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Orlando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber: Who Started It?

Image orlando-bloom-vs-justin-bieber.jpg

This is what we know: Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber last night after the two crossed paths inside the Spanish restaurant Cipriani. This is what we want to know: Who started it?!? Sources confirm to The New York Post that Bieber and Bloom were seated at different tables inside the establishment, which also included…

Beyonce Instagrams a pic of Jay-Z & Blue Ivy to deflect from the split rumors

Real question: who is telling Beyonce that she’s a brilliant public relations genius and all she needs to do to “change the conversation” is Instagram a few photos? Does she get that from The Hive? Or is there some publicist sitting around, sipping a mojito, laughing their ass off because Beyonce is such a control freak that she thinks she’s the only one capable of media management?