Lindsay Lohan Told to "Cut the Bull$h!t" by Oprah in Reality Show Grilling

Oprah Winfrey may have reached a new low by trying to use Lindsay Lohan for ratings, but at least she straight up OWNs her when she starts acting out.

Yes, OWNs. See what we did there?!

During last night’s installment of Lindsay, viewers saw Lohan refusing to let the production crew into her apartment to film, which Oprah didn’t take kindly to.

When she learns that the recovering actress is causing drama, the talk show queen goes to New York to confront her about this recurring behavior:

Oprah straight up OWNs Lindsay Lohan in this clip. See what we did there?

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Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: Cut the Bullshit!

Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: Cut the Bullshit!

Oprah straight up OWNs Lindsay Lohan in this clip. See what we did there?

Lindsay Lohan: Still Sober?

Lindsay Lohan: Still Sober?

Has Lindsay Lohan maintained her sobriety? We would not wager a ton of money on it.

Lindsay Lohan: This is My Last Shot

Lindsay Lohan: This is My Last Shot

A clip from Oprah’s Lindsay Lohan docu-series, LINDSAY, shows Lohan talking about how this is her last shot.

Lindsay Lohan: I'm a Prisoner

Lindsay Lohan: I’m a Prisoner

A clip from Oprah’s Lindsay Lohan docu-series, LINDSAY, shows the star talking about feeling like a prisoner in her own life.

Lindsay Lohan on Trust Issues

Lindsay Lohan on Trust Issues

A clip from Oprah’s Lindsay Lohan docu-series, LINDSAY, shows Lohan talking about her trust issues.

Lindsay Lohan: Under the Microscope

Lindsay Lohan: Under the Microscope

Lindsay Lohan says she’s living under a microscope these days. Hard to argue.

Lindsay Lohan Shares Private Thoughts From Rehab

Lindsay Lohan Shares Private Thoughts From Rehab

Lindsay Lohan shares her private thoughts in OWN’s new reality series LINDSAY.

“When you change a schedule, you know what happens. You’re a professional woman,” Winfrey said to Lindsay, who likely has no idea what happens.

“And it’s not just for you. You’ve got a whole team of people who are relying on you right now for this particular experience, creating this documentary.”

Does LiLo even want to continue this?

“No, I want it,” Lindsay Lohan revealed.

“It’s just weird to film things that are going on … I’m just not used to it. And I’m learning how to deal with life in a different light than I have before.”

“And at the end of the day,” she insists, “my main objective is to maintain my sobriety,” at which point Oprah asked point blank if she still was.

“Yes, I have,” Lohan admitted when grilled on whether she has stayed clean. “What about the Adderall?” Oprah asked. “No, nothing,” she said.

Better than being off the wagon, but Oprah was still not pleased, telling her “You need to cut the bullsh!t” in a moment we’ve waited years for.

Seriously. If anyone needs to hear that, it’s our girl. No mention of the Lindsay Lohan sex list, but maybe that’s coming in a future episode (it’s not).

In any case: Can LiLo stay clean?


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Lindsay Lohan Told to "Cut the Bull$h!t" by Oprah in Reality Show Grilling


Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Dr. Conrad Murray to Testify

Dr. Conrad Murray will testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson, who is looking to collect damages from AEG.

Michael’s mother wants Murray to testify about comments he made in his documentary, in which Murray said AEG honchos told him MJ was on “death skid row.”

Dr. Murray Verdict

AEG, Murray claimed, boasted in 2009 that it owned “the toilet paper he wipes his ass with” and “the f**kin’ popsicles that his children are sucking on.”

Referring to his ill-fated This Is It concert dates, the promoter allegedly told Murray, Jackson’s physician, “if he doesn’t get the show done he’s over.”

Katherine thinks Murray’s comments will help her convince a jury that AEG played fast and loose with her son’s life, and showed no concern for his welfare.

Dr. Conrad Murray was reckless too, of course, but he’s already doing time for manslaughter and more or less broke. So AEG, his employer, is KJ’s target.

