Jesse James: Janine Lindemulder is Unstable

He may be America’s Most Hated, but Jesse James says his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder is a hard core druggie who shouldn’t be left alone with their child.

In short, he’s an immoral, cheating mess – but she’s flat out dangerous!

She’s also a convicted felon, which he didn’t even mention in his recent bid to keep their daughter protected from her, but it probably won’t help her case.

Jesse believes Janine is so unstable that he’s refusing to allow daughter Sunny to spend time alone with her mom, in spite of a court order to the contrary.

The embattled bike entrepreneur’s attorney is going to court Friday morning, armed with evidence that his second ex-wife cannot be trusted unmonitored.

LindemulderBullock and James

Janine and Sandra are both peeved at Jesse … for different reasons.

The judge in the custody battle issued an order last week, allowing Janine, a porn star straight out of a halfway house, the right to unmonitored visitation.

James, who has full custody rights for the time being, granted her access to Sunny recently, but apparently soured on the prospect of unsupervised time.

Reports say Janine was actually supposed to see Sunny yesterday but Jesse refused to hand over the 6-year-old girl because he felt she would be at risk.

We’ll see what the judge decides this time around.

As if drama with Sandra Bullock weren’t enjoy for Jesse these days … poor guy. Well, partially. He deserves all the blame for cheating on Sandra. Jerk!

Jesse James: Janine Lindemulder is Unstable


Jesse James Allows Janine Lindemulder Visitation

After a court battle that was getting ugly in a hurry, Jesse James agreed to allow his second ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, a supervised visit with their child.

Tomorrow, Janine will have a long-awaited reunion with Sunny James, daughter of Jesse James and stepdaughter to his now-estranged wife Sandra Bullock.

The motorcycle mogul’s attorneys met with Lindemulder and her legal team in court on Thursday to finalize the agreement for her to visit the six-year-old.

James has full custody. Since she got out of prison (really), Lindemulder has sought 50-50 custody again, assailing Jesse in court papers and in the media.

“I’m so pleased I will get to see my daughter,” Janine Lindemulder said, adding that they will meet next week to discuss long-term visitation arrangements.

JJ PicJanine Lindemulder Head Shot

Jesse James extended the olive branch to Janine Lindemulder. For now.

Married to James from 2002-2003, the porn star hasn’t seen Sunny face-to-face since her tax evasion conviction and subsequent jail/halfway house stints.

James previously complained that Lindemulder had “no filter” when talking with their young daughter, and noted that she flaked on a Christmas Day call.

He also said in court documents this week that Janine once put Sunny’s life at risk by joyriding around under the influence. Yeah. That’s never a good sign.

Married to Jesse since 2005, Sandra Bullock helped raise Sunny in the home she and James once shared. Then he ruined everything by cheating on her.

It’s sad, as Sunny could use a good maternal influence.

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Jesse James Allows Janine Lindemulder Visitation


Jesse James Claims Ex-Wife is Bigger Mess Than He

Poor Sunny James.

The six-year-old girl recently lost her de facto mother, Sandra Bullock, after Jesse James cheated on the Oscar winner with nasty Michelle McGee and her ilk.

Now Sunny is the subject of a custody war between James and her mom (his porn star ex Janine Lindemulder), with both claiming that the other is a threat.

Last week, Lindemulder, who just got out of jail and is seeking 50-50 custody of Sunny, termed James a master con-artist who does anything to get his way.

She also says he is moving closer to Sandra in Texas, in part to get away from her, since Janine can’t leave the state, obviously. But now he is hitting back.

In legal papers, Jesse paints Lindemulder as an unfit mother, to put it lightly, claiming that she was once drugged out of her mind with Sunny in the car.

Janine Lindemulder ImageJesse and Sandy

Jesse James was married to Janine Lindemulder pre-Sandra Bullock.

Jesse’s sister, Julie James England, swears that two years ago, she got a call from Janine, “slurring her words, telling me she’s letting my niece, Sunny drive.”


Jesse James expects Sandra Bullock reunion, claims ex-wife

Janine Lindemulder[HMG] – After his Nightline appearance in which Jesse James seemed to take responsibility for the split with Sandra Bullock, his ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder claims Jesse thinks Sandra will still take him back.

Janine, 41, who was married to Jesse for two years from 2002, says the whole ‘Nightline’ appearance was a ‘publicity stunt.’

“As far as Janine is concerned Jesse is just a master con-artist trying to manipulate the situation for his own ends,” a source has told Radar. “She doesn’t think the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father was as bad as he claimed.”

And Janine knows abuse – In May of 2003 she was arrested for attacking Jesse with an iron sculpture, trying to run him down with a truck and punching him in the face several times.

All in one week.

“Janine feels Jesse was left scarred towards women after his mom abandoned him when he was 7-years old,” the snitch continues. “She says Jesse is a control freak who reacts badly when he can’t get his own way.”

But the ultimate focus of Janine’s apparently expert  psycho-analysis is Jesse’s marriage.

“Janine says he believes Sandra will take him back in time, and that they just have to stay apart for a while for the sake of her image,” we are told. “His ego is so big, he can’t accept he brought about his own downfall and nobody else.”

In other news, Janine is now scheduled to do battle with Jesse in court in a bid to regain possession of her five-year old daughter, Sunny. An Oregon Judge gave Jesse sole guardianship in October last year because Janine was in jail for failing to pay over $200,000 in federal taxes.

“Good cause exists for the court to conduct a review to determine if Sunny will be safe with Janine,” Jesse told the court at the time. ”She should be restrained from allowing Sunny around pornographers, drug addicts, guns, felons and other unsafe environments.”

Janine is a former porn actress who now directs adult movies, and her new husband’s a convicted felon.

With her jail sentence, plus six-months in an Oregon half-way house now complete, Janine is due for release later today. And where the case goes from here after this self-serving tirade we can only surmise…

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Jesse James expects Sandra Bullock reunion, claims ex-wife


Janine Lindemulder to Sue Jesse James For Custody

Janine Lindemulder is not exactly a role model for children.

After all, she just served a six-month prison term for tax evasion. It’s hard to raise a six-year-old girl while you’re behind bars. She’s also a porn star, but no matter.

In any case, Lindemulder is now suing her ex-husband – the great Jesse James – to regain custody of their daughter Sunny. Hey, you gotta seize the opportunity.

Problem is, she can’t afford to pay the legal costs to get back her little girl, of whom she lost custody while serving the aforementioned prison sentence in 2009.

Side note … isn’t Janine like a slightly hotter Michelle McGee? That point has nothing to do with this story at all, we’re just saying. Dude has a type. Moving on …

James, J.Janine Lindemulder Photo

Jesse James and Janine Lindemulder may square off in court.

Now a free woman and sensing that his image is even worse than hers, Lindemulder wants 50-50 custody, but is too broke to pay a lawyer to handle the case.

Solution? Make Jesse spot her the cash!

She’s filed documents in Orange County, Calif., asking a judge to make Jesse front her a cool $5,000 for legal fees. That’s sure to go over really well with him.

Despite James’ claim that he wanted to get caught cheating, Janine says she doubts he wants to grant her request for 50-50 custody. Likely with good reason.

As recently as last fall, Janine Lindemulder was lobbing some harsh criticism at Sandra Bullock for her role in raising Sunny. This could get ugly, and quickly.

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