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13 Craziest Shailene Woodley Quotes: Totally Zen or Trying Too Hard?

It’s Divergent week! Let’s celebrate the release of the post-apocalyptic teen drama by rounding up some of the craziest things Shailene Woodley has said during her many recent interviews.

From sun-tanning her vagina to eating clay, Shailene has a lot of, uh, INTERESTING habits.

I suspect if we DID all live in a destroyed future-Chicago Shailene would either survive way longer than any of us (foraging for food! making her own cheese!) or she’d be the first one killed (sharing her aloha soul with the wrong people sounds dangerous).

Maybe we should have seen this coming – after all, she

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Shailene Woodley shampoos monthly, loves giving sunshine to her vagina

A few weeks ago, I (and many of you) had a good chuckle about the Hollywood Reporter’s declaration that Shailene Woodley the new Jennifer Lawrence. Since that time, I’ve realized that Shailene has plenty in common with JLaw. I’m not talking about acting talent or lasting power. It would be unfair to compare their careers at this point. Shailene’s body of work thus far has been limited to indie flicks that a lot of people haven’t watched. She’s attempting to go mainstream with Divergent, and we’ll see how that works out. The reviews for the movie are really dismal, but it could rustle up

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Robert Pattinson, armpit licker, wants “a girl of her mind, refusing to smell ‘pretty’”

Is it wrong that I looked at these photos of Robert Pattinson and some pretty cows and my first thought was, “The headline should be: ‘K-Stew and Sparkles reunite!’” Cheeseball, I know. And insulting to both Kristen and the cows. Is it also wrong that I think the cows are the real stars of these photos? They’re SO pretty. These pics are from Ontario, where Sparkles is still filming Life, that film where he plays the photographer who was assigned a photoshoot/road-trip with a then-unknown actor named James Dean. I’m not sure where the cows come in. But I’m sure they’re union cows.

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Chris Brown: Partying With Trey Songz on Break From Rehab!

Chris Brown, after visiting his lawyer, swung by Trey Songz’ Super Bowl party on Sunday, and it’s possible that pit stop could land him in hot water.

Brown was given a pass out of anger management rehab specifically to meet with his attorney, Mark Geragos, to prepare for a court hearing the next day.

At the hearing, the judge kept Chris out of jail despite the D.A.’s request to lock him up. Had he seen this photo, might things have turned out differently?

Obviously, Mr. Karrueche Tran is not doing anything wrong in this photo.

It’s also reasonable to believe he might have

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Selena Gomez Rehab Stint Confirmed; Justin Bieber to Blame?

Many believe that Justin Bieber is in need of rehab, but a new report alleges that his ex-girlfriend actually beat him to the professional assistance punch.

According to numerous sources, Selena Gomez did not cancel the Australian leg of her tour in December because she simply needed a break from performing.

The 21-year-old did so because she checked into an Arizona rehab center for an emergency two-week stay (she has since left the facility).

Has the good girl gone bad?!

A source claims that Gomez walked into Dawn at The Meadows – a facility that

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GWEN STEFANI Family Fun At Siren Studio Super Bowl Party

I can’t tell who Gwen Stefani and her family were rooting for when they went to the Siren Super Bowl Party. It must be kinda weird in LA. They don’t even have a football team, so it’s not like they even had a chance of having a team in the game. Yet the Angelenos aren’t going to be left out of one of the biggest sporting events in the US! It certainly didn’t bother the Stefani-Rossdale clan: Gavin Rossdale looks like he enjoyed himself, as did Kingston and Zuma.

Gwen continues to keep her baby bump chic. You can never go wrong with all black, can you? She even got to catch up

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JENNIFER HUDSON Palmer’s is Her Beauty Secret

Get the Fab Obsessed Beauty Buzz:

Used by families for generations, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter has an unparalleled commitment to quality. Family owned since the middle of the 19th century, the company has been under the current ownership since 1971. (And they’ve been headquartered in New Jersey for the past 50 years!)

This drug store classic is a beauty secret of many celebrities. Not only does the family owned company count Jennifer Hudson as a fan, but also Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Vanessa Lachey, Ali Landry, Molly Sims and Nicki Minaj! E.T. Browne Drug Company must be doing something

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KIM KARDASHIAN Hitting The Slopes With Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

Kim Kardashian hit the slopes in Park City, Utah, again, with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian. This time, instead of Kanye West joining them, Scott Disick was the one who accompanied them on the slope. Are the men taking turns skiing? It looks like Kim and Kourtney are the two who enjoy skiing.

I haven’t seen Kris Jenner on the slopes. If the Radar Online story is true, however, then she may be keeping a very low profile. Khloe Kardashian’s revelation that Kris talked about her getting a nose job when she was only nine doesn’t put momager Kris in the most flattering light. Then again, Kris

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HALLE BERRY and SELENA GOMEZ Fab Obsessed Beauty Buzz: Love Lisa Hoffman!

If you see Halle Berry or Selena Gomez sporting a black onyx beaded bracelet, it’s most likely a fragrance bracelet from Lisa Hoffman Beauty. Lisa Hoffman Beauty is “perfume without the bottle.” The recently launched Black Collection is a bracelet made of black onyx beads separated by crystal spacers. Dangling from it is a hematite charm that opens to hold fragrance beads. The charm diffuses fragrance and delivers a personal “scent-sory” experience. Like Lisa Hoffman said, “it’s perfume, we just reinvented the packaging.”

Six exotic scents are available in the collection: Fresh Clary Sage,

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Jennifer Lawrence’s maid found her raunchy ‘gag gifts’: cute or TMI?

Jennifer Lawrence is everywhere, and I love it. American Hustle hits wide release tomorrow, so she’s making the rounds. She’s been named one of People’s Most Intriguing of the year. Last night, JLaw appeared on Barbara Walters’ final Most Fascinating People show. We already covered her (hopefully exaggerated) desire for fat shaming regulation. Now here are her thoughts on feeling like a zoo animal:

“I don’t know. You feel like a zoo animal, or something. I don’t know what it is. It’s something in somebody’s eyes. It’s like not connecting, not making eye contact sometimes. And now I’m

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