Murray was fighting the subpoena he was given demanding he be deposed, but a judge ordered him to do it; now he’ll have to take the oath next month.

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Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Dr. Conrad Murray to Testify


Oprah Begs Viewers to Ditch Grammys For OWN, Nielsen Far From Pleased

Oprah Winfrey took to Twitter last night to ask Nielsen viewers to watch her cable network OWN instead of the Grammy Awards, a pathetic move that drew criticism from her OWN followers and the market research company alike.

“Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Nielsen box,” she tweeted Sunday at the start Oprah’s Next Chapter and the mega-rated Grammys.

She later added, “Commercial Grammy people… u can turn to OWN.”

Big O

The tweets caused a backlash on the social networking site, with some readers – fans of O, no less – accusing her of “begging for viewers” and being “desperate.”

Oprah followed up with a flurry of defensive replies that were apparently in response to reader criticism: “The word ‘please’ is used as courtesy not a beg.”

“‘Desperate’ not ever a part of my vocabulary” … “‘Unethical’ us a little harsh don’t u think? Seemed like it made sense to me. Sorry if you’re offended.”

The original tweet has since been deleted.

Networks are not allowed to specifically target Nielsen subscribers. Policy prohibits “attempts to single out panel members … to change their viewing habits.”

“In accordance with our policies, Nielsen is reviewing this with our clients and may withhold, breakout and/or make a note in the ratings,” a Nielsen rep told EW.

“We take any violation of our policy seriously.”

Given that 39.9 million people watched the 2012 Grammys, a more effective punishment might be simply releasing OWN’s miniscule ratings instead.

Oprah Winfrey has since released this statement: “I removed the tweet at the request of Nielsen. I intended no harm and apologize for the reference.”

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Oprah Begs Viewers to Ditch Grammys For OWN, Nielsen Far From Pleased


Michael Jackson Family on Conrad Murray Sentence: Not Long Enough!

Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years behind bars today, the longest possible prison term for involuntary manslaughter. Needless to say, Michael Jackson’s family is adamant that he deserves every day of that sentence, and then some.

His mother, Katherine Jackson, made that abundantly clear in recent weeks.

In Murray’s official Probation Report, Katherine lashes out at Murray for his documentary, in which he lays blame on Michael and denies any wrongdoing.

Katherine feels Murray’s four-year sentence is “insufficient.”

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

The report says, “During filming, he repeatedly stated that he did nothing wrong. Ms. Jackson feels this adds insult to injury, and shows he is clearly not remorseful.”

The Jackson family matriarch also says she’s “deeply insulted” that on the anniversary of Michael’s death, Murray arranged to be photographed at the cemetery.

Michael’s parents, siblings and children issued a joint statement begging Judge Michael Pastor to make Conrad Murray pay for his crime, which he did today.

At the same time, the family insists revenge is not their motive.

The statement reads, “There is no way to adequately describe the loss of our beloved father, son, brother and friend. We still look at each other in disbelief.”

“Is it really possible that he is gone? As Michael’s parents, we never imagined we would live to witness his passing. It is simply against the natural order of things.”

“We are not here to seek revenge. There is nothing you can do here today to bring Michael back. But we will keep the love in our hearts that Michael embodied throughout his life. His passion was for unifying the world through the gift of his artistry.”

“We respectfully request that you impose a sentence that reminds physicians that they can not sell their services to the highest bidder and cast aside their Hippocratic oath to do no harm. As we all know from this tragedy, doing so can have devastating results.”

“The Bible reminds us that men cannot do justice, they can only seek justice. That is all that we ask as a family. And that is all that we can ask for here.”

We ask you: Did Murray receive the right sentence?

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Michael Jackson Family on Conrad Murray Sentence: Not Long Enough!


Jennifer Ella-Chaz Bono Engagement to Air on Reality Show Premiere

Former Dancing with the Stars contender Chaz Bono isn’t fading from the reality TV sunset just yet. He’s starring on his own show premiering tomorrow night!

