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Dog Runs in Sleep, Crashes Into Wall

Image dog-sleeps-walks-crashes-into-wall.jpg

Some dogs are really, really smart. Case in point, the canine who can help change a baby’s diaper. Other pets are not exactly as intelligent, however, such as ones who sleep walk (run?) and get themselves so worked up that they leap up… and sprint directly into a wall. The dog featured in the following…

11 Dogs Who Love to Drive: Talk About a Ruff Ride!

Image 11-dogs-who-like-to-drive_hurry-up.jpg

We already know that some dogs believe they’re human. And we’ve met a few who love to go on road trips. So, what happens when you combine these aspects of Man’s Best Friend? Easy: you get canines who relish the chance to actually drive! Not really (we hope), but the following photos at least depict…

HEIDI KLUM Does She Have A New Guy?

Image heidi-klum-vito-schnabel.jpg

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Heidi Klum posted this snapshot of herself with Vito Schnabel on Instagram. Is this an announcement that they’re a couple? RELATED: Heidi Klum has family fun at Central Park Zoo. E! News seems to think so, saying the two are currently on a romantic vacation together.…