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13 Celebrity Couples With Massive Age Gaps: Cradle Robbing Hall of Fame!

With news that Johnny Depp may have gotten Amber Heard pregnant, celebrity couples with huge age differences have been a popular topic of discussion today. 

We thought we’d remind you of some of Hollywood’s most noteworthy May-December romances, because let’s face it – some of these guys are so old they probably forget about their own relationships.

Open Slideshow 1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – 12 Years Brad is 12 years older than Angie. One of many Hollywood couples with a giant age gap.

View As List 1. Brad Pitt and

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Kendra Wilkinson Details Enlarged Vagina, Second Pregnancy

It’s safe to say Kendra Wilkinson is not shy about her body.

This much was made clear when the busty blonde posed for Playboy on many occasions… when she talked about farting in a recent interview… and when she told E! News this week that her second pregnancy is harder on her body that her first.

Here’s why:

“It’s been brutal. I think because little Hank stretched me out,” Kendra said of giving birth to her son. “I know that sounds pretty gross, but he stretched me out all the way!”

Wilkinson went on, explaining how this is affecting the little girl residing inside her

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Holly Madison has dark red hair now: gorgeous, unflattering or no difference?

Am I the only one who still has some strange affection for Holly Madison, one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends (and “Girls Next Door”)? Like, I enjoy her. She’s proof that not every reality star is destined for failure and/or will do anything to get a fraction of their fame back. Holly lives in Las Vegas full time now – she does paid appearances on behalf of whatever or whoever wants her. These are photos of Holly at some celebration for “Sprinkles Cupcakes” – a new cupcake shop inside The Linq.

As you can see, Holly has radically changed her appearance – she is no longer a Playboy

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Amanda Seyfried: You can’t talk ‘your vagina’ into being attracted to someone

Amanda Seyfried covers the August issue of Elle, and as always, she is ethereally beautiful as well as pale and interesting. Amanda is promoting Lovelace, which comes out stateside on August 9 in limited release; have you watched the trailer yet? The movie doesn’t look that great even if there’s a ton of talent — including Peter Sarsgaard, Adam Brody, West Bentley, Chloe Sevigny, and Chris Noth — involved. Oh and naturally, James Franco (who is all about classifying pr0n as “art”) is playing Hugh Hefner.

In this shoot, Amanda looks absolutely gorgeous, and the styling is lovely with the

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Colleen Shannon, Playboy Model, Facing Jail Time For Boyfriend Smuggling

Former Playboy playmate Colleen Shannon is facing serious jail time for trying to smuggle her ex-con boyfriend into the U.S. from Canada last summer.

Shannon was arrested last August while trying to sneak Robert Skojo over the border at the Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation in upstate N.Y.

Shannon pleaded guilty to aiding an illegal immigrant in U.S. district court this week and faces as long as 10 months in jail, though that is not a given.

The 35-year-old was Hugh Hefner’s hand-picked cover girl for Playboy’s 50th anniversary issue in 2004 and has since become “the world’s

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Jennifer Aniston’s new Bel Air mansion has a margarita fountain & a chicken coop

Have you been following the breathless reporting about Jennifer Aniston’s new Bel Air home? She bought the place… last year, I think, and as soon as she bought it, she began an extensive (and expense) renovation which has been happening for about a year and a half. “Sources” claim this is her dream home. “Sources” claim this is the home where she and Justin Theroux will live once they are married. “Sources” claim Jennifer demanded to have a nursery put in. The renovation project reportedly has included a huge pool, a Korean spa (?), a retractable roof, a wine cellar and a “special

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Holly Madison Flaunts Weight Loss, Return of Bikini Body

Move over, Khloe Kardashian.

You aren’t the only one back in a bikini.

Just six weeks after giving birth, Holly Madison has returned to a two-piece and is proud to show off her figure for readers of Life & Style.

“I was surprised by how much weight I gained,” Madison told the tabloid at the April 18 shoot. “I was a little worried about wearing a bikini, but I feel surprisingly good!”

The former centerfold says she’s been relying on intense cardio and healthy recipes to shed the pounds.

Her ideal weight is 110 pounds, but she’s not in a major rush to get there.

“I’ve been

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Jenny McCarthy shows off her new rose ankle tattoo: trashy or cute?

Jenny McCarthy has a new late night talk show coming out on VH1, and she’s busting her Botox face to promote it. She’s posing in a bath tub “naked”, she’s “confessing” about keeping spare batteries on hand for her vibrator, and she’s doing the talk show circuit. In a recent interview on Today, Jenny revealed a giant tattoo of a rose that she got on her ankle during the Superbowl blackout.

She explained it like a spur of the moment decision, saying “I basically, during the blackout, at the Superbowl, decided to do something besides gorge pizza and I went next door and got a new tattoo. I

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Kendra Wilkinson Is Mourning The Death Of Hugh Hefner’s Longtime Secretary

Kendra Wilkinson is devastated following the death of Hugh Hefner‘s long-time secretary Mary O’Connor. The former ‘The Girls Next Door‘ star and glamour model penned a touching obituary about the Playboy “mansion mom”, who passed away last weekend after ongoing health issues and said she “wouldn’t be the person I am without her”.

The 26-year-old mother-of-one opened up about her grief on her blog on Wednesday, writing:

“I’m devastated to hear about the passing of Mary O’Connor. Some of you probably recognize her as Hef’s secretary from ‘The Girls Next Door.’  But Mary was a lot more

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Golddigger Fail: Hugh Hefner has an iron-clad prenup & Crystal isn’t in his will

You might think this story is a no-brainer, especially considering the obviousness of Crystal Harris’s long con. The 26-year-old (cough) is a bolter – I’m surprised she even made it down the aisle to marry Hugh Hefner on New Year’s Eve, as planned. She bolted from the first planned wedding, which probably doesn’t show that she’s super trustworthy. So of course Hugh Hefner made Crystal sign a prenup – I doubt his children and his lawyers would have let him marry her if she refused to sign. Besides that, it’s obvious that Crystal’s long con isn’t about divorce and alimony – it’s obvious

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