Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild: Shacking Up During Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore Claims!

Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild are totally getting it on, according to her Celebrity Apprentice co-star Kenya Moore, who says she saw the two shack up together!

Steve Neild, Kate Gosselin Photo

Moore tells Us Weekly that Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild, who have been long-rumored as a secret couple, were sharing a room during this spring’s filming.

“That bodyguard was very interesting because they actually shared a room – I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that – so he was around a lot,” Moore reveals.

Pretty scandalous reveal right there, whether she meant it that way or not!

Gosselin, 39, divorced her husband of 10 years, Jon Gosselin, in 2009.

Not long after that, rumors of Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild dating surfaced, although neither has publicly commented on the gossip one way or the next.

This year, the speculation resurfaced after Steve quit working for her, reportedly due to an ultimatum given to him by his wife of several decades that he do so.

Neild’s wife Gina Downie posted a family photo with her husband and two sons to Facebook after new rumors of Neild’s romance with Gosselin blossomed.

He has since resumed working for Kate and her family. Obviously.

Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild Photo

Are Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild dating? We wouldn’t necessarily assume so … but we wouldn’t write off the possibility either.

What is the status of their relationship now? It’s very far from clear.

While the Celebrity Apprentice cast was only recently announced, the filming took place early this year, before Neild briefly bailed on working for Kate.

It makes you wonder, although there is still no proof of anything.

As for Jon Gosselin, he is currently broke and homeless, or darn close to it, after going through as many jobs as Ed Hardy t-shirts over the past few years.

As for Kenya Moore, you can catch her battle with Kate, Brandi Glanville and other C-to-D-listers on Celebrity Apprentice starting in January on NBC.

Or watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online right now!

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Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild: Shacking Up During Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore Claims!


The Osbournes: Returning to TV! VH1 Resurrects Iconic Reality Show!

These days, the television landscape is populated by so many quirky families engaging in wacky, “unscripted” behavior than when we look back on a show like The Osbournes, it’s hard to understand why it was such a cultural phenomenon.

But while the MTV series that focused on Ozzy and his then unknown wife and children certainly wasn’t the first reality show, it was the first to encourage us to root for hot-tempered, entitled egomaniacs who we’d probably hate in real life.

Without the Osbournes, we may have never had Jersey Shore or even (gasp!) Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

So perhaps it’s out of respect for the show’s legacy (or in hopes of recreating its then-record breaking ratings) that VH1 has decided to bring The Osbournes back to television.

Of course, things have changed a bit since the show went first went of the air in 2005:

Ozzy, of course, remains Ozzy, but we’re sure most fans wouldn’t have it any other way. VH1 hasn’t set a definitive release date yet, but The Osbournes will reportedly return some time in 2015.

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is one of the most frequent results if you run a Google image search on “reality TV douchebag.” True story.

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The Osbournes: Returning to TV! VH1 Resurrects Iconic Reality Show!


Kate Gosselin Didn’t Write a Word of Book About Family, Co-Author Claims

Kate Gosselin headlined the author byline on the reality TV mom’s book Multiple Blessings, but Beth Carson says she in fact wrote it. Every single word.

Carson, Gosselin’s former close friend, admits it was Kate’s story – it’s her life with her sextuplets, of course – but insists she did 100 percent of the writing.

For a year. Only to watch Kate turn around and take the credit.

  • Kate Gosselin Can't Look

“Kate and I would sit around feeding our babies, and Kate would talk. I would take notes and made it into a book,” Carson told Radar of the cleverly-titled MULTIPLE BLES8INGS.

Because they have 8 kids! Jon & Kate Plus 8! GENIUS!

“I wrote the entire thing. Kate didn’t write one word of the book. I wanted to take nothing away from the fact that it was her story, but I put a lot of work into it.”

Which was fine, until it was time to promote the book, and Kate shunned her.

“That was sort of the last straw, it was a smack in the face,” said Carson, who says she pratially blames TV audiences for creating this monster.

Still … the woman was the absolute worst for effing her over so hard.

“That process wasn’t hard,” Kate said in an interview at the time, of authoring the book. “It was the time to write the book. It took us a year and a half.”

“I started when the little kids were two and to re-live all of those things that we had been through was probably the most difficult part. As far as the book went, that was easy.”

Even worse than that? Jon being listed as co-author, when he did nothing.

“I didn’t know that Jon was even on the book until it was published and Kate tried diligently to get my name removed,” Carson reveals years later.

Not surprisingly, this marked the end of their friendship.

“Kate tried very, VERY hard to get my name off everything and take my cut,” she says, adding to the list of stories about Kate being a greedy, fame-hungry child abuser.