That’s right, Cher’s son is letting the cameras in on his life again for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN series Being Chaz. The big event scheduled to air on the premiere?

His proposal to longtime girlfriend (and now fiancee) Jennifer Elia!

Jennifer Ella, Chaz Bono

According to People, Chaz proposes in a “special” way by not overtly popping the question, but rather prefacing the big moment as a “birthday present.”

Jennifer Ella‘s reaction to the ring is almost speechless: “Wow. It’s gorgeous. Thank you so much, it’s stunning. It’s huge!” Followed by “heavy sh!t man!”


The series, which premieres Sunday, follows the Emmy-nominated Becoming Chaz, the documentary detailing Chaz’s transition from woman to man.

The reality show will feature everything from the proposal, to Chaz Bono‘s preparation for Dancing with the Stars, and more. Are you excited to see it?

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Jennifer Ella-Chaz Bono Engagement to Air on Reality Show Premiere


Dr. Conrad Murray in Shocking Documentary: I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong!

In an interview conducted shortly before he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray says he doesn’t feel guilty about Michael Jackson dying.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” the cardiologist insists.

The Today Show aired portions of an intense sit-down interview with Murray that was conducted before the guilty verdict was reached by a jury earlier this week.

In it, he completely contradicts what he told police.

During the interview, Murray says he put Jackson to sleep that fateful day, then left the room to talk on the phone, because he didn’t want to wake Michael up.

How courteous. Except MJ was on a hospital-grade anesthetic and shouldn’t have been unmonitored … and he told cops he only went to the can for two minutes.

Murray’s admission seems to alter the timeline, again. Asked if he regretted leaving the room, he thought about it and said, “I regret that Michael has passed.”

Read: I regret that I was blamed for it, due to my own gross negligence, and will now make a shameless film to slander the dead in a desperate PR move.

Tonight, MSNBC aired its controversial documentary, Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship, which paints the singer in a very unflattering light.

Among other things, it reveals potentially embarrassing medical details and shows Murray’s legal strategy meetings. Watch part one above and the rest below:

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Dr. Conrad Murray in Shocking Documentary: I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong!


Dr. Conrad Murray Documentary Airs in UK; Pretty Much Everyone Bashes Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is not exactly portrayed glowingly in the new documentary centered on Dr. Conrad Murray. No wonder there is outrage among his family and fans.

The controversial film debuted in the UK last night, just three days after Murray was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Jackson. One major revelation:

Emphatically, the doctor states that AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips told him before the This Is It tour Michael Jackson “does not have a f**king cent” to his name.

MJ in Fear

Murray claims Phillips pulled him aside after a meeting about the London concerts and angrily said: “What’s this bullshit all about? Listen this guy is next to skid row.”

“He’s going to be homeless. Nine security guards? Why does he need that? I’m paying for that s**t. I’m paying for the toilet paper he wipes his f**king ass with.”

Or so Murray says in the documentary. Phillips took the stand during the manslaughter trial and, under oath, denied that conversation with Murray ever happened.

“Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship” also reveals the strategy meetings between Dr. Murray and his two attorneys, Ed Chernoff and J. Michael Flanagan.

During one session, Flanagan’s wife, Susan, offers this insight:

“Explain to me a 50-year-old man who sleeps with a baby doll and has pictures of basically infants to 2-year-old children looking at him every night.”

Chernoff says, “I think that the media made him appear weirder than he is.”

Flanagan: “You gotta be kidding me, he can’t be any weirder than he is.”

In the documetary, Murray claims Michael Jackson “always had a chamber that was exclusively his. The bedroom that he slept in … I had to persuade him, eventually to have it cleaned. Because … one, he peed the bed.”

“It did not smell good. It was mildew, and I had to get it clean.”

“Who would ever believe that a man his age would still be wetting his bed?” Murray added, noting that it wasn’t due to medication, but purely psychological.

