North West Dresses as a Skunk for Halloween: Why, Kimye, Why?!?

Late last night, Kim Kardashian threw it back to Halloweens of yesterday and teased her Twitter followers that she has four costumes from which to choose today.

But while the reality star may still be keeping us in the dark regarding her final choice, Kim has come out via Instagram and revealed that her daughter is dressed like a … skunk?!?


North West Halloween Costume

“A skunk is on the loose!!!! My little stinker is waiting to show daddy her costume,” Kim wrote as a caption to the above image. “Halloween has started early this morning.”

Don’t get us wrong: North West is frickin adorable.

But why do we get the feeling that Kim and Kanye West only chose this costume for their toddler because it matches the family’s black-and-white checkered floor in their famous Calabasas home?

After all… a skunk?!?

Of all the animals in God’s beautiful kingdom, it’s hard to believe North would choose to dress as the worst smelling of them all.

Still, it’s impossible to go wrong with a one-year old in an animal costume. Nori knows how to make this work. Gotta give her credit.

Morning, Kim and Nori!

It’s Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.

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North West Dresses as a Skunk for Halloween: Why, Kimye, Why?!?


Mark McDaniel Defended By Daughter-in-Law: His Child Molester Past is Irrelevant!

Mark McDaniel, June Shannon’s child molester boyfriend and the center of major controversy, can count on his daughter-in-law in his corner if nothing else.

To hear her tell it, just because he molested a little girl years ago – including June’s daughter Anna Shannon – doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person.

Tell that to Anna and/or Sugar Bear and/or the State of Georgia.

  • Mark McDaniel Mug Shot
  • June Shannon Mug Shot

Peaches McDaniel tried defending her father-in-law on Facebook, adding in a defiant tone, “Peoples [sic] past are completely irrelevant to the present.”

“if you are going to judge someone by their past, look at your own first,” Peaches adds. “Michaels [sic] dad is an amazing man, as well an amazing father.”

McDaniel is a registered sex offender after serving 10 years in prison for allegedly (or not allegedly, actually) one of June’s daughters to have oral sex with him.

June and husband Sugar Bear recently called it quits, after which she started dating McDaniel, who was her boyfriend from before he went to prison.

For molesting one of her daughters. Did we mention that part?

TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last week, announcing the reality show featuring June’s family and named after her little daughter won’t return.

The young star herself was recently exposed to the molester.

Shannon and Mark visited Peaches after she gave birth last month, which is when McDaniel was pictured with his hands on Honey Boo Boo’s back.

Wonder how Sugar Bear feels about that revelation.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

Mama June previously denied that she’s seen McDaniel since he was released from jail, but the photo evidence – and her split from Sugar Bear – tell a different story.

Now she’s out of a marriage and a show, while her 20-year-old girl has to accept the fact that her mom is dating her molester and touching Honey Boo Boo.

It’ll make you shiver if you think about it any more.

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Mark McDaniel Defended By Daughter-in-Law: His Child Molester Past is Irrelevant!


Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Damaging and Lasting Repercussions

On Revenge Season 4 Episode 5, Emily sets out to reunite with her father, the formerly late David Clarke, but needs to find the right plan to do so, of course.

Victoria has the upper hand, as well, so that’s complicating matters.

Since the Ice Queen herself was the first one to get to David, she is in total command of how the media sees him and who gets access to the mystery man.

This has – to quote the Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 title – lasting “Repercussions” for Emily Thorne as she seeks to come face to face with David this week.

David’s got a lot on his plate as well, considering he’s … well, him.

No sooner does the media gather for an appearance by David than someone with a mysterious crescent moon tattoo on his hand attempts to run him over.

Emily believes the would-be hit man was hired by Victoria, which wouldn’t be hugely surprising, and goes to Charlotte for help getting access to David.

Victoria tells Charlotte that there’s no subterfuge here, and that it’s Emily who’s the manipulator, lying about her identity at the expense of people’s lives.

Meanwhile, Margaux wants an exclusive on David Clarke’s return.

That may not happen soon with Victoria in charge, but she also looks to help Daniel re-tool his public persona, though he wants to keep his personal life personal.

Of course, the young Grayson then complicates things himself.

Doing whatever he has to do to maintain her portfolio, as Margaux instructed, Daniel gives in to Louise’s advances in a move that will surely have consequences.

The media is all over Jack as well, and his boss sidelines him.

Until David Clarke’s return blows over, he’s ordered to step aside. Given all he’s experienced with these odd and tragic deaths and rebirths it’s not a bad idea.

Speaking of strange deaths, Ben wonders why Conrad Grayson’s demise has sort of been glossed over, and he sets out to look into that matter himself.

Charlotte takes David to meet Jack, not Emily, who gets a text telling her to come to a hotel room, implying but not stating that David would be there.

