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Looks like Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are still going strong! Here they are going for a stroll in New York City. I can’t tell if they were just out and about or actually on their way to some sort of event. Diane is looking chic, like she’s heading to some type of event. Joshua,…

Diane Kruger covers Marie Claire: ‘When I turned 30 I realized I was an idiot’

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Diane Kruger covers the August issue of Marie Claire, and while the photoshoot it really pretty (Diane is usually a great model), it also feels really derivative, and like something we’ve seen so many times before. In particular, that black & white photo of Diane in the Pier 1 basket-weave chair is something I’ve seen in tons of photoshoots. I haven’t talked about Diane in a while, which is weird because I really do enjoy her and of course I enjoy Joshua Jackson.