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Kurt Cobain: 20th Anniversary of Death Inspires Fan Tributes

Twenty years ago today, troubled Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead from a gunshot wound in his Washington state home. The singer/songwriter was just 27 years old.

Open Slideshow 1. Kurt Cobain: Unplugged Kurt performing on MTV. Nirvana’s “Unplugged” show became one of the network’s highest-rated broadcasts.

View As List 1. Kurt Cobain: Unplugged

Kurt performing on MTV. Nirvana’s “Unplugged” show became one of the network’s highest-rated broadcasts.

2. Kurt Cobain Interview Photo

Kurt on MTV in the 90s. The singer was

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Jimmy Kimmel Presents The Kardahsian Konquest: The Taking of America

Jimmy Kimmel can’t fight it any longer. And, really, neither should we.

On last night’s episode of this comedian’s talk show, the host gave in and admitted: Kim, Kourtney and Khloe pretty much run the universe. 

To drive this depressing point home, Kimmel showed viewers a trailer for a phony PBS special documentary “The Kardahsian Konquest: The Taking Of America,” which chronicles every city the clan has “taken.”

Up next, for example, Khloe and Kourtney are taking the Hamptons.

“Their furious march for domination continued, taking town after town, basketball player after basketball

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Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen Parody True Detective, Should Totally Star in Season 2

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? They are so yesterday’s news.

These two actors and real-life friends received an abundance of well-deserved accolades for their performances on True Detective Season 1.

But the opening eight episodes of this HBO drama wrapped on Sunday and now we’re looking ahead.

Who should anchor True Detective Season 2? Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen, of course!

The stars made their case in a hilarious spoof last night, driving around, crushing cans of beer and singing Cher lyrics. Watch the skit now and come on… don’t pretend you wouldn’t watch True

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Chelsea Houska: Served By Adam Lind! Battling For Custody!

Chelsea Houska, we’re afraid you just got served.

Tonight on Teen Mom 2, the reality star is completely blindsided by baby daddy Adam Lind, and not simply because he’s a dick or got another girl pregnant (both true).

He actually served her with legal papers. Why?

Adam wants to change his visitation rights with their daughter, even though he barely sees her right now and can’t even bother to show up for her birthday.

So why the change of custodial heart?

Clearly, Houska has no idea. “Whenever he has the option to come here, he

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Jonathan Davis: Barack Obama Used Miley Cyrus to Become a Dictator!

Nice try, President Obama.

But Jonathan Davis is on to you.

TMZ caught up with Korn singer Jonathan Davis today and asked him about his band’s new music video (below). Why is it filled with clips of Miley Cyrus dancing and other pop culture events?

Because, Davis calmly explained, “our government uses [celebrities] to distract from what’s really going on.”

Referring the Miley Cyrus VMA performance that dominated all headlines for days?

“When that went down, Barack Obama passed a law that made him basically a dictator,” Davis says. “He can imprison whoever he wants.”

Watch the

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Bode Miller Interview: Did NBC Push Olympian Too Far?

Bode Miller won a bronze medal in the super-G skiing event at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia Sunday, but it was his post-race interview that’s generated even more buzz.

The 36-year-old, whose brother died last year before he could make it to Sochi – Chelone Miller was a promising young snowboarder – was clearly emotional.

It wasn’t unreasonable for NBC’s Christin Cooper to ask about his brother’s death in this context, and Miller brought it up in response to her first question.

He admitted he had “a lot of emotion riding” on the race, but then Cooper pushed too far, in the opinion of

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Kristen Stewart as a Poet: Grade Her!

Kristen Stewart sends a clear message to critics in the latest issue of Marie Claire.

Still under scrutiny for cheating on Robert Pattinson, the actress tells the publication that she “stands by every mistake” she ever made and folks can “judge away.”

But that’s not all Stewart says in the interview. She also claims to be a poet!

Open Slideshow 1. Kristen Stewart Marie Claire Cover Kristen Stewart covers this issue of Marie Claire. And she looks mighty pretty while doing so, doesn’t she?

View As List 1. Kristen Stewart Marie

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MARGOT ROBBIE Must Have Hair by Corey Powell

Get the Fab Obsessed Beauty Buzz:

First she sizzled on the big screen in The Wolf of Wall Street, now Margot Robbie is smokin’ hot on every red carpet she sashay’s down. Could she look any more gorgeous? Harper’s Bazaar named her hair color one of the “Must Have Hair Colors of 2014.” We are a little obsessed with her hair — and when we had the chance to speak to the man responsible for her killer color, we jumped at the chance!

Corey Powell is no stranger to high profile clients. Margot Robbie is just one of the many screen sirens who trust him with their color. His roster of clients reads

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TANNA FREDERICK Ovation Star Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Get the Fab Obsessed Beauty Buzz:

Tanna Frederick stars in Ovation, a romantic comedy, alongside Desperate Housewive’s James Denton. INO sat down with Frederick to dish about beauty products, and of course, we couldn’t resist asking about Denton!

Since you have been an actress for over 10 years, can you share the best makeup trick you’ve learned along the way?

The best trick I’ve learned along the way is less is always more.  As I do more and more shoots and get more experience with different makeup artists, I’ve learned that for my face a coat of mascara and lip gloss is good
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Selena Gomez References "Bad" Justin Bieber Breakup, Feels So Very "Powerful"

Selena Gomez is doing her best to move on from Justin Bieber.

She was even spotted with a mystery man this week at the Sundance Film Festival.

But the singer’s ex-boyfriend allegedly keeps sending her mean texts, making it difficult for Selena to step away and be on her own, something she tells Seventeen she is VERY ready for.

“I turned 20 [and] went through a really bad breakup, and realized I needed to have ‘Come & Get It’ be amazing,” she said of gaining self-esteem and independence. “I wanted it all to be me. I’m glad it’s taken me this long to get where I am because now I am

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