Instead, Victoria opens the door. The plot thickens …

David meets with Nolan, who urges him not to believe what people say about his daughter. Emily, Nolan, and Jack plan to bring David to the beach house.

There, she will reveal herself as Amanda Clarke.

She will use Daniel and Margaux to pull that off, giving her the exclusive after all. Follow the link to watch Revenge online and see it all go down for yourself!

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Damaging and Lasting Repercussions


Leah Messer Spends $600 a Week on Pills, Drug Dealer Claims

Rumors that Leah Messer is addicted to prescription drugs seem to surface every few weeks, and the newly-remarried mother of three has vehemently denied them each time.

Now, however, a drug dealer who claims to be Leah’s personal connection says he has all the details about the Teem Mom star’s dangerous pill problem.

Leah Dawn Messer Calvert Photo

“She’s picked up 30 to 40 pills at a time from me,” the anonymous supplier tells Radar Online. He adds that since she’s become famous, she sometimes employs a middle man to carry out the transaction.

However, he also says she frequently gets desperate and picks up the pills herself.

The dealer claims Leah frequently spends several hundred dollars a week on pills, and her own friends and family have discussed her addiction publicly:

“I’ve seen Leah pop a handful of pills, chew them like they were candy, and swallow them,” says one relative who asked to remain anonymous.

Leah justifies her pill-popping with complaints of a bad back, but the source says “it’s actually the pain from withdrawal that bothers her, not her back. She can’t do a day without opiates.”

Insiders claim that Leah’s habit may soon cost her her children and husband. Last week, Jeremy Calvert accused Leah of cheating in a series of vicious tweets.

Leah denied cheating, and the couple seems to have overcome that particular dispute, but friends of Calvert’s claim he’s since decided to leave his wife.

“He doesn’t have an exact timeline, but he’s done,” says the source.

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic for more drama and horrendous decisions.

Leah Messer and Daughter

Leah Messer and one of her three daughters share a tender moment.

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Leah Messer Spends $600 a Week on Pills, Drug Dealer Claims


Scandal Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Inside the Bubble

Heading into Scandal Season 4 Episode 3, Fitz’s second term has been focused on actual governing, specifically the Elliot Gun Control Act.

This may be great for America, but it’s less than ideal for those who turn into the crazy ABC drama each week for soap opera-like sex and shenanigans.

Did that change on “Inside the Bubble.” Let’s find out, shall we?

We start with Mellie, who passed on her daily cemetery stop and grew obsessed instead with the story of a killer bride. She practically called a cabinet meeting over it.

But when The First Lady learns it had actually been resolved hours earlier, viewers (and her husband) see the positive wind come out of Mellie’s sails once again.

Rosen then grows inspired to help Fitz make his Presidency “mean something,” using the B613 files to blackmail a judge into reversing his stance on the gun bill. It works. Davis is cheered by the administration. And the judge kills himself.

As for Olivia? She was all about getting Jake to have dinner at her dad’s house; and also helping a college friend named Catherine Winslow. The latter’s daughter was missing.

This grows complicated when Liv learns her old pal had been banging her daughter’s boyfriend and then finds the daughter dead. Catherine pleads innocent, though she gets arrested for the crime.

And when Abby stops in to ask about the situation, she realizes just how bad things are between Olivia and Fitz.

In Jake Land, Charlie says he’ll give up all he knows… in exchange for one night with Quinn. Charlie then gets inside the head of “Robin” and these two end up playing tonsil hockey!

Charlie’s words about her colleagues later take on additional meaning when Liv and Huck don’t even realize that Quinn was missing for 24 hours.

Liz, meanwhile, earns a victory when we witness Cyrus paying Michael $2,500 in the morning for… yeah. You can imagine for what. Michael reports this information back to his boss.

Finally, Jake agrees to dinner with Rowan, having seen the footage of Tom infect Jerry Hr. with bacterial meningitis.

Once Liv leaves the table, Jake asks Rowan why he had Harrison killed. Was it because he learned about Jerry Jr. Jake demands that Rowan leave town, but Rowan shoots back:

I’ll be the one standing over you when you die.

Well, okay then! Nice chat!

What did everyone else think of the latest episode? You can watch Scandal online via TV Fanatic to relive the hour and you can get your first look here at Scandal Season 4 Episode 4.

A major showdown is looming…

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Inside the Bubble


Kim Kardashian: TERRIFIED of Ebola; Purchasing Hazmat Suits For the Whole Family!

It may seem like the only thing Kim Kardashian fears is that someday she’ll leave the house and there won’t be a swarm of paparazzi to follow her every move. 

But according to one report, there’s been something else keeping Kim up at night recently. And no, we’re not talking about Kanye asking her opinion about his new leather sweatpants (although it might be that, too).

Believe it or not, it’s something far more insidious than an insecure Yeezy. Yes, sources close to the reality star say that Kim is terrified of Ebola!

