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“Michael Fassbender rips up a baseball stadium in new ‘X-Men’ trailer” links

The third trailer for X-Men: Days of Future past has arrived. This one is better than the others. Nick Hoult‘s face after Hugh Jackman‘s last line is classic. [Reddit] Anna Paquin will appear in Days of Future Past after all. [Buzzfeed] Beyonce & Jay-Z might tour together this summer. [LaineyGossip] Happy 60th birthday to Ellen Barkin! Still fabulous. [Dlisted] Billy Bob Thornton was creepy good in Fargo last night. [Pajiba] New York bridal week features the fuggiest dresses. [Go Fug Yourself] Kourtney Kardashian wears Beetlejuice pants. [Celebrity Baby Scoop] Did Hilary Duff flirt up a

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Image lorde-teen-vogue-cover.jpg

Lorde Teen Vogue Cover: Surprisingly Glam!

Lorde ditches her typical grunge/goth/intentionally non-glamorous look on Teen Vogue’s latest cover, upon which she glows like we’re not used to seeing.

Open Slideshow 1. Lorde Teen Vogue Cover Lorde covers the new issue of Teen Vogue. It’s a first for the singer.

View As List 1. Lorde Teen Vogue Cover

Lorde covers the new issue of Teen Vogue. It’s a first for the singer.

2. Lorde Teen Vogue Pics

Lorde in the new issue of Teen Vogue magazine, looking like … Lorde.

3. Lorde Behind the Scenes Pic

Lorde in the new issue of Teen

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Image demi-lovato-give-me-love.jpg

Demi Lovato Covers Ed Sheeran: Watch, Listen Now!

Demi Lovato nude photo scandal? What Demi Lovato nude photo scandal?!?

With the Internet still buzzing over leaked, VERY racy photos of this singer in bed with Wilmer Valderrama, Lovato has responded to this controversy by totally ignoring it.

She Tweeted late last week about a return to brown hair and now she’s put on an impressive performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love.”

The cover took place as part of the iHeartRadio Live series at the iHeartRadio Theater yesterday and you can view it here:

Pretty solid stuff, huh?

All Lovato has said to

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Image lolo-jones-image.jpg

Lolo Jones Mocks Rihanna and Drake on Twitter

Lolo Jones may be a virgin, but that isn’t stopping the three-time Olympian from ragging on other people’s sex lives.

Referring to Drake’s gig hosting the annual ESPN awards show, Lolo tweeted: “It’s amazing that Drake is hosting the @ESPYs but it’s gonna be tough for him to hand out all those awards to Rihanna’s ex-boyfriends.”

Oooooh! No she didn’t!

It seems now that her athletic career is at an end (Jones failed to medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics) Lolo is trying her hand at insult comedy. We’re happy for her, but we think she may have Rihanna confused with Kim

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Image kelly-osbourne-shaved-head-pic.jpg

Kelly Osbourne Half Shaves Head: React Now!

Kelly Osbourne has a new, drastic hairstyle.

The Fashion Police co-host took a break from doing graffiti with Justin Bieber over the weekend to shave parts of her head, straighten out some other locks and also rock some serious bangs.

“Here is one pic of my new hair cut!!! What do you guys think?” the 29-year old wrote along with the following photo.

I’m also sporting the #SpringTrend and have no bottom mascara on!” Osbourne added. “It looks weird.

Hey, Kelly, you said it. Not us.

Osbourne’s latest change comes about three months after she chopped her shoulder-length locks

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Image demi-lovato-gets-pied.png

Demi Lovato Gets Pie in Face: Watch Now!

It’s safe to say Demi Lovato is having fun on her Neon Lights tour.

Earlier today, we posted a photo and a video of Lovato dressing us like a dick in a box and surprising fans on stage with the unusual outfit.

And now Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane Hansen has ran a video on Instagram of her and her bandmates covering Lovato’s face in pie.

“You’re too cute ! #NEONLightsTOUR Had to end it with some pie in the face lol,” Hansen wrote as a caption, to which Demi replied:

“When I see you in L.A., your ass is mine!”

It’s totally on, folks! In a fun-loving, hilariously sticky More >

Image Zendaya-520x780.jpg

ZENDAYA To Return To The Disney Channel

Zendaya, who previously starred in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, is headed back to the House of Mouse after a very successful foray into being a solo artist.

The teen is set to become the new Disney Queen, following in the footsteps of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato when she stars in the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) Zapped.

According to Hollywood Life, Zapped seems like it’s a pretty action packed movie.

Well, the movie centers on a sixteen-year-old girl named Zoey Stevens (Zendaya), a skilled dancer and straight-A student who has to deal with a bunch of problems all at once:

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Daily Link Love With EMMA WATSON

Your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you today by Emma Watson.

  • North West peed on her dad, Kanye West, during his Vogue shoot with momma Kim Kardashian. (D Listed)
  • Emma Watson wore a tux on Letterman to promo her new flick Noah, and she looked gorg. (Moe Jackson)
  • Kit Harrington (aka Jon Snow) opened up on what it’s like to be famous. (HuffPost Celebrity)
  • Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran stepped out for the launch of Lou Teasdale’s (One Direction’s “personal groomer”) new book. (PopSugar)
  • Conan O’Brien, his wife, and his son enjoyed brunch in Brentwood on More >
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Taylor Swift "For Your Consideration" ACM Video Pokes Fun at Cat-Loving Self

Taylor Swift isn’t afraid to make fun of herself in an amusing new “For Your Consideration” video for the Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs).

The clip begins as the singer’s boss Scott realizes that the duo have yet to make the important teaser to generate votes for the upcoming awards show …

The 24-year-old country superstar then receives the important phone call addressing this monumental issue (and her ringtone for him is awesome).

“I’m actually in the middle of something right now, that’s actually pretty pressing,” she says.

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Image taylor-swift-screaming.gif

Taylor Swift: Totes Disgusted By Selena Gomez-Justin Bieber Reunion, Dumps Her as Friend!

Like many of us, Taylor Swift is reportedly not a fan of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber back together, and she’s dropped Gomez as a friend as a result.

The singer distanced herself from former BFF Selena after the Disney star reconnected with her infamous ex-boyfriend, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

No word if she will soon be penning an anti-Selena pop-country ballad.

Swift must be REALLY grossed out that Jelena is back on, considering that just last year, she gushed that Gomez is “the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister.”

Sometimes you gotta show a quasi-sister some tough

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