The documentary airs in the states, Friday night on MSNBC. Despite the objections of La Toya Jackson and MJ’s estate, the network will air it as planned.

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Dr. Conrad Murray Documentary Airs in UK; Pretty Much Everyone Bashes Michael Jackson


Dr. Conrad Murray Shopping Documentary Film

Just hours before closing arguments in Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial, a documentary about the embattled physician is being shopped to networks.

Murray, who faces up to four years in prison in the death of Michael Jackson, has been a part of filming the documentary since being charged earlier this year.

Dr. Murray, as we know, has decided not to take the stand at his trial, but has given long in depth interviews to the film crew … for whatever that’s worth.

Conrad in Court

“This project has been in the works since Murray’s arrest,” says a source. “It was originally conceived to help him get his reputation back following the case.”

“However, another primary driving force of it is to generate money so that Murray can pay his lawyers and experts,” the source close to Murray confided.

The N.Y. Post broke the story and says Dr. Conrad Murray is hoping the documentary will earn at least a million dollars. That may be wishful thinking.

Our source says, “Dr. Murray and his lawyers were hoping it would sell for a million, but it looks like the max a network would pay is around $250K.”

If Dr. Murray is convicted, that price could go up … or down.

Closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow morning at 9.

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Dr. Conrad Murray Shopping Documentary Film


Sarah Palin Seeks Additional Protection From Stalkers

Former political figure and current professional celebrity Sarah Palin is asking an Alaska judge to extend the restraining orders against her two stalkers.

Shawn and Craig Christy, a father and son from Pennsylvania, were jailed in Alaska back in August for threatening to kill Sarah, her family and friends.

Sarah Palin had obtained restraining orders against the men, but they will expire in November. Thus her formal request to extend the order into 2012.

Witless Bully

For now, she has nothing to worry about. Craig and Shawn Christy are still awaiting trial and will remain behind bars until a court date is scheduled.

If Sarah’s request is granted, the men will be barred from having any contact with her or any family members in the event that they are released.

A judge is expected to rule on the request by Palin, who recently announced she will not run for president in 2012, in the next few weeks sometime.

Note to the Christys and other creeps: If you want Sarah and Bristol Palin to go away forever, just quit paying attention to them. Nobody’s gotta die here.

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Sarah Palin Seeks Additional Protection From Stalkers


Sarah Palin-Glen Rice Love Tryst Alleged in New Book

A new tell-all book about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin claims she had a one-night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice way back in 1987.

Is that true? Does it matter? The answer to both is highly debatable. Is this the greatest rumor of all time? To that, we might have to answer yes.

At the time, she was single and working at a TV station as a sports reporter; Rice was a college basketball star visiting Alaska for a tournament.

Sarah Palin and Glen Rice

Glen Rice scored 18,336 career points and won a title with the ’00 Lakers. If he scored with Sarah Palin, he wins the title of Most Randomly Hysterical One-Night Stand.

Factual or not, Palin’s alleged romantic encounter with Rice – some three years younger and then a junior in college – is causing serious, hilarious buzz.

Neither could not be reached for comment about the sexy fling, although Rice is said to have confirmed it to author Joe McGinniss. So … yeah.

The hookup is said to have occurred after the ’87 Great Alaska Shootout.

Glen was playing for the University of Michigan then. Palin apparently covered the event, only to be covered by Rice’s naked body shortly thereafter.

Mere months later, in 1988, Palin eloped with high school sweetheart Todd Palin. The two are still married and have five children with strange names.

SIDE NOTE: Wonder how Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey feel about this.

In addition to the Rice rumor, Joe McGinniss’ highly-anticipated book implies that Palin committed adultery with Brad Hanson, Todd’s business partner.

It also says Sarah and Todd both snorted cocaine off an overturned 55-gallon oil drum during a snowmobile trip before she was governor. Awesome.

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Sarah Palin-Glen Rice Love Tryst Alleged in New Book