Kim Kardashian HazMat Suit

“She’s really worried about traveling and all the flying she and Kanye do with their daughter,” says one insider. “She’s become terrified about it and wants these special suits to protect them.”

In fairness, the Wests do an awful lot of dangerous globe-trotting.

Just last week, Kim and Kanye took North to Paris Fashion Week. And while there have been no reported cases of Ebola amongst French models, little Nori could’ve easily picked up a smoking habit or caught a nasty case of b-tch-face!

Anyway, Kim is said to be so frightened that she’s looked into purchasing special protective gear for herself and her family.

“She’s become paranoid about it and wants these special suits to protect the just in case,” says the source. “She’s had her assistant calling about where to get them and get them quickly.”

Yes, Kim has reportedly reached out to Lakeland Industries, the company that produces most of the yellow HazMat suits you seen in films like Outbreak and Contagion.

Wait, does that mean Kanye’s crystal masks don’t filter out airborne pathogens. Then why does he wear them, just to be a douche?

Kim Kardashian Krying

Kim gets her ugly cry on. It’s definitely not her best look.

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Kim Kardashian: TERRIFIED of Ebola; Purchasing Hazmat Suits For the Whole Family!


Kim Kardashian: I Didn’t Forget North West in a Hotel!

Earlier today, footage that seemed to show Kim Kardashian forgetting her daughter in a Paris hotel surfaced online.

In the clip we see Kim leave the building looking stylish in what appears to be a moth-eaten sweatsuit.

She walks up to the van that’s waiting for her outside, and a brief OMFG look flashes across her face before she heads back inside and emerges with Nori, who’s dressed in her finest biker gang attire.

Naturally, Kim was less than thrilled with being called a negligent mother by the entire Internet, so she took to Twitter to clear her name:

“Heard on the radio today some story I forgot my daughter at our hotel as I’m leaving for the airport,” Kim tweeted. “Are you kidding me?!?!?! LOL. I went to the car to make sure the car seat was in because the day before we had a car seat issue.”

“Do u guys really think a 1 year old would be inside the lobby by herself? Oh wait she was waiting to check out lol.”

Kim was tackled by a comedian just days earlier and it’s gotta be rough to have your every move as a parent scrutinized by the media, but even so, we’re calling shenanigans on the car seat excuse. Here’s why:

First of all, Kim stands in front of the open car door and looks around for several seconds. It certainly takes her a while to determine whether or not the car seat is there, and doesn’t that seem like something she would send someone else to do for her, anyway?

Second, Kim takes off her coat, as though she’s getting ready to get into the car. Not the sort of thing you do if you’re planning to immediately walk back inside.

Various comment board detectives have claimed that the bodyguard in the video can be heard saying, “She isn’t here.” We can’t substantiate that, but it certainly does look like a moment of genuine panic and confusion has been caught on video.

Obviously, no harm was done. The situation was quickly sorted out and the kid was probably in the care of a nanny or someone else on Kim’s staff. All we’re saying is – the car seat story sounds like BS.

Kim passed up a golden opportunity to earn the respect of millions of moms by just saying, “Look, I messed up. Raising a kid is tough.”

Unfortunately, she’s so used to the scripted, E! network version of her life that lying to maintain the facade is probably her first instinct.

Morning, Kim and Nori!

It’s Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.

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Kim Kardashian: I Didn’t Forget North West in a Hotel!


Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24 Recap: Will Jenelle Evans Seek Custody of Jace?

Wednesday, on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24, Jenelle Evans, who welcomed baby son Kaiser last week, mulled over another big move:

She and Nathan Griffith may try to get custody of her first son, as well.

Jenelle Evans and Jace Pic

Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara has legal custody of Jace. In case Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24 is the first episode you’ve seen, this is for good reason:

Back in her heyday? Jenelle was a bit of a train wreck to put it mildly.

Give her credit now, though. She’s putting in the time with her five-year-old boy, and when Jenelle, Nathan, and Jace lay in bed together and watch Kaiser?

Cutest thing ever. He loves his brother immediately, as do they.

When Jenelle wakes up to find her beau Nathan Griffith feeding their newborn, they share another sweet family moment. Things are going very well.

At least until Nathan brings up the idea of them taking custody of Jace, which he seems more keen on than she, even though she loves the kid.

Jenelle Evans thinks they need to buy a house and settle down first, now that Kaiser has finally been born. Probably not the worst idea to take it slower.

Speaking of custody battles, Leah Messer and Corey Simms‘ dispute has escalated, and she’s completely crushed and overwhelmed at the idea of losing.

She breaks down emotionally when her stepfather tells her that hard times are gonna come. For Leah, it seems like there’s rarely an end to them.

Corey, meanwhile, tells his parents that he doesn’t believe Leah and Jeremy are stable enough to care for the girls properly, which is kind of ridiculous.

