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Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Dr. Conrad Murray to Testify

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Dr. Conrad Murray will testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson, who is looking to collect damages from AEG. Michael’s mother wants Murray to testify about comments he made in his documentary, in which Murray said AEG honchos told him MJ was on “death skid row.” AEG, Murray claimed, boasted in 2009 that it owned “the toilet paper he wipes his ass with” and “the f**kin’ popsicles that his children are sucking on.” Referring to his ill-fated This Is It concert dates, the promoter allegedly told Murray, Jackson’s physician, “if he doesn’t get the show done he’s over.” Katherine thinks Murray’s comments will help her convince a jury that AEG played fast and loose with her son’s life, and showed no concern for his welfare

Sarah Palin Seeks Additional Protection From Stalkers


Former political figure and current professional celebrity Sarah Palin is asking an Alaska judge to extend the restraining orders against her two stalkers. Shawn and Craig Christy, a father and son from Pennsylvania, were jailed in Alaska back in August for threatening to kill Sarah, her family and friends. Sarah Palin had obtained restraining orders against the men, but they will expire in November