“It’s just too bad that Kate’s thirst for the limelight was so strong,” Carson added, leaving us wondering how the woman ever had any friends or a husband.

At least Gosselin and Steve Neild are back together.

Kate Gosselin, Twins

Kate Gosselin is the mother of many kids. But she always put her financial and famous interests about theirs it seems.

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Kate Gosselin Didn’t Write a Word of Book About Family, Co-Author Claims


Kate Major Suffers Seizure in Rehab; Condition Unknown

Michael Lohan’s notorious baby mama Kate Major had to be rushed from a rehab facility to a Florida hospital after suffering a seizure, according to reports.

Kate Major with Michael Lohan

The episode took place early this morning for unknown reasons.

Kate Major reportedly complained of chest pains and was taken to JFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Her condition is unknown at this time.

Major, who once worked as an assistant to Lindsay Lohan and dated Jon Gosselin, was ordered back to rehab by a judge earlier this year after a DUI arrest.

Before she welcomed Michael Lohan’s sixth child last year, she had a similar incident in 2011 when she was also taken to the hospital … also from rehab.

It is believed that Major suffered a seizure then as well.

More details to follow as the story develops …

Lil Za

Did Lil Za take the rap for Justin Bieber? He was arrested for possessing drugs inside the singer’s home.

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Kate Major Suffers Seizure in Rehab; Condition Unknown


Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen Parody True Detective, Should Totally Star in Season 2

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? They are so yesterday’s news.

These two actors and real-life friends received an abundance of well-deserved accolades for their performances on True Detective Season 1.

But the opening eight episodes of this HBO drama wrapped on Sunday and now we’re looking ahead.

Who should anchor True Detective Season 2? Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen, of course!

The stars made their case in a hilarious spoof last night, driving around, crushing cans of beer and singing Cher lyrics. Watch the skit now and come on… don’t pretend you wouldn’t watch True Detective Season 2 with this pair at the center of it:

Where does this rank among all-time Jimmy Kimmel Live sketches?

You tell us!

Los Angeles residents are told by a Jimmy Kimmel Live reporter here that FDR just died. Watch them react accordingly.

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Jimmy Kimmel Parodies True Detective

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Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen Parody True Detective, Should Totally Star in Season 2


Kate Gosselin Walks Runway at Fashion Week: What The … ?!

Mom. Reality star. Coupon Cabin blogger. Runway model?!

Kate Gosselin raised eyebrows this week for reasons much different than usual, strutting down the runway at New York’s Fashion Week … yes, seriously.

Wednesday night, the always-controversial 37-year-old mother of eight strutted her stuff during Derek Warburton’s Real Fashion, Real Runway show.

Here’s a toned, tanned Kate a one-shoulder white dress … think she’s got what it takes to be a runway model? Think Jon is kicking himself right now?

Kate Gosselin, Fashion Week

Despite the fact that all proceeds benefited Bottomless Closet, an organization that helps lower-income New York women become self-sufficient and provides them with business attire, many people took issue with Kate Gosselin modeling in the show.

“We have all been in Twitter wars about Kate,” Warburton said.

“They were attacking us for having her in the show. I responded saying, ‘Listen, we are not paying her. She is doing this out of the goodness of her heart.'”

“What’s remarkable is every time we get a nasty tweet about Kate, she writes and apologizes. She doesn’t care about haters, she cares about the charity.”

“She must have apologized to me five times for the things people say about her. Kate is so nice, sweet and accommodating and cool,” Warburton gushed.

The real question … Kate Gosselin: Would you hit it?

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Kate Gosselin Walks Runway at Fashion Week: What The … ?!


Kate Gosselin’s Hiney Hurts Over Holidays

Kate Gosselin is at it again. Blogging up a storm at Coupon Cabin, she’s focusing on the holidays and the joys – and stress – they bring in her latest musings.

Short story: Holidays are a pain in the a$$. Not because of Jon Gosselin, though.

“Following our mass gift opening, I know that once again this year I’ll sit on the floor for 4+ hours unpacking toys and installing batteries,” Kate writes.

“I am not exaggerating!” she adds, as if we would accuse her of that. “My hiney is sore by the time the last toy has been freed from its packaging prison.”

Kate Gosselin Head Shot

Not to say she isn’t in a giving mood. Kate notes that she even leaves containers of cookies by her garbage cans “for our ever kind and helpful trash men.”

Besides, cleaning up also happens to be what Gosselin loves most.

“[T]he kids run off playing happily with all their new stuff and I clean up alone in peace and quiet,” she writes. “This is probably my favorite part of the day.”