He does want the best for Ali and Aleeah, too, we’ll give him that, but there’s little doubt some of this is a personal vendetta as well as we see things.

Leah Messer and Daughter

Leah Messer and one of her three daughters share a tender moment.

In court, the judge decides not to make a decision about custody and appoints an attorney as a legal guardian to the two girls. What does that mean?

The lawyer will interview both parents, the teachers and doctors and evaluate the situation before helping the judge come to a decision about their future.

The plot thickens. Custody issues rage on for Kailyn Lowry as well, as Isaac is with his dad Jo Rivera for an extended period of time, and she’s reeling.

She’s really struggling with this, although it’s nice to get a break while raising baby Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, and she’s excited to go back to school.

She tours Delaware State, where they have on-campus daycare as well as commuter lounges she can study in, and goes on vacation with Javi.

Isaac’s absence casts a dark cloud over that day at the beach though, something that Chelsea Houska can relate to. Whenever Aubree is not with her?

No matter how well work goes – and by all accounts it’s going very, very well – Chelsea is always worried in the back of her mind about the loser Adam Lind.

Who, right on cue, was just arrested for a second time while he was supposed to be spending time with their daughter. That will make your head spin.

She’s really worried about her visitation agreement with Adam, and is considering taking him to court, after she gets a copy of his police record especially.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online to see all of these dramatic events play out from beginning to end, and to catch up on previous weeks as well.

Chelsea Houska and Daughter

Chelsea Houska looking fab on Instagram with her little daughter Aubree. <3

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24 Recap: Will Jenelle Evans Seek Custody of Jace?


Cole DeBoer: Dating Chelsea Houska!

Adam Lind, step off and enjoy jail, because Chelsea Houska and her new man are heating things up. The Teen Mom 2 star has moved on at last.

With Cole DeBoer, a local traffic control specialist!

Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer

Not only that, things must be getting pretty serious between the two, because she’s already  introduced him to her five-year-old daughter, Aubree.

Cole met Aubree for a little bit,” an insider reports.

Things seem to be going smoothly for the couple, who began dating after they met at a local Sioux Falls, S.D. gas station, site of many a romance.

The 25-year-old college grad “is the sweetest guy that Chelsea’s ever met,” the source gushes of her new beau. “They have a good time together.”

With her cosmetology job, gorgeous home and hot new body, Chelsea Houska seems to be riding high these days instead of riding Adam Lind.

But Lind always still a pall over her life, somehow.

The 25-year-old baby daddy is currently behind bars again and serving three weeks in jail at the Minnehaha County Corrections Center in Sioux Falls.

Driving with a revoked license is the latest crime that put Adam Lind in jail, a place he has become intimately familiar with over the last couple of years.

He also recently split from his girlfriend, Jessica Nicole, who sources say couldn’t deal with Lind’s drama. Not that one could blame Jessica there.

Lind also recently split from Taylor Halbur, with whom he also has a daughter, and whose other ex Chelsea was reportedly dating for a brief period.

We know, it’s a very weird situation all around.

Chelsea Houska and Daughter

Chelsea Houska looking fab on Instagram with her little daughter Aubree. <3

Good luck, Cole Man. Chelsea’s a great girl, but please treat her right, because there are a lot of emotional and insecurity issues that linger there.

Adam really did a number on her. Hard.

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Cole DeBoer: Dating Chelsea Houska!


Brittany Murphy Movie Trailer Released, Actress’ Dad SLAMS Lifetime "Biopic"

Lifetime’s biopic about Brittany Murphy hasn’t even aired yet (set your DVR for September 6!) but is already under fire from Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti.

Slamming the project in a recent interview, Bertolotti called the casting “atrocious” and disputed the validity of … well, anything teased in the below trailer:

“I am disgusted and outraged that Lifetime decided to produce such a trashy project, defiling the memory of my beautiful, talented daughter,” he said.

The Brittany Murphy Story is absolutely an affront to everything my daughter was in real life. It’s hideous, unauthorized and completely untrue.”

“Amanda Fuller, the girl playing Brittany, looks nothing like her,” Bertolotti added, and he’s been Tweeting and re-Tweeting up a storm this week as well. 

Some of his choice Twitter comments:

  • .@lifetimetv UGH. Embarrassed just watching this.
  • Cringing for #brittanymurphy
  • .@lifetimetv This is not what happened at all.
  • Not even close.

Evenby Lifetime standards, this project has been almost universally met with disdain. TV Guide even wrote that it “takes low budget to a new level.”

A talented and accomplished actress, Brittany Murphy died in 2009 in one of the more shocking and mysterious celebrity deaths in recent memory.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams has tragically died. The actor committed suicide at the age of 63.

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Brittany Murphy Movie Trailer Released, Actress’ Dad SLAMS Lifetime "Biopic"