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Celeb Blind Item Baby Daddy Confusion

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This one is straight up CRAY CRAY. That’s really all I can say. Read the goss after the break. He doesn’t know that he is not the one who got his wife pregnant. Sure, they never really had much sex before she got pregnant, and yes, she always made him wear condoms, and the reason…

Celeb Blind Item Who’s Deceiving Her Current Guy?

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Uh-oh. I hope this blind item isn’t true, but I can’t say I’d be completely shocked and stunned if it was. The entertainment industry is tough; I’m sure there are celebs (both male and female) who date for reasons other than attraction and love. Get the deets after the break. This B- list mostly movie…

Mila Kunis Baby Bumpin’ Around

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It looks like Mila Kunis is keeping busy as she gets ready to welcome her little one! Her growing baby bump isn’t slowing her down any. Mila was seen going to a prenatal yoga class. RELATED: Mila Kunis gets candid about pregnancy with Marie Claire. Then she had lunch with a gal pal. It’s good…