“Not because of the peace and quiet, but because I have the most grateful kids in the world! They return often while I’m sweeping the floor to thank me again.”

Aww. That’s kinda cute, even if it involves Kate Gosselin.

[Photo: WENN.com]

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Kate Gosselin’s Hiney Hurts Over Holidays


Jon Gosselin Smitten With Ellen Ross, Seeks Return to Television

Remember when Jon Gosselin tried to make sure his eight kids were kept off TV because, supposedly, he thought it was detrimental to their health?

Yeah, that didn’t take. Largely because the only reason he did that was that TLC wanted to keep him off TV. He’d love to get back on screen, too.

“It would be nice to have a job on television again,” he told Us Weekly. “I’m not so sure about reality. I’m just exploring my options right now.”

“I’ve been meeting with certain people about different ideas. I can’t talk about it; you have to stay tuned.” Oh, you better believe that we will.

As for rumors that Kate Gosselin may be getting a dating show?

“I saw some stuff on the Internet about The Bachelorette, and I saw stuff about our own dating show, but our spokesperson says it’s not true,” he said.

“At this point, I don’t really mix in her business. We talk about: ‘Hey, I’m going to pick up the kids at 2. Is there gas in the van? That kind of thing.”

Ellen Ross PicBig Pimp in Action

Ellen Ross is Jon’s latest girlfriend – and it’s going well.

As for his own love life, Jon Gosselin said he couldn’t be happier with his Ellen Ross, 23, whom he met on a blind date and got along with right away.

“We just kind of hit it off, backyard barbeques in Pennsylvania, hanging out, good times. She knew of me [and still] saw me as a normal person.”

The relationship is “really different for me,” he added, noting that despite reports that she hates kids, she makes every effort to bond with his brood.

“You have to find ways to occupy time, especially if it rains!” he said. “I was like, ‘What are we going to do?’ So she got Monopoly, board games.”

Well played, Ellen Ross. Well played. On multiple levels.

He says he’s taking their romance “day by day. I have a hard time talking about my personal life because of everything that happened last year.”

“I just stray away from it. We just want to be left alone.”

Just give him a new TV show, though. Please! Anyone?

Jon Gosselin Smitten With Ellen Ross, Seeks Return to Television


Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard was advisor on boob-job

Kate Gosselin[HMG] – Multiple-mommy, Kate Gosselin is rarely seen in public without her bodyguard, Steve Neild, And now we’re hearing the married father of two even advised Kate on her alleged boob job.

A source tells Us magazine that Steve not only advised Kate what to do, but also drove her to the doctor to have the work done;

“Kate was going to have one kind of breast op, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best,” says the insider.

Several sources have since assured the reporters that after the procedure – which can cost over $10,000 – was done on March 30th last year the 35-year old mommy went from a size 4 shirt to a size 6. But when quizzed on the cause of the difference, Kate was dismissive;

“Plastic surgery? Please! Who has time to even think about it, let alone do it?” was her off-handed response.

Who has the time? She did! Kate got a free tummy-tuck in 2006. It was documented on the show, and performed by no less than the father of Hailey Glassman, who went on to date her now-discarded husband.

At the time, Kate asked the Doc if she could also get a free boob job, but he told her she just needed a better class of bra.

So she’s either lying, delusional or just seeking attention – you’ll need to decide…

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Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard was advisor on boob-job


Coming Someday: A New Man For Kate Gosselin!

A new man for Kate Gosselin … may be pursued. Someday. There is no actual news here, despite what the splashy cover of the magazine below tries to imply.

Note how OK! shrewdly does not name said man, or state that Kate is even dating someone. Because she’s not. Talk about misleading … true, but misleading!

It’s been a year since she split with Jon, though, so time to start up the Kate Gosselin dating rumors, even if she says she’s still healing and doesn’t have time.

That doesn’t sell magazines, though, so they give us vague reports about how the 35-year-old is “changing her controlling ways” and “ready for romance again.”

We’ll believe the former when we see it.

A New Man For Kate!

Only in theory, of course.

“Kate knows she can be a little controlling at times, and she’s working on that aspect of her character,” a source tells OK!. Right. Sure she is. Jon Gosselin is supposedly working on his wardrobe and penchant for lies and mediocre girls, too.

Yesterday, we reported how a new Kate Gosselin dating show may be in the works. Even that we can’t really see, despite the fact that she’s a ratings goldmine.

The magazine also says Kate’s getting support from none other than Jon in her quest to move on. Another claim you could never refute with fact. Pure genius.

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Coming Someday: A New Man For Kate Gosselin!