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Ashley Tisdale Wedding Dress: Do You Say Yes?

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In news THG helped break, Ashley Tisdale married Christopher French last night. Little is known about the ceremony, except that best friend Vanessa Hudgens was in attendance; it was a relatively small affair; and Tisdale looked positively stunning in her gown. She also seemed rather excited about the whole thing, writing on Instagram today: “Best…

Kim Kardashian Is There A Kimye Sex Tape?

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People are still looking at Kim Kardashian’s nude British GQ pics. Yet could they soon get a peek at a sex tape of Kim and Kanye West? Some people were left wondering after some of Kim’s comments in her GQ interview. Check out what she said (as well as if the interpretation is true or…

Kendall Jenner Hits The Shops, Including RadioShack

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Kendall Jenner looks like she’s having a great time in New York City. She was spotted hitting the shops. One of the stores she went to was RadioShack. After doing some shopping, Kendall headed back to big sister Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s apartment. RELATED: Kendall Jenner is suing mad over story she stiffed a…