New Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Happy Bangsgiving!

Tuesday on New Girl Season 4 Episode 9, Schmidt decided that this Thanksgiving would be a little different. Why? Because the gang’s all single at the moment!

Entitled “Thanksgiving IV,” New Girl Season 4 Episode 9 served up heaping portions of laughs as everyone brought dates and things went terribly awry.

The dates were selected by picking names out of a hat. As in whatever name a person picked, they had to supply that person with their Bangsgiving date.

Naturally Coach brings Ryan, Jess’ teacher crush, for Jess, despite the fact that Jess agreed to this idea in part so that she could get over Ryan. 

Coach says her rule for not getting involved is a dumb rule, and the guys tell her to “bang it out” with him so that she can move on. Totally logical!

This backfires, though, when Ryan doesn’t want any part of it and instead, insists on a real relationship. Wow, this man really is the perfect catch.

After some heart to hearts, Jess realizes she’s scared to move on from Nick and is using the school policy as an excuse. It’s not really about Ryan.

She goes to see him at his house, and she’s all in, rules be damned. We have a good feeling about these two, even if she wears more than an apron.

Meanwhile, Coach’s date is a woman from Winston’s police academy, and she is jacked out of her mind which turns Coach off at first, as he’s intimidated.

Later, he realizes they have a lot in common and he comes around. Ditto Winston and the hot lunch lady from Jess’ school. She does not have a hard job.

Nick’s date, after he selected his own name, was Tran. Even that ended well, as Tran’s granddaughter shows up to pick him up, and hits it off with Nick.

Schmidt’s date, Nick’s ex Pearl, didn’t work out and Cece’s date never showed – until the end, when she pretended to be the housekeeper so he’d bail.

Those two look to be rekindling the passion as well. Time will tell in the coming weeks. Follow the link to watch New Girl online and see this episode, it’s great!

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New Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Happy Bangsgiving!


Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: What the Truck?

Things for personal for some of our favorite firefighters on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9.

And not necessarily in a good way.

Called to the scene of a semi-truck accident, the tension between Dawson and Casey reached a boiling point after the former disobeyed an order by the latter.

This was the first time the couple has had trouble transitioning from their home life to the office life, as the lines have now started to blur. Was Dawson right? Did she save the day ? Yes.

But Casey can’t make it look as if he’s giving her special treatment. And she must show him the respect he deserves as her boss.

At least Dawson wanted to talk about the issue, however. She gets points for that move… and Casey gets the same points deducted for becoming so closed off.

Elsewhere, watch Chicago Fire online and see how the series teased us with the possibility of Mills and Dawson rekindling their romance. Or just their friendship? For Casey fans, let’s hope it’s the latter.

On the flip relationship side, Severide and Brittany shared many tender moments this week. The former isn’t like Casey. He can easily open up and discuss his feelings. With Brittany by his side, Severide finally visited the Academy headquarters and saw Shay’s bridge.

Perhaps he can now start to heal and move on?

Severide’s honesty prompted Brittany to share her own story, as she finally revealed she was behind the wheel during the car crash that killed her sister. Not exactly a shock, but still a nice scene between the couple.

Finally, Mills has things to worry about that don’t include romance of any kind. He recognized he’s being tailed by Mr. Lullo toward the end of the hour and finally grew as frightened as he ought to be about this situation.

NOTE: Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10 is titled “Santa Bites” and it airs on Tuesday, December 2.

What did everyone think about this installment?

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: What the Truck?


NCIS Season 12 Episode 9 Recap: Not Home for the Holidays

Turkey Day arrived a couple days early on NCIS Season 12 Episode 9, though this installment of the CBS drama was certainly not for the birds.

The action mostly took place around  Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C., where Tony, Bishop and Bishop’s husband, Jake, were grounded temporarily for the holidays.

And we need to start with our impressions of Bishop’s more handsome half, don’t we?

Played by Jamie Bamber, he’s protective of Bishop, though also sort of clueless about her life at NCIS.

He had no idea, for example, that Bishop carries a gun around, along with various kinds of crime gear.

But Jake still wanted to be the one to stand up for his wife, telling a man who bumped her at one point (without apologizing) that it was an act “up with which he will not put.”

As for the Crime of the Week?

It centered around a culprit who killed an Air Marshall after impersonating him in order to get his weapon into the airport.

Away from the rest of the team, this gave Tony the opportunity to once again take lead, which is always entertaining. Especially when they involve a solid use of puns.

Abby, McGee and company, however, did get involved from afar (the killer ended up being notorious chameleon and someone on the Most Wanted list Bishop reads every week).

