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Lupita Nyong’o is People Mag’s 2014 Most Beautiful Person: good choice?

Lupita Nyong’o is our new Most Beautiful Person in the World!! People Magazine has declared her the 2014 Most Beautiful. Does this make you happy? It makes me happy… and nervous. Let’s be happy for a moment though: Lupita is the first African woman to ever be named Most Beautiful. She actually IS gorgeous and fresh and amazing. She’s having a really good year and people are really rooting for her. Now, the nervous: will this be used against her if and when there’s a backlash?

She may have won an Oscar for her role as the slave Patsey in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and recently

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Julia Roberts on celeb culture: ‘There is a dehumanization that goes with fame’

Does anyone else think this is quite possibly the loveliest Julia Roberts has looked in years? I usually hate when she’s doing this blonde-with-roots look, but this Wall Street Journal photoshoot is amazing. So pretty. Anyway, you can read the full WSJ piece here – WSJ has really stepped it up with their celebrity interviews over the past year or so, and this piece is one of the most intensive Julia interviews I’ve read in a while. It’s a good piece, and it probably helps that Julia is promoting a project that she cares about: the HBO movie The Normal Heart. Some highlights:

Living in

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2014 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Pics & Complete Winners List

Although the Academy Awards is usually considered the final big awards show of the season, once MTV moved their annual movie awards show from the fall to the spring, they became the very final awards show of the year. Last night the 2014 MTV Movie Awards were held, hosted by Conan O’Brien. The red carpet had so many different looks, it’s impossible to say there was a single trend. Check out our gallery and the full winners list after the break.

RELATED: ‘Divergent’ star Shailene Woodley attends 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Jessica Alba took a break from filming ‘The Veil’ to attend. Mila Kunis

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Brad Pitt & Angelina are ‘kinky’ but ‘both are insecure about their relationship’

Good God, Brad Pitt is looking really good these days. He stepped out last month looking “refreshed” and then he was out and about on Friday in LA, looking like this. Only Brad Pitt could really pull off a ratty t-shirt and chinos and still look like Tom Ford personally dressed him. I really like his shades too. Brad was photographed as he left the Fahey/Klein Gallery, which apparently has some photography exhibitions. According to Us Weekly, Brad was checking out a Peter Lindbergh exhibit. Lindbergh has photographed Brad several times throughout his career, so there’s a chance Brad

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2014 MTV Movie Awards Open Post: Hosted by Hiddleston-cringes

Here is your Open Post for this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Our host this evening (for the Open Post) is Tommy Hiddleston and his dorkathon from last year. I actually watched last year (as I will this year), and I was honestly startled by just how twee and uncool Tom Hiddleston was when The Avengers picked up a few awards. He made me cringe, quite honestly. But thankfully, Tommy made up for it by dancing and twirling and singing and Snake Hipping his way back into my good graces post-MTV Movie Awards.

So, will this year’s ceremony have a healthy dose of cheesball? No. Tommy isn’t

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Star: Inside Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s ‘bizarre,’ pot-smoking parenting style

The Leg is displeased with Star Magazine this week. You wouldn’t want to see The Leg when it’s angry. Star Magazine’s cover story is all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s “unconventional” household and what they’re really like as parents, and how all Brad does is smoke pot (and cry, presumably) while The Leg barks orders at myriad assistants, nannies, bodyguards and children.

Due to their famously unconventional lifestyle, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have crafted a unique and mysterious world for themselves that few people have ever been allowed to peek inside — until now! In this

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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux plan to marry in Hawaii sometime this year

No one has any idea what’s going on with Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston these days. Life & Style says this week that Justin was getting flirty and touchy with another woman at a bar. In Touch says Jennifer is pregnant. And Us Weekly says that JustJen is for sure (FOR SURE) going to get married in Hawaii. This year. For sure.

Jennifer Aniston had strongly considered tying the knot with fiancé Justin Theroux in Mexico. But lately the 45-year-old actress has had a change of heart and is now interested in getting hitched in another tropical location – Hawaii – according to a

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Jennifer Aniston has prosthetic face scars for ‘Cake’: is she trying for an Oscar?

Last Friday, we had some of the first photos of Jennifer Aniston on the California set of Cake, her new drama (dramedy?) which has Aniston looking… well, kind of rough. You have to remember, through Aniston’s career, her movies can usually be described as “the one where she wore all the scarves” or “the one where she was in the bikini” or “the one with that cute white dress.” My point? Aniston usually makes a point to only do films where she looks cute and has a great wardrobe. Cake is not that kind of film.

Anyway, these are some assorted new and newish photos from the set. I’d heard

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13 Celebrity Sex Tapes You Only Wish Would Leak

There are some noteworthy celebrity sex tapes out there, to be sure. Just not a whole lot that you’d actually want to … you know, sit down and watch.

It’s not altogether surprising that many stars of our most notorious celebrity sex tapes are predominantly (or only) famous for those very sex tapes.

If you have a lot else going for you, you don’t need to … you know.

Anyway, this being April Fools Day, there’s a lot of BS out there, from Ariana Grande nude hoaxes to unsubstantiated pregnancies, breakups and marriages.

You may read some crazy stuff today, but very little of it is

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Kaley Cuoco got a choppy shoulder-length haircut for Spring: cute & flattering?

The last time we checked in on Kaley Cuoco, she was walking the red carpet for a charity event last week, and she had long hair. Too much hair, in fact. It was all in her face and it just wasn’t cute. But Kaley decided to go shorter for the Spring, and I think that was a GREAT choice. Kaley posted these photos on her Instagram over the weekend –I actually think her initial thought was just to get a trim, and then she decided to go for a choppy shoulder-length ‘do in the spur of the moment.

I think Kaley has the potential to have great hair, like… she could potentially be known for

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