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Orlando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber: Who Started It?

Image orlando-bloom-vs-justin-bieber.jpg

This is what we know: Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber last night after the two crossed paths inside the Spanish restaurant Cipriani. This is what we want to know: Who started it?!? Sources confirm to The New York Post that Bieber and Bloom were seated at different tables inside the establishment, which also included…

11 Dogs Who Love to Drive: Talk About a Ruff Ride!

Image 11-dogs-who-like-to-drive_hurry-up.jpg

We already know that some dogs believe they’re human. And we’ve met a few who love to go on road trips. So, what happens when you combine these aspects of Man’s Best Friend? Easy: you get canines who relish the chance to actually drive! Not really (we hope), but the following photos at least depict…

7 Cats Who Hate Feminism: Who Wants to WORK??!

Image confused-cats-against-feminism-hear-them-roar_dont-work-it-girl.jpg

For the record, Miley Cyrus is a feminist. So is Courtney Stodden. But the following felines are decidedly NOT part of this movement. Not at all. Not even a little bit. In what appears to be a strange response to the even stranger hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism, someone has created a Tumblr titled “Confused Cats Against Feminism.”…

Real Cat Encounters Ceramic Cat, Acts Confused/Combative

Image real-cat-vs-ceramic-cat.jpg

We wouldn’t exactly say the cat featured in the following video is naughty and should be publicly shamed. But you can tell he kinda sorta wants to be. Confused and combative, this kitten is totally freaked out by a ceramic version of himself… flipping, spinning, rolling around and trying to attack the statue like some kind…