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Andrew Garfield: I Could Have Been Justin Bieber

Andrew Garfield is sticking up for Justin Bieber.

Despite the singer’s run of erratic, boorish behavior (we still aren’t over that Justin Bieber deposition just yet), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star blames the artist’s circumstances a lot more than the artist himself.

“If I had had these opportunities when I was younger, I would have been Justin Bieber,” Garfield tells Time Out London.

Meaning what, exactly?

“If you are a 16-year-old kid and you can do whatever the f-ck you want, you’re making trillions of dollars and you have a leopard-print Ferrari, it’s not

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Ohhh, this is interesting! Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, is crushing hard on her co-star Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow

The actress, who is currently dating her Breakfast At Tiffany’s co-star Cory Michael Smith, has recently ‘fessed up to friends that she thinks that she and Kit would make a cute couple. And as luck would have it, Kit is apparently totally into Emilia too. Which just presents the little problem of what to do about Cory.

While Emilia and Kit work on the same show, they rarely see each other unless they’re doing press

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“Idris Elba welcomed his son Winston on Thursday” links

Idris Elba welcomed his son Winston Elba yesterday. Congrats! [Idris Elba’s Twitter] Here are those photos of Tom Hiddleston looking like Poe. [A Socialite Life] Rest in peace, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. [Buzzfeed] This whole story about Christ Bearer is so sad. [Dlisted] Eli Roth made a cannibalism movie (with a message). [Pajiba] Discussing Lindsay Lohan’s WWHL outfit. [Go Fug Yourself] Happy 8th birthday to Suri Cruise. [Celebrity Baby Scoop] Kate Upton says she’s

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Celeb Blind Item Who Are The Enemies?

It sounds like these two celebs don’t like each other At All and never will! This is going to be a hard one to guess, I think. There are so many possibilities! Here’s the goss:

There is still some really bad blood between these two former co-stars who are B- list mostly movie actresses on a good day. They have hated each other for years because they each did some stealing of boyfriends. One of the co-stars has a reputation for splitting up people but says that it take two people to make something happen so doesn’t really care what people think. The other night, the two former co-stars

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Cressida Bonas ‘is not the perfect choice’ for Prince Harry, his friends say

Here are some photos of Cressida Bonas, out and about on Wednesday in London. Long, tangled hair? Check. Jeggings? Check. Wedge sneakers? Check. Smoothie? Check. Tunes? Check. Cressida is ready to princess this bitch. Cressida was spotted picking up a smoothie and then heading for the London Underground with her ear buds in place. Oddly, I kind of wonder why she’s not at work. Doesn’t she have a full-time job now? As some kind of Executive Desk Assistant for WhatsIt Von Waiting-for-the-Ring? Maybe she just gets a lot of time off to bum around and get smoothies.

Anyway, we

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Chris Brown Accuser Parker Adams: He’s Not Even That Hard!

According to 20-year-old Parker Adams, the man accusing Chris Brown of assault in D.C., the R&B singer only ranks as a 6 out of 10 on the manly scale.

On the stand in the trial of Brown’s bodyguard Christopher Hollosy, who’s also accused of assaulting Adams, Parker was asked to assess the attackers.

Using a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 registering as a strong, manly punch, Hollosy rates a 10 out of 10, whereas Brown only punches at a 6, Adams determined.

Is Chris’ 6-out-of-10 strength enough to destroy a woman’s face? Well, obviously. Insufficient to fight his own battles against

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Celeb Blind Item Who’s Going To Have To Confess To Cheating Under Oath?

I have a hard time believing this one! I’ll believe it when if it happens. Here are the deets:

This A+ list mostly movie actress is scheduled to testify in a case where it is expected our actress will admit to cheating on her A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend and other details of her personal life she doesn’t want exposed.

What makes me so doubtful? The REVEAL. I suspect this actress easily has the resources to avoid ever having to testify in open court, under oath about cheating. If it happens, though, we’ll ALL hear about it. Do you believe it?

- Item from Crazy Days and Nights


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Dancing Grandma Makes SIMON COWELL Eat Crow Feel Good Video Of The Day

We don’t get to watch Simon Cowell crush dreams here in the States anymore since ‘X Factor’ was cancelled, but he’s still judging in England on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Seventy-nine-year-old Paddy (full name: Sarah Patricia Jones) and her dance instructor, Nico Espinosa, auditioned to compete in ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ You can see the judges, well, lack of enthusiasm when the pair first came onstage.

RELATED: Singing nun wows judges on ‘The Voice’ Italy.

It started off a little slow, and Simon pressed the red button (a “no” vote), but as he was forced to admit afterwards:

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Benedict Cumberbatch has a secret, non-famous girlfriend, ‘sources’ claim

This is only the most ridiculous of speculations and a blatant attempt at a Benedict Cumberbatch click-bait. This story is even less “confirmed” than last year’s mess with Katia Elizarova (for the record though, she really wanted us to think that she was banging the Batch, and I believe she was). Showbiz Spy seems to have gotten the ball rolling, because I literally can’t find other site claimed this. Showbiz Spy says… contain yourself… that Benedict Cumberbatch has a secret girlfriend. So secret, in fact, that I’m carrying his baby and he doesn’t know it. I will name the baby Timothy

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Taylor Swift has an ‘intense’ list of must-haves for potential boyfriends

Call me crazy, but I’m sort of digging Taylor Swift’s nouveau Sex & the City thing these days. She’s got a huge loft, she’s got loads of famous friends (Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Lorde) and she loves to pose for the paps in her latest cute outfit. All in all, this is an interesting time to be Swifty. Single girl in the big city, looking for love in all of the twee places. Which brings me to this crazy (so crazy it’s probably true) story from Hollywood Life. According to HL’s sources (unicorns and talking rabbits), Taylor has a huge list of “conditions” that a dude needs to have before

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