Overall, the installment was a tremendous showcase for Tony. It was a blast watching him interact with Jake and to ramble on about how much he hates couples after he went to Jamaica last Christmas and his resort was couples-only. Not that he hates Bishop and Jake, of course.

Go ahead and watch NCIS online via the above video to lament a tease about Gibbs doing a snow angel, but viewers never seeing it, and then sound off:

What do you think of Jake Malloy?

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 9 Recap: Not Home for the Holidays


Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Who is Rowena?

Who is Rowena? That question was answered on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7.

Not to get ahead of ourselves and spoil the end of a solid hour, but we can’t help it: we just met the King of Hell’s mother!

We opened this installment with a hooker on the run from a pimp named Raul. She stabbed in the eye, but he lived.

We then cut to Dean and Sam enjoying a cheap steak and us learning that Dean is on a dating app. His user name? Impala67.

Just as Sam begins to educate his brother on the definition of “catfishing,” Shaylene appears with enough cleavage to prove she really is a hooker.

She asks Dean for his soul in exchange for sex and the siblings realize this is not your average call girl.

Soon enough, they’ve trapped the demon pimp in a motel room and the “trash from the street,” as he calls the hooker, kills via via the angel blade.

Across town, we meet Raul’s Girls. This is the brother at the middle of all the action. This is also where we’re introduced to Rowena, who forces Raul to vomit himself to death. She gets a couple hookers alone and tells them she’s seeking new witches.

By the time Rowena and her hookers leave the premises, Sam and Dean have determined her identity, along with the fact that she’s over 300 years old.

But she’s hard to capture, especially after turning a hooker into an attack dog. And once the brothers maybe have Rowena in their sights, look who shows up to ruin things: Cole!

When you watch Supernatural online, you’ll see Dean giving Cole some answers about his father, who apparently was a monster of unknown origin.

Dean assures Cole that he killed his dad to save many lives. Sam also overhears Dean saying hr knows his story will end in his death and the only question that remains is this: Will it take place today?

Cole goes home to his family and Sam continues to be concerned about his brother.

Elsewhere, we met Joe, Caroline’s husband (Caroline is Hannah’s vessel), who is told by Hannah that she’s with Castiel. Then she and Cas kiss!

HOWEVER, this leads to Hannah deciding she can’t put her mission as an angel before the needs of humans. And, because those feelings belong to Caroline, Hannah leave her to return to her husband.

This leads Cas to Google Jimmy Novak, his vessel.

Oh, and then there was this: Crowley’s demons captured Rowena, which prompted the family that opened this review.

That’s a lot to take in for one episode, isn’t it? Relive all the action via the video above and get your first look at Supernatural Season 10 Episode 8 below:

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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Who is Rowena?


Bill Cosby Buried Vegas Orgy Rumors By Offering Tabloid Story About His Daughter’s Drug Problems, Source Claims

The Bill Cosby sex scandal continues to worsen, with new allegations surfacing seemingly every day.

Last week, former Law & Order actress Michelle Hurd accused Cosby of sexual assault, thus becoming the 18th woman to do so.

Since then, even more allegations have surfaced, including one from a former Cosby Show staffer who claims he was tasked with offering money to women who had been victimized by Cosby’s lewd behavior.

Bill Cosby Image

The flood of allegations has led many to wonder how Cosby managed to maintain his image as America’s favorite sitcom dad for so many decades.

A report that surfaced earlier today may offer some insight into the tactics Cosby employed in order to manipulate the media:

In today’s New York Post, columnist Richard Johnson accuses Cosby of selling out his own daughter in order to protect his reputation.

Johnson claims an unidentified friend of his worked at the National Enquirer in 1989, and was preparing to run a story about Cosby’s habit of “swinging” (participating in wife-swapping and other non-traditional sex practices) with legendary entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr.

Johnson’s source says the story was pulled at the last minute in favor of a report about Cosby’s then 23-year-old daughter Erinn, and her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source,” the insider days. “He ratted out his own flesh and blood.”

Aside from vaguely referencing his current troubles while performing on stage, Cosby has remained silent about the many charges against him.

Cosby denied the initial rape allegations through his lawyer, and he has turned down all recent requests for interviews.

Stare at the Sweater

Thanks a lot, Internet users. Now we’ll never be able to watch The Cosby Show the same way ever again!

