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JUSTIN THEROUX Jennifer Aniston’s Fiance Opens Up To ELLE

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So who is Justin Theroux, besides being Jennifer Aniston’s fiance? You can get to know a little more about the actor and screenwriter in the August issue of ELLE. Justin opened up about starring in HBO’s new drama, ‘The Leftovers,’ his views on political correctness, and his issues with the celebrity press. RELATED: Kristen Wiig…

JENNIFER LOPEZ Photobombed By Her Favorite Boy

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Is this an adorable selfie or what? Jennifer Lopez snapped the pic but ended up getting photobombed by her son, Max. It looks like Jennifer is without makeup in this selfie. RELATED: What do you think of Jennifer Lopez’s “grouser”? Can you believe how amazing she looks? Some people really do get better with age!…

OLIVIA WILDE & OTIS This Is How They Roll

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Isn’t this an adorable pic of Olivia Wilde and her baby, Otis? She posted this snapshot on her Facebook page. Olivia let her shirt do the talking for her. RELATED: Olivia Wilde is stylish in stripes. She captioned the pic. Rock and roll, baby. Otis looks TOO cute! Of course, given his good-looking parents, that’s…