut!!! What do you guys think?” the 29-year old wrote along with the following photo.

I’m also sporting the #SpringTrend and have no bottom mascara on!” Osbourne added. “It looks weird.

Hey, Kelly, you said it. Not us.

Osbourne’s latest change comes about three months after she chopped her shoulder-length locks

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Kristen Stewart Dyes Hair Orange: React Now!

Nothing may rhyme with orange, but something can now be associated with this color:

Kristen Stewart’s hair!

The 23-year-old dyed her brown locks bright orange for her role in the upcoming movie American Ultra, with The Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans doing the coloring job and posting a photo of Stewart on Instagram.

“Kristen Stewart gettin her hair ready for a new role #americamultra#awesomecolor#houseofhair,” wrote the salon as a caption to the above photo.

We wonder what Robert Pattinson thinks of this ‘do.

In the aforementioned movie, which starts shooting this month,

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Lady Gaga got a make-under for Porter Mag: surprisingly pretty or still try-hard?

Here’s Lady Gaga’s latest magazine cover, the second-ever print edition of Porter Magazine, the new magazine from I have to admit, I don’t really hate this photo shoot by Inez & Vinoodh. They usually get some nice shot of her, and they’ve photographed her for many publications over the years. I guess my favorite photo is the one where her waist looks crazy-small. Photoshop? Or is that small? Anyway, here are some highlights from the interview:

Gaga is close to her sister Natali & her parents Joe and Cynthia: “I have a fierce love for my sister, who is so talented. I

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LADY GAGA Birthday Girl Rocks Her Birthday Suit!

You know Lady Gaga knows how to make an entrance. She didn’t pass up the chance to do so yesterday. It was Lady Gaga’s birthday, after all! Grunge wouldn’t do.

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She showed up at the Roseland Theater for another performance in a car decked out in roses. Lady Gaga even wore a catsuit decked out in roses for good measure. People waiting outside had no doubt who was arriving, I’m sure, despite her face being covered- LOL. Hey, the eye-catching outfits are all part of her appeal. Happy Belated Birthday!


Go here to read

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Celebrity Birthday Tracker for March 28th

Happy birthday to Lady Gaga, 28, and Julia Stiles, 33!! Happy birthday to everyone celebrating their special day!

  • Actress Conchata Ferrell is 71
  • Actor Ken Howard is 70
  • Actress Dianne Wiest is 66
  • Country singer Reba McEntire is 59
  • Rapper Salt of Salt-N-Pepa is 48
  • Country singer Rodney Atkins is 45
  • Actor Vince Vaughn is 44

  • Rapper Mr. Cheeks of Lost Boyz is 43
  • Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson is 41
  • Actress Shanna Moakler is 39
  • Reality TV  star Kate Gosselin is 39
  • Guitarist Dave Keuning of The Killers is 38
  • Soap opera actress Lacey Turner is 26

Excerpt from: Celebrity Birthday Tracker for

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