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Bill Cosby Buried Vegas Orgy Rumors By Offering Tabloid Story About His Daughter’s Drug Problems, Source Claims


Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps Rules at Sex, Sucks For Abandoning Me

Michael Phelps’ purported girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler is speaking out in a video interview, detailing her relationship with the Olympic legend.

By her own admission, Chandler was born a man named David Roy Fitch, the latest revelation in a string of them since the athlete’s infamous DUI arrest.

Speaking out for the first time, she lashes out at Phelps for ditching her as news of their relationship spread public, and described her inner turmoil.

“I felt he should’ve been there for me … I felt his team should’ve been there for me,” said Chandler, who has been dealing with “overwhelming” stress.

“Articles came out every week painting me in all kinds of different light,” Chandler, who says she met the Olympian on Tinder this past summer, adds.

“People online said horrible things about me,” she says, and that peaked after her nude texts with Michael Phelps went viral. “I felt alone in all this.”

“There have been days when I just stayed in bed.”

Taylor Lianne Chandler said her appetite has disappeared during this period, as she’s “gone from a size 6 to a size 2” as result of the “dramatic weight loss.”

“I didn’t want to leave my home, even to go to the gym … a girl that works there told everybody, so just to be in public is stressful,” she said of her paranoia.

Taylor Lianne Chandler-Michael Phelps Sex Text

Taylor and Michael discuss their sexcapades from the previous night. Certainly sounds like she had fun.

Chandler described the time as “very isolating” and “very lonely,” as she admittedly “didn’t know what to do” as her name became a celebrity gossip staple.

“This wasn’t in my wheelhouse, it was bad,” she said.

“I wouldn’t wish the last seven weeks on anybody.”

In her interview with Radar, and in her leaked texts, Chandler raved about Michael Phelps’ world-class sexual prowess during their steamy romance.

“The intimacy with him was amazing!” she says, adding that with Michael, “It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.”

One who makes her feel like she’s been horseback riding, apparently. Her words, and she’s probably not exaggerating. You know the guy has some stamina.

You know, from the swimming. Just saying.

Taylor Lianne Chandler, Michael Phelps Text?

Taylor Lianne Chandler is Michael Phelps’ alleged cougar girlfriend. This was sent to THG directly from a source claiming it’s from her. Decide for yourself in this gallery!

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Taylor Lianne Chandler: Michael Phelps Rules at Sex, Sucks For Abandoning Me


Kendall Jenner Covers Dazed, Is "Changing the Face of Fashion"

Anything Kim Kardashian can do, Kendall Jenner now thinks she can do better.

Earlier today, we reported that Kim is featured on three new covers of ELLE UK. And now – wouldn’t you know it?!? – Kendall is also featured on three new covers of Dazed.

Kendall Jenner Dazed Cover

Kendall Jenner covers this issue of Dazed. Yes, apparently Dazed is an actual magazine.

Each edition of this magazine dubs Kendall as “Changing the Face of High Fashion,” an apt description for a teenager who has walked the runways of major fashion houses and who was just named the new Estee Lauder spokesperson.

Flip through the pages of this publication and you’ll read quotes from Kendall that debunk chatter about her being bullied by fellow models. 

“That has never happened, ever,”Jenner says. “I would see rumors of girls bullying me backstage and putting cigarettes out in my drink, and none of that has happened. Everyone’s been really cool to me. I’ve never had one girl be mean… so far.”

There’s also been talk of Kendall clashing with Kim and/or other members of her family.

Again, she says this is not true.

“Every show, no matter how many shows I’ve done, I get a text message from every single one of them,” Jenner reveals of her relatives. “I love it. I couldn’t ask for a better reaction… The other day Kanye hugged me and was like, ‘Yo, I’m really proud of you.’ And I was like, ‘REALLY?!’ It’s so sweet to hear that.”

The winter issue of Dazed hits newsstands on Thursday, November 27.

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Kendall Jenner Covers Dazed, Is "Changing the Face of Fashion"


Second Graders React To Lammily Dolls Feel Good Video Of The Day

kids react to lammily dollsHave you heard of Lammily dolls? They are supposed to look like real people, rather than the anatomically-impossible figure of Barbie dolls. The makers of Lammily dolls took them to second graders to see how they reacted to them.

The kids picked up on the difference right away, pointing out that the Lammily dolls were most like them, “unique,” and “not like their other dolls.” I was surprised at the small details the kids picked up on, like the feet. The Lammily dolls have flat feet while Barbies, if you recall, have that high arch in the feet to accommodate Barbie’s fashionable heels. Take a look at this. Is a Lammily doll on your Christmas list for a doll fan in your life?

