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Catherine Giudici to Dancing With the Stars: Cast Me!!

Catherine Lowe (formerly Catherine Giudici) wants to be on Dancing With the Stars, and she’s not being shy about broadcasting that career aspiration.

While watching this week’s Dancing With the Stars results, she took to Twitter to join the conversation, and plugging herself as a future cast member.

She wrote: “After each dance, it makes me wish I could be on the show! #DWTS” … which isn’t exactly desperate, but does express serious interest.

The thought of being a part of the DWTS cast has to have crossed her mind, especially since husband Sean Lowe has already been there and

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Lindsay Lohan drinking ‘clear liquid’ at Coachella, she was fall-down drunk

Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan last Thursday in London. They just became available yesterday, so we had Coachella photos of Lohan before we had these pics. Which means that Lindsay flew into London last Thursday, stayed for a few hours, then flew to California where she is probably now banging Gerard Butler in a porto-potty as we speak. Here’s how Fame/Flynet explained it:

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan seen leaving her hotel in London, England on April 11, 2014. The flame-haired star and her companion flew into Heathrow airport on Thursday morning and, after a twenty-four hour

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Alex Skarsgard has arrived for the Viking beer & other Coachella photos

THE VIKING IS AT COACHELLA. I repeat: The Viking is at Coachella now. If you want to bang a Viking in a port-o-potty, now is your chance!! Alexander Skarsgard finally appeared at Coachella on Day 3. I have no idea if he was there on Day 1 or 2, mostly because these are the photos I’ve seen of him (from Day 3, or Monday). Coachella for Skarsgard is an annual thing – for as long as I’ve been covering Coachella, he makes an appearance for several days, maybe even the whole week. I want to know who his friends are. They’re all so tall! Does Alex have any short dude friends? No. The

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Gone Girl Trailer: I Am Not a Murderer

I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer.

So Ben Affleck intones to close the first official trailer for Gone Girl, one of the most anticipated films of 2014.

The adaption of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel stars Affleck as Nick Dunne, a man suspected of killing his missing wife (Rosamund Pike’s Amy Dunne).

It’s directed by David Fincher, it comes out on October 3, it also featured ongoing It Girls Emily Ratajkowski and the awesome preview is set to the Elvis Costello song “She.”

Check it out here:

Continue reading here: Gone Girl Trailer: I Am Not a

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Ultimate Warrior Autopsy: Heart Attack Killed Wrestler

According to autopsy results revealed today The Ultimate Warrior – the wrestling legend who died last week  – was killed by a massive heart attack.

The coroner who conducted the autopsy reports that the wrestler – real name James Helwig – was suffering from long-term advanced cardiovascular disease.

Those closest to Helwig initially believed that a heart attack was the cause of the Ultimate Warrior’s death as he reportedly clutched his chest before collapsing and came from a family with a history of heart disease.

Just 54 years old, Helwig was admitted to the Wrestling Hall of

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Kelly Osbourne to Paris Hilton: Grow Up!

Kelly Osbourne has made it clear that she’s on Team Miley and on Team Bieber.

Team Paris Hilton? Not so much.

After attending the Coachella Music Festival in California this weekend, Osbourne took Twitter and lashed out at her former rival with the following message:

“@ParisHilton please grow up there is no need to act like a child you could of happily joined us! it’s not 2005 no one cares!”

It’s unclear exactly what went down at Coachella between the D-Listers, but Great Britain’s The Daily Mirror claims it’s all Hilton’s fault.” 

“Kelly was sitting with some mates, minding

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MTV Movie Awards Pay Tribute to Paul Walker

It was an evening filled with funny jokes, crazy hijinks, some golden popcorn and at least one Zac Efron shirtless sighting.

But the MTV Movie Awards was also a time for reflection, as Jordana Brewster introduced a tribute to her late friend and Fast & Furious costar Paul Walker, who died in November from a high-speed car crash.

“Every day was an adventure to be tackled,” Brewster said of working with the actor. “He never asked for credit or glory. He was just a really good guy.”

Watch clips from Walker’s performances and hear from the man himself now:

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Conan O’Brien Shows "Dick Pic" To Channing Tatum at MTV Movie Awards

Conan O’Brien hosted the 2014 MTV Movie Awards last night and he made clear from the start that the show wouldn’t be some stodgy Oscars-style formal affair.

Instead of cueing up the orchestra to let winners know their speeches were going on too long, O’Brien used a more NSFW method of letting celebs know when its time to “wrap it up.”

Conan promised to flash a “dick pic” on the teleprompter to get long-winded speakers off stage and he delivered on his threat…much to the chagrin of Channing Tatum.

Channing was on stage to accept the annual Trailblazer Award (whatever that is) and

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RIHANNA Flaunted Her Legs At 2014 MTV Movie Awards (Love It Or Hate It?)

Did Rihanna wear a dress or a romper and robe to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards? I’m not quite sure, but one thing that is certain is she showed off those long legs of hers! What did you think of Rihanna’s red carpet look?

RELATED: Are Rihanna and Drake an exclusive item?

I’m not sure about the outfit. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I wish Rihanna had worn something that looked a little more like, well, a dress. She definitely has the body to pull this outfit off, though. And I’m loving her hair! But I’ve gotta ask…

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Duchess Kate in a green Erdem coat in New Zealand: gorgeous or unflattering?

Here are some photos of Duchess Kate and Prince William, still in New Zealand, this time in Cambridge (get it?). They met the mayor, they visited the town hall, William did some stuff and Kate visited a children’s hospice and it was all very nice.

For the day’s activities, Kate wore this emerald green Erdem coat the entire time. Is that weird? I think it’s a little weird, considering she was doing events inside and outside and she never once showed off what was underneath the coat. That being said, it’s a gorgeous coat. I’ve been enjoying Kate’s jewel tones thus far on this tour,

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