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Second Graders React To Lammily Dolls Feel Good Video Of The Day


Duchess Kate in red Katherine Hooker in Norwich: stunning, pretty or tired?


Oh, I really hope you guys bring back Wiglet Watch for these photos, because I feel like there’s a lot to analyze and assess!!! These are photos of Duchess Kate in Norwich, England today, attending the launch of East Anglia’s Hospices’ Norfolk Capital Appeal. EACH is one of Kate’s patronages, and she’s helping them launch a fundraising drive (they need £10 million) to build more EACH facilities in Norfolk. You can read more about the launch here – Kate did not give a speech, from what I see, but she did release a one-sentence statement. Probably better that way because chica still can’t manage public speaking.

As for her look today… RED!!! YAY. I do love it when Kate chooses a rich jewel tone. I would always rather see her in red, purple or a rich sapphire than the greys, browns, pale pinks and neutrals she seems to favor. Kate’s dress is by Katherine Hooker. It’s not perfectly tailored, but I suspect Kate bought up a size or two to accommodate her (still very small) baby bump. Kate’s also wearing lower-than-normal black heels. I didn’t notice that the black suede heels are lower than her usual three-inchers, but The Daily Mail noted it, so there you go.

As for her hair and Wiglet Watch 2014… I’m sure there’s some teasing that went into this ponytail. But I’m just not convinced that we’re seeing her natural hair overall. I think there are some extensions or something. Wiglet Watch it. Also: we have to praise her for doing a ponytail. Always. It’s so nice to see her hair out of her face.

Last thing – for Will and Kate’s New York City trip in a few weeks, they’ll be attending a fundraiser for their alma mater, St. Andrews University. The fundraiser will be held at the Met and it costs $100,000 per table (10 people at a table). That sounds pretty standard for a fundraiser and hey, at least it’s not pay-for-play like the NBA game they’ll be attending.




Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Duchess Kate in red Katherine Hooker in Norwich: stunning, pretty or tired?


Benedict Cumberbatch: If my fans like me, they’ll like Sophie Hunter too


Yes, it’s not a day of the week until we cover something to do with Benedict Cumberbatch. In my defense… I’ve got nothing. Yep. This is how it is! No, in truth, I think the oversaturation of the past three weeks is slowing down significantly. Just in time for Benedict to start promoting The Hobbit movie, right? Anyway, Benedict does have a new interview with The NY Daily News where he seems to brush off the idea that his rabid fanbase are overwhelmingly upset with the fact that he proposed to a strumpet! Hm. Some highlights:

He doesn’t mind the attention from the Cumberpeople: “I think most of it is good-natured and like anyone who’s ever been in the public eye and kind of revered in a way that I’ve been by these fans, the possession only takes on a sinister quality if the [fan] is really not very secure. And since the woman I’m engaged to is as much a part of me as anything else in my life, if they like me, by extension they like her.”

The surreal moment of the TIG premiere in London: “That was extraordinary and surreal, just as it was turning up at the airport with 1,000 Japanese fans waiting when I went to promote ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ there. Photo-bombing U2 (at the Oscars) was also surreal, but something that felt right at the time. And then only afterwards, I’d think, ‘Oh God, I’ve done that in front of the whole world,’ when I actually did it for one friend who kept on haranguing me for a photo with U2.”

He did an old-fashioned wedding announcement because he’s an “old soul”: “There are other operations in newspapers that find things out or try to publicize rumor and gossip. I wanted to take control over the facts of it and announce it in a way that I would’ve done if I wasn’t famous.”

Fame: “Fame is a projection of self beyond the work, which can be toxic. It can make you neurotic about your appearance, the perception people have of you, the lack of control you have over that perception. But fame is kind of what I’m paid for now, I fear.”

[From the NYDN]

“If they like me, by extension they like her…” Um, I don’t see the logic of that. I mean, I guess he doesn’t want to acknowledge the craziness head on (acknowledging it might be even worse, honestly), but it does seem Pollyanna of Benedict to claim that his fans will just see Sophie as an extension of him. It’s sort of insulting to Sophie too – she’s her own person, doing her own thing and not everything is about Benedict.

Also – Benedict did NPR’s All Things Considered last Friday – you can hear the interview here.

Meanwhile, Benedict recently met Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day on a plane. Aniston claimed that they were all talking and the boys tried to convince Benedict to come onboard at the “boss” for a potential Horrible Bosses 3. I think Benedict was probably just trying to be polite.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.


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Benedict Cumberbatch: If my fans like me, they’ll like